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Dita Von Teese clarifies Her Sexuality to Huffington Post

Burlesque performer, designer and model Dita Von Teese joined HuffPost Live to talk a little about her past and in particluar how has dated both genders as well.

In this interview, Dita clarifies that she has ‘experimented’ in the past (“I thought it was cool”) but is “not a lesbian.” What about bisexual, Dita?

Dita Von Teese: ‘I’m Not A Lesbian’

‘Famous People Apologize To Me For Not Coming Out’ says Melissa Etheridge

Speaking to Huffington Post recently Melissa Etheridge has said ‘Famous People’ apologize to her for not ‘Coming Out’.

During a conversation with host Ricky Camilleri about her latest album, ‘This Is M.E.’, Etheridge recalled the period when she “talked about being a lesbian for three years, basically,” but she said she didn’t mind as long as she was “helping normalize this otherwise mysterious thing, this scary thing in the world.”

But it turns out Etheridge wasn’t the only one making such a personal confession.

“It was a time when actually more people came out to me. I had more reporters and people go, ‘Can I tell you I’m gay? I had a lot of that. People still do that. Famous people do that to me. Famous people apologize to me for not coming out.”

Melissa Etheridge

Check out Melissa Etheridge’s recollections of coming out in the video below…



Watch The Debate: Gender Privileges Between Butch and Femmes

Take a look at HuffPost Live debate on Butches and Femmes, with guests Aja Aguirre (Fit for a Femme), Anita Dolce Vita (dapperQ), Mary Going (Saint Harridan) and Morgan Willis (Bklyn BoiHood) all participating. The reason for the discussion was to explore different challenges lesbians face because of their gender identities and why is there infighting over who has less privileges between the butch and femmes.

Interesting viewing, so watch the video