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I Kissed a GIRL – a Documentary Short | #ikissedagirl

For lesbians, kissing a girl for the first time is a mind-blowing and a life-changing event. So a Tennessee team – Jennifer Sheridan and Daniel Weiss (the DoSomething Film Group) are looking for funding in order to make a movie about it.

‘I Kissed a GIRL [a documentary short]’ spotlights lesbians reminiscing about the first time they kissed a girl, recalling the exact moment many confirm — or finally understand — who they are and who they’re meant to be kissing.

You can’t help make a connection to the stories of these women. When you see their faces and hear them talking about these first kiss experiences, you watch as they remember how they connected the dots about their own sexuality. It doesn’t matter if you are gay or straight, you’ll be reminded of your own experiences and find yourself smiling along as they remember. That connection, that accessibility to LGBTQ culture, is vital to the community as we strive for acceptance and equal rights. Our stories are important; these are our histories. Please help us get these heard.

Jennifer Sheridan

There are some talented people involved in this project. From the singer-songwriter Jill Sobule whose 1995 song ‘I Kissed a Girl’ was the inspiration for the short film, to artists Rosie Piter and Mary Vertulfo.

We have an enthusiastic crew and we are so very grateful to all the beautiful women who share their stories with us on camera. Last but not least – YOU. We can’t do it without our investors and we are thankful and lucky to have your support.

Jennifer Sheridan

Help make it happen- for I Kissed a GIRL: Lesbians’ First Kiss Experiences and the team!

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