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8 Fictional Lesbians To Crush On

It’s a part of the appeal of any fictional series. We want to find people in the act who we feel drawn to, and for the romantic in us, we want to be able to picture ourselves with them. Sometimes these characters are in TV shows and movies, while other times they may come from different media.

As lesbians, it’s also in our nature to seek out media which shows us – something that, until relatively recently, was pretty hard to do. Now there are a ton of icons of the lesbian community that we can look up to and aspire to be with, or to be like.

How many of these fictional lesbians would make your own list?

#1 and #2 – Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova (t.A.T.u)

Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova

Okay, so these ladies aren’t “exactly” fictional, nor are they “exactly” lesbians.

The ladies of t.A.T.u rose to fame with the implication that they were lesbians – which, it was revealed later, was a bit of a marketing ploy. However, those who know me, know that music is a huge part of my life, so it would make sense that there would be musicians on this list. Even though the “lesbians” that they were in their videos was merely an act (and therefore they wouldn’t meet the criteria for real-life lesbian role models), the fact that they had international audiences convinced that they were really gay makes them a shoe-in for a “fictional” lesbian category.

It’s highly unlikely that you haven’t heard of t.A.T.u if you were interested in pop/electro music in the early 2000’s. They never really reached super stardom, but they stayed in the spotlight for years. Unfortunately, last year, Yulia made some anti-gay comments that caused quite a stir, but Lena spoke out saying she absolutely does not agree with the comments. Thanks for your support, Lena!

#3 and #4 – Spencer Carlin and Ashley Davies (South of Nowhere)

Spencer Carlin and Ashley Davies (South of Nowhere)

This couple was a part of the teen drama “South of Nowhere” – did any of you watch that show too? Anyway, in the show, Spencer has just moved to LA from Ohio (if I remember correctly) and she discovers that she might actually be interested in girls – something she had never considered before – and she begins this wild yo-yo romance with Ashley Davies. I’m not going to give anything away if you want to go watch it, but basically, this was one on-screen romance that I loved as a teenager.

In the show, Spencer and Ashley learn to explore the full extent of their feelings throughout the show, and is in the rare category of shows which examines sexuality being fluid – which is pretty monumental for a show aimed at teenagers. Watching this show, I was drawn to the innocence of Spencer as well as the freeness of Ashley. I highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t already.

#5 – Alice Piezecki (The L Word)

Alice Piezecki (The L Word)

The L Word fans will immediately recognize this name. Basically, as a writer, Alice sums up a lot of what I hope for in my own life – although she has some flaws, she’s able to find success and make decent choices in regards to her friendships and (usually) good choices in her relationships.

I think my crush on Alice is based on my own personal goals. After all, we’re attracted to women whose life plans mesh well with ours – and I could picture myself lining up quite nicely with Alice.

The popularity of The L Word tells me that I probably don’t have to explain much here, but for those few who haven’t seen it, it details the lives of several (fictional) lesbians in LA and the drama that’s intertwined with their lives. If you haven’t actually seen it yet, you definitely should – although it’s no longer in production.

#6 – Maggie (Better than Chocolate)

Maggie (Better than Chocolate)

Maggie is the leading character in one of my favorite “lesbian movies”, Better than Chocolate. In the movie, she is a less-than-out artistic lesbian who just wants to be accepted as she is – flawed and loving. Well, she’s also beautiful, and she deals with her many crises in the movie quite well. (She does have quite a few crises, though.)

If you haven’t seen the movie, I encourage you to check it out – it’s a beautifully poignant movie that tackles not only lesbian issues, but also the issues of other sub-sections of the gay community. It’s beautifully written and I’m consistently surprised that it’s not more popular.

#7 – Sloan (Last Life)

Sloan (Last Life)

Last Life is something that I have just recently learned about, but I am enthralled in the story. The show follows two witches, who are soul mates – separated by a million factors, but destined to be together. Basically, she screws up somehow, and her most recent incarnation will be her last.

Something interesting to me is that Sloan isn’t “exactly” a lesbian – in her past life, she was a man. This is an interesting premise, as there is a belief in my family that those of us who are gay, may have been the opposite gender in a past life. It was very interesting for me to discover that my family is not alone in this theory.

There are a million other things going on here, and it’s hard to explain to those who haven’t seen the series. Sloan is inspirational to me as she represents power, mystery, and the pull between good and evil. After all, isn’t that something we all deal with? Okay, so maybe most of us don’t have magical powers, too, but that’s a minor detail.

#8 – Marisol Guzman (Hard Love by Ellen Wittlinger)

Marisol Guzman (Hard Love by Ellen Wittlinger)

This is a bit of a different subject for me. It seems that less people read books these days, which means that if a book doesn’t make it to the big times, it’s likely to be overlooked. Hard Love tells the story of an independent zine writer, Johnny, and his friendship with the complex Marisol. I happened upon this book before I came out as a teenager, and I have read it probably a dozen times since then.

Marisol Guzman is a writer, an adoptee, an honor student, and a lesbian. Of course, there are many other aspects of her personality, but these four separate characteristics help to shape a majority of her decisions throughout the book and helped to endear me to her character. If you have the chance to read this book, even as an adult (it’s a young adult fiction novel), I highly recommend it.

There are probably a hundred other fictional lesbians I could detail here, but I think it would be more fun to learn about yours! I’m always looking for new TV shows to explore, new movies to watch, new books to read… Especially ones with gay and lesbian themes. It’s absolutely exciting that they are getting more light lately, and I look forward to your recommendations of fictional lesbians to crush on.

7 Things You’ll Learn From Your First Crush About Love

There is always a first time for everything. First day at school, first day at college, that first day when you make a new ‘first friend’ in school, or the first day of work etc.

The most special first is most definitely the first time you have a crush on someone. There is an unexplained difference between first crush and first time falling in love, but the symptoms are pretty much the same.

And it’s likely that that relationship, although ancient history now, can still teach you a lot about relationships and about what it truly means to love.

1. You release that there’s more to relationships than just sex.

Nowadays, if it’s not sex then it’s not interesting. But there was a time when you would get nervous just making eye contact or hold hands with your first crush. After we found the courage to take our first kiss, we would spend hours “making out”. When’s the last time you had a serious make-out session?

2. They’re the most honest relationship you’ll ever have.

You didn’t want anything from her, other than to be with her. You enjoy her company and nothing else. You didn’t have to lie, to cheat, and to manipulate because you didn’t believe it to be necessary.

3. They’re arguably the most stable relationship you’ll ever have.

You didn’t argue about everything and anything. You didn’t worry about what she was doing behind your back. You simply enjoyed your time together because the two of you somehow managed to make it enjoyable — and did so seamlessly. Now that we’re older, we like to overcomplicate everything and ruin just about anything special that we’re lucky enough to come across.

4. They love feel like magic.

You weren’t able to explain why you were feeling the way that you were, but you also felt no need to explain. It simply was what it was and it was magical.

5. They showed you dating didn’t have to be complicated.

You’d go for walks. You’d go on bike rides, rollerblading, or ice-skating together. You’d have lunch together, snacks together, nap time together. And there were no rules that you were supposed to follow because no one bothered to tell you they existed.

6. They teach you that love should feel natural, not forced.

You would see each other because you wanted to see each other. You didn’t wait three days to call her. You didn’t play all those pointless games that most dating individuals now play. You didn’t date for the sake of dating because you didn’t see a point in dating for the sake of dating.

7. They showed that love doesn’t have to last forever, and that’s okay.

They introduced us to love, to jealousy, to trust, to heartbreak. Even though things didn’t work out, we still somehow managed to enjoy the time we spent together.

Who Was Your Most Inappropriate Crush On?

Inappropriate crushes are usually those forbidden fruits we all fantasy about – be it a highschool teacher, your best friends sister, your best friend’s mum (eek)… crushes are crushes. Sometimes they make sense and other times there is no sense in them whatsoever.


But the truth is we all have inappropriate crushes. Well maybe not as many as the ladies of The GW Channel, but we have at sometime or another found ourselves crush over people we shouldn’t.