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Films That Inspire Our Wardrobe | Rebel Without A Cause

James Dean was the epitome of cool in “Rebel Without A Cause” with his Lee 101 Rider jeans, white tee, and work boots. The outfit made the look famous and became a staple in everyday butch wear.

Why we love it

James Dean’s immortal sense of style is easy to infuse into your wardrobe, and the truth is, you’re probably already halfway there. Everyone has a T-shirt and jeans – right? They just have to be cut right.

Dean’s look comes from an era when clothes fitted properly by hugging the body rather than hanging. The ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ style is about understanding denim, and understanding the simple side of fashion.

And why we really love him

James Dean is also credited with popularising the vest as part of his Texas oil tycoon role in the posthumously released film Giant. He also had his hands on dressier duds like the shawl collar dinner jacket that he is recognized for having resurrected. From the familiar to the formal, James Dean was a timeless trendsetter.

His legacy will far outlives his short time on Earth for one simple reason: He embodied the essence of cool. He was one of the first male actors who garnered as much attention from women as he did from men. And while James Dean’s sexual past remains shrouded in mystery to this day, one thing is clear: Everyone either wanted him or wanted to be like him.