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6 Steamy Ways to Make Things Better in Bed With Your Girlfriend

It might seem like asking your girlfriend to do things differently in bed is a dig at her sexual prowess, but it isn’t.

Any woman who is really good in bed will appreciate the input. So, here are some sexy ways to help her improve.

1. Have her watch you masturbate — and make yourself come.

It’ll show her just what you’re like right when you’re on the edge and also hopefully clue her into all your “tells” when you’re enjoying something. If she knows what you’re like when you really orgasm, she’ll try and replicate that on her own.


2. Bring a vibrator into it.

Try to find something relatively inconspicuous (bullet vibrators are nice and small) and show her how to work it on your clit during sex. Or just place it there and sandwich it between your bodies so it works for both of you.


3. Propose a little BDSM where you’re in control.

If she’s into it, tie her up and tell her exactly what you want her to do to you. She won’t think twice about your instructions if it’s part of a sexy game.


4. Take her hand and guide her.

Show, don’t tell. It’s true of storytelling and also sex. Actively helping her feels sexy, as opposed to awkwardly trying to tell her what to do with bad dirty talk.


5. Watch a sexy lesbian film together (and make sure to queue up a few clips of things you want to try).

Say something like “I’d love you to touch me like that” while the two of you watch a scene together is always a hot way to request trying something different.



6. Bring her into a different room for sex.

She has her go-to bedroom sex moves down, but if you’re in a new environment, you’re going to have to get creative. Use it as an opportunity to try new positions (doggy-style bent over the kitchen counter?) or angles that work better for you.


Pay Attention: 9 Tips For A Better Orgasm With Your Girlfriend

Lesbian Author, Jenny Block is a lifestyle writer and the author of O Wow: Discovering Your Ultimate Orgasm, so we decided to ask her for some top tips.


1. Tell you partner what works for you.

You don’t have to be bossy. You don’t have to be mean or tell her that she’s doing something wrong. Just say, “I love it when you…” Or I sure would like it if you’d…” Your partner wants to please you. Give her the chance.

2. Breathe.

It can be very tempting to hold your breath when you’re turned on. But breathing will make your orgasm that much deeper and stronger. Your muscles need oxygen for exercise and sex is definitely a physical pursuit.

3. Let go.

Forgot about the time. Forget about the laundry. Forget about what you look like naked. There’s plenty of time. The laundry can wait. And you look incredibly sexy – otherwise there wouldn’t be someone waiting to devour you.

4. Forget everything you know.

Sticking to an old script can mean missing out on all kinds of new sensations. So let go of what you know – or what you think you know – and use pleasure as your only guide. If it feels good (and it involves enthusiastically consenting adults of course) go for it.

5. Move.

It’s ok to move your body. In fact it’s great! And – trust me – your partner will love it because it shows you’re enjoying what she’s doing. So lift your hips, rock your pelvis, get to moving around. Don’t miss out on anything that enhances the fun.

6. Make noise.

Sex feels good. It should any way. And when we experience a sensual pleasure, our inclination is to make noise. So give in and sigh, moan, pant, scream, whisper, talk dirty, whatever the moment inspires. Just like when you move, making noise tells your partner she’s got all the right moves.

7. Love your body.

You only get one and it’s your home. So love it. Thank it for gifting you with the only organ in the universe created solely for pleasure – the almighty clit. Loving your body will inspire your partner to love yours – and hers – as well.

8. All hail the clit.

It’s likely no mystery to you that the clit is it. But keep in mind that the external bud you see on the outside is literally just the tip of the iceberg. The rest is nestled inside, including long legs that rival the average penis in length. So rub and press and penetrate and play in any and every way to get the most bang out of your orgasm.

9. Go blended.

For most women, the blended orgasm is their ultimate orgasm. So don’t be afraid to really get in there and go for the blended. A blended orgasm involves vaginal penetration, clitoral stimulation, and a little back door play, if you’re game! Get all three going at once – using a combination of mouth, hands, and toys – and you’ll be seriously seeing stars.

You can purchase Jenny Block’s book here.

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Photo source: Steph Grant – www.stephgrantphotography.com