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JoLivi Talks Sexuality, Writing Music, And The Positive Support She Receive From Her Fans

Meet JoLivi, a Los Angeles based singer / songwriter who writes from experience and performs with honesty. In fact, her latest single, Love Who You Wanna Love, was inspired by the first time she fell in love with a woman.

(I want to thank dearly both to JoLivi for taking the time to talk to us and to Candace Brown who was kind enough to make this interview happen.)

Kitschmix: So, let’s start with an easy question! Can you give our readers some information about who you are and what you do?

JoLivi: I was born and raised on the island of O’ahu in Hawai’i. I went to college at Colorado State University. I then moved to Los Angeles to pursue music.. I write all of my music, I assume like most artists, from experiences I’ve gone through in my life.. 🙂

Kitschmix: When did you start singing and songwriting?

JoLivi: I started singing at a very young age –Doing community theatre, part of dance/performance troups etc. Songwriting came initially through poetry. For some reason, at the high school age I didn’t want to write to rhyme.

But after one of my more less happy times the words and the melodies just came out, and they didn’t stop! My favorite is writing my own songs.. The way that people can be moved by or relate to them is the most inspiring thing to me. That’s what music does for me…it gets me through the happy, sad, angry, and alone feelings.

Kitschmix: What/Who inspires you the most?

JoLivi: lol…Well I guess I kinda answered that in the previous question so I’ll start with who! I like the question more as who as oppose to which artists…My inspiration is my grandpa 🙂 He passed about 4 years ago…but he was the singer in the family (well, I lie… all the girls in my family can SANG!!) I just got more of the powerhouse voice… He had a presence like no other human I will probably ever meet. And, of course in a non-cliché way…my mom and dad! They never told me to stop following this path…the support is incredible. THEY are honest and kind, encouraging but also logical. They are my whole world … and I just flippin’ love them so much..

Kitschmix: I am so sorry to hear about your grandpa. In regards to your latest single, what can you tell us about Love Who You Wanna Love?

JoLivi: It’s about every kind of love! It’s also, being who you wanna be to get there, and always knowing that you can change the outcome of a bad or tricky situation. In the end we live with our decisions (and sometimes others too) but only we can make ourselves truly happy!

Kitschmix: Why have you decided to come out now and why through music?

JoLivi: I just truly feel that in this time we should be able to Love who we wanna love! It shouldn’t matter what orientation, race, religion, etc. In this life we get to have a voice…we gotta speak out.

Kitschmix: So far, how was the fan’s response to the single?

JoLivi: The response has been great! It is still really brand new but across the board I am so thankful to have such accepting fans!

Kitschmix: And a growing fan base too, I am sure! Do you have any future plans/achievements in mind?

JoLivi: Touring of course! I mainly want to keep performing and affect people positively with my music!

Kitschmix: If you are not working, what do you enjoy doing?

JoLivi: Playing golf, snowboarding, eating sushi with my bestie. Writing doesn’t feel exactly like working so that, being with all my happy people.

Kitschmix: Any final message you would like to share with our readers?

JoLivi: Think with your heart instead!

The Weekly Queer Roundup: JoLivi On Coming Out Bisexual, Laverne Cox Premieres ‘The Trans List’, and more…

This is the latest weekly segment, where you can get an overview of the week’s top queer news and gossip.

Laverne Cox’s The Trans List

Trans advocate and just overall cutie Laverne Cox will premiere her new show “The Trans List” on HBO on December the 5th. The show will not only focus on Cox’s experience as a transgender woman of colour, but you can also expect a panel of guest stars, such as Janet Mock. Director Timothy Greenfield-Sanders further explains

As Trans Day of Remembrance approaches, I hope this film helps honor and celebrate the community, as well as highlight the injustices and challenges ahead.”

Amber Heard speaks out against violence


After a very public lawsuit and divorce from Johnny Depp, Amber Heard finally speaks out. After news of Depp’s verbal, emotional and physical abuse, the general public was quick to discredit Heard as a “gold-digger”. Her emotional video broadcasts a message too meaningful to be ignored: Raise Your Voice.

Although the divorce isn’t final, Heard has pledged to donate her 7 million settlement to the American Civil Liberties Union with a focus on battling violence against women, and to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. We stand by Heard and hope her message and positive action will bring forward awareness and ultimately change.

New York fights back

New York Lawmakers have proposed a new bill protecting LGBTQ children and bills from conversion therapy, the so called Prevention of Emotional Neglect and Childhood Endangerment…. PENCE for short.

Vice-President elected, Mike Pence, is known for his anti-LGBT laws and his support of conversion therapy for gay children. The brilliant yet serious bill is proof that New York, as well as several other states, will fight for LGBTQ rights, with legislator Patrick Burke adding,

I had some, maybe a few folks who were maybe a little upset about the acronym and thought I was just trying to be cute, but no. These are serious times that we live in.”

Love Who You Wanna Love


In a heartfelt interview with Bust Magazine, singer and songwriter JoLivi talked about her latest single Love Who You Wanna Love, and coming out as bisexual. She explains the meaning and need for the song, adding,

Love who you want to love is a expression of how I believe everyone should go through life—and that is without  judgment,”. 

Stay tuned for more news about JoLivi. (Who knows, maybe there will be an exclusive interview posted soon). 

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In the meantime, stay safe and have a very queer week.