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Out Irish Senator Katherine Zappone Calls For Marriage Equality In Ireland

Senator Katherine Zappone, who is one of Ireland’s only out lesbian senator, has been campaigning for equal marriage in Ireland for more than a decade.


In a video for Ireland’s Marriage Equality campaign, she says the country “stands poised to become a beacon of freedom” if it passes equal marriage and that there “is an opportunity for Ireland to make history in 2015”.

“To make sure we embrace this historic moment, it’s important that you speak with your families, friends, colleagues and neighbours about why marriage equality is important to you.”

Senator Katherine Zappone

Senator Zappone married her partner, Ann Louise Gilligan, in Canada during 2003.

In 2006, the High Court in Dublin rejected recognition of their marriage, stating that marriage could only be defined between members of the opposite sex.

A referendum on legalising the reform will be held in May.