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Kesha Makes An Emotional Plea For American Voters To Protect LGBT Rights (Video)

In the latest episode of Vevo’s Why I Vote series, Kesha explains reflects on bullies, struggling with sexuality and how her passion for gender equality motivates her to vote.

In this election especially, I feel like you’re choosing between someone who is promising to build walls and someone who is hopeful. If those are my two options, I definitely wanna go with hope.”


Through her video, Kesha takes us from the childhood hardships of questioning her own sexuality to the recent privilege she had in officiating the same-sex weddings of two dear friends.

She also visits the Los Angeles LGBT centre in support of safe havens, and actively encouraging voters to use their power everywhere, but especially in states like North Carolina, which has recently passed laws discriminating against the LGBT community.

We as a country do not need to step backwards. We need to protect the groundbreaking laws that have been stepping in the correct direction.”


Kesha’s support of LGBT rights has been a lifelong passion, and as she put it in her own words, she is part of the fight.

Using your voice and your truth and standing up and talking about what you believe in and voting is your power. You need to utilize that.”

Vevo’s Why I Vote campaign aims to give artists a chance to share personal opinions on the key issues shaping the 2016 Presidential Election.

Previous episode focused on immigration, mass incarceration, and education opportunities.