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9 Things That Happen in Every Lesbian Movie

Rainy days are made for lesbian movies.

There’s nothing like a rainy day for curling up with hot chocolate and bingeing queer movies available on Netflix. These days, the problem is that there are too many lesbian movies to choose from.

You can watch a brooding coming-of-age film. You can appreciate one of the classics. You can take it to the bedroom or to another continent. You can cuddle or cry or go, “Huh?” Seriously, the possibilities are endless.

Despite the crazy amount of lesbian movies, however, they all start to feel a little…similar. After a few flicks, you’ll probably realize that Blue Is the Warmest Color isn’t that different from Imagine Me and You isn’t that different from While You Weren’t Looking.

What tropes keep popping up in every lesbian movie?

1. The Innocent, Unsuspecting Baby Gay: A woman who has never, ever, ever contemplated queerness in her life suddenly falls deeply in love with a woman. Which woman, you may ask?

2. The Super Badass Veteran Gay: A seasoned lesbian, who is usually quirky and mysterious and may or may not have blue hair, rolls into Unsuspecting Baby Gay’s life and helps Unsuspecting Baby Gay figure out who she really is.

3. The Generic Male Figure Hovering in the Background: There’s always a man hanging around the plot somewhere. Maybe the Unsuspecting Baby Gay is married to him, like in Imagine Me and You. Maybe the Unsuspecting Baby Gay sleeps with him, like in Blue is the Warmest Color. Maybe the Unsuspecting Baby Gay dates him until she’s kidnapped by a hot lesbian spy, like in D.E.B.S.

4. Carefree Outdoor Swimming for No Reason: Normal people plan trips to the swimming pool or to the beach, but not lesbians. Lesbians are known for spontaneously stripping down to their underwear (or less) and going swimming in a pool that does not belong to them. Trespassing is sexy.

5. Spontaneous First Kiss While Doing Carefree Outdoor Swimming for No Reason: Innocent, playful splashing turns into a passionate kiss. Every time.

6. Tortured Feelings That Must Be Wrestled With: Something will tear the women apart. In heterosexual romantic comedies, this is usually because of outside reasons, like families who hate each other. But in lesbian movies, the reasons tend to be really introspective and emotional and something to do with a tortured soul.

7. A Sex Scene That Will Come Out of Nowhere: Now the protagonist is eating spaghetti with her parents – whoops, now there’s a twenty-two minute sex scene right in the middle of Blue Is the Warmest Color.

8. Overemotional Music By Some Indie Band You’ve Never Heard Before: Even if you hate that awful hipster band at the start of the movie, you’ll be Shazamming every song by the end.

9. The Super Sad Epilogue: For some reason, lesbian movies rarely end happily. More than likely, there will be a super sad epilogue five years later. Sometimes the epilogue takes a happy turn, and the women come back together just in time to have a super gay wedding (if the movie was made post-2015). But sometimes they just sadly spot each other in the rain, nod, and then walk in the opposite direction.

What’s your favorite lesbian movie trope?

New York Cabby Ordered To Pay $14,000 To Lesbian Couple Who He Ordered To Stop Kissing

Mohammed Dahbi has been ordered by NYC Commission on Human Rights to pay $14,000 (£10,676) to a lesbian couple who he banned from kissing in the back of his car.

A cabby who claimed he had a “no-kissing policy” in his yellow taxi was hit with was ordered to pay $7,000 each to Christina Spitzer and Kassie Thornton following the incident in October 2011.


The couple claimed Dahbi had called them ‘c**ts, whores and bitches’ and that despite only giving each other a ‘peck’ in the back of the car, they were told to ‘keep that for the bedroom or get out of the cab’.

In his defence, Dahbi responded by claiming he had received verbal abuse during the incident and said the couple called him a ‘f**king Arab terrorist’ and a ‘radical Muslim asshole’.

The driver said the women were ‘all over’ each other, and were blocking his view through the car’s rear view mirror and were distracting him.

He admitted telling the couple to wait ’till you go home’ when he pulled over.

Spitzer claimed that when they took their luggage out of the car and said they would not pay for the fare, Dabhi called them ‘c**ts, whores, bitches’.

Based on emotional damages, the NYC Commission on Human Rights ordered Dabhi to pay the damages to the couple.

They said they based their ruling not on the fact that Dahbi pulled over, but because he told them to ‘stop that behaviour’.

The committee said:

That statement constitutes a ‘declaration…that the patronage of Complainants is ‘unwelcome, objectionable or not acceptable, desired or solicited.”

Dabhi was also ordered to work with the Community Relations Bureau at the Commission for 164 hours.

Couple Wrongfully Arrested After Kissing In Hawaii, Win Damages

A lesbian couple, Courtney Wilson and Taylor Guerrero, who reported a policeman in Honolulu, Hawaii, harassed and wrongfully arrested them after seeing them kiss have been awarded damages.

The $80,000 (£55,150) settlement was announced in a local court, but still needs city council approval.

The couple – who were visiting from Los Angeles when the incident occurred last year – say they were told to “take it somewhere else” when the policeman saw them kissing in a food store.

After they initially complied with the order to stop kissing, the officer, Bobby Harrison, saw them being affectionate again and threatened to eject them from the store, their lawsuit said.

He later grabbed Wilson by the wrist while she was at the checkout, and a scuffle broke out. The two were then charged with assault, spending three days in jail.

The charges were later dismissed and Mr Harrison has since retired.

Honolulu City Council will consider the damages in early July. Donna Leong, of the city’s Corporation Counsel, which advises on legal matters, said her department believed “the tentative settlement is in the best interests of the city”.

The women were a couple at the time but have now split up. Guerrero still lives in Hawaii, saying she likes living in the US state.

On the settlement, she told the Associated Press news agency: “I’m just glad it’s over with.”

Reasons Why Now Is The Best Time To Be A Single Lesbian

Perhaps there was a time when Valentine’s Day was actually kind of nice.

But today you’d be hard-pressed to find even the most romantic lesbian couple muster up the enthusiasm for what is essentially a mid-winter marketing ploy.

Now its all about the single status. The freedom. The entertainment. The women.

Sexuality is fluid, and so should the rest of our lives. So here are my top reasons for why now is the best time to be a single lesbian.

Careers are cool

We’re a generation of disruptors, problem-solvers, and self-starters, all of which is made us more difficult when you have to balance work with a relationship. Being single allows us the time and freedom to pursue careers we actually want.

Travel is easier than ever

Which means you can meet other singles from literally every corner of the world. This surely increases the odds of finding your actual soul mate.

Dating Apps

Say what you want about swipe apps and hook-up culture – they are as great or awful. Nothing wrong with having more options to meet people.

No one judges you

Similar to the point above, “settling down” isn’t the goal of life anymore. It’s becoming more common to assume people are single by choice, not circumstance.

You’re not a spinster by 22

The societal pressure on women to get married and have kids has eased significantly even since our parents’ generation. Be single longer, have fun,

and get that dream job; it’s all good.

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What It’s Like To Kiss Another Girl (Video)

There are three things a human being can look at forever: fire burning, water running and girls making out. It’s just so wonderful.

There is something about two female bodies coming together in a harmonious kiss that’s so peaceful and beautiful.

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9 Things Lesbians Should Stop Making a Big Deal About

This has been a year full of a number of monumental “firsts” in the gay community. With all these firsts, it doesn’t make sense to me that there are things that we are still (collectively) getting up in arms about. Sure, sometimes people are out against us – but does that really mean that everyone is out against us, always?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for crying out in the face of oppression, and in standing up against those who try to keep us down. But most of the time, we’re not actually the victims we want to think we are.

1. Straight girls “acting gay”.

It’s pretty much become a common belief that sexuality is pretty fluid. Why, then, do we assume that a “straight girl is acting gay” when it’s entirely likely that she is genuinely questioning her sexuality? Think of when you first came out – most of us weren’t 100% sure right away. Instead of assuming that girl is just vying for attention, try giving her a chance. She might surprise you.

2. Straight girls wearing gay clothes.

Once upon a time, lesbians were the ones guilty of claiming clothes that “didn’t belong to us”. Lesbians used to face discrimination for appropriating the fashion choices of men, and now we take it upon ourselves to “own” these clothes (and of course, flannel) and we are disappointed when we see a straight woman wearing them. Lighten up! Clothes are clothes, and they belong to everyone.

3. Labels.

So you’ve always been super feminine, but lately you want to dress more masculine. Or maybe you’ve always been more dominant, and now you’re curious about being more submissive. Ladies, if your personal style no longer matches how you feel – why do you have to conform to the label you previously chose for yourself? Sometimes these labels may be 10, 20, even 30 years old. There’s no rule that says you have to stay the same.

4. Bisexual girls.

It’s amazing to me that, in this day and age, there are still so many people put off by bi girls. When we think of the individual components that make up our hesitation, it’s obvious that they don’t make a lot of sense – but still many of us choose to specify that we won’t date a bi girl. The truth is, a bisexual woman is no more likely to cheat on you than anyone else. A difference in sexuality does not mean that the other person is a pervert – remember it used to be the gays that had to prove that?

5. Allies who aren’t perfect.

I have seen a multitude of posts on social media lately about “shitty allies”. What in the world makes an ally bad? Just because the person asks a million questions that you don’t want to answer, doesn’t mean that they mean any harm. Of course, you should let your allies know if they are asking questions that make you uncomfortable, but generally if they are asking questions, it means they want to understand. Lighten up!

6. Lesbians who aren’t lesbians anymore.

Unless the change happened while you were dating her, it’s really none of your business. And, honestly, even if you were with her when the change happened – it’s not really her fault. As we’ve said previously, sexuality is fluid. Certainly not for everyone, but for enough people that you can’t really hold it against them.

7. Bad portrayals of lesbians in the media.

Okay – this one is probably going to get me a lot of backlash. But let me explain something to you: Complaining doesn’t accomplish anything unless you’re actually willing to do the work to change things. Not everyone is cut out for acting, or singing, or any one specific outlet, but if you’re not working to change things, you’re indirectly part of the problem.

8. Every little thing that could be homophobic.

I get it – sometimes, people are homophobic. But that doesn’t mean that everything that happens to you is a result of someone being homophobic. I see so many examples on social media of people who feel that they were slighted because of their sexuality, when there’s really no way that the person who did the offending had any idea that they were gay. Not everything is about gay versus straight, and to keep assuming that everything is just makes the rest of us look bad.

9. Being friend zoned.

The whole notion of being “friend zoned” is sort of ridiculous. Just because you do nice things for someone does not entitle you to sleep with them – no matter how much you want to. We remember these things when it comes to someone hitting on us, but sometimes we forget when it comes to us hitting on someone else. Be realistic!

16 Things Only Lesbians Know

Ladies, let’s face it. Being gay is like being a member in a top-secret society that everyone knows about, but nobody understands. In some ways, it’s even more difficult now that we’re gaining more visibility in the mainstream media – because a lot of the things that are associated with us simply aren’t real!

Here are 16 things that all lesbians know without even thinking about it:

16. Long fingernails = bad sex.


Most of the time, when you watch a lesbian porn, these women have super long acrylic fingernails. It can be a huge turn-on for some people, but as lesbians we know there’s no way in hell those fingernails are going inside of us.

15. Tongue rings are NOT magic.


For a long time, tongue rings have been associated with incredible oral sex. As lesbians, we know that the incredible oral sex has very little to do with the piercing. (wink wink)

14. Scissoring is not like in porn.

giphy (2)

A huge number of lesbian porn features scissoring – but most lesbians who got the idea from a porno are not likely to find enjoyment from it. (It can be an incredibly satisfying experience when done right, but most porn actresses definitely do not do it right.)

13. Most gay bars suck for women.


Most gay bars cater towards gay men, not to lesbians. I’m not really sure why that is, and hopefully your local hotspot isn’t like that – but probably 75% of the gay bars I’ve been to were mainly gay guys and straight women with their gay best friends.

12. Lesbians are crazy.


Okay, this isn’t strictly a lesbian thing, and it’s not even all lesbians. But if you think of every lesbian you’ve ever been with, chances are, there’s at least one crazy one. (And if there’s not, maybe it’s you!)

11. Gay ladies are hard to find.


Unless you’re attracted primarily to butch women, it can be pretty tough to find a girlfriend in the “real world”. Most likely, you’ve looked online, or hit up gay bars (only to find that they were mostly dudes… what’s up with that?). Even among other lesbians, femmes are pretty invisible.

10. Not all lesbians are vegetarians.


I really have no idea how this stereotype started. I guess since we don’t like “sausage”, we can’t like any meat… Right? But seriously, lesbians are no more likely to be vegetarians than anyone else.

9. Drag is hard for us.


It’s fun to play around in drag every now and then, but drag kings have it much harder than drag queens do. After all, it’s easy to tuck something between your legs and add a little padding – binding your chest and your hips takes a lot of skill.

8. Lesbians will pretty much watch anything with lesbians in it.


Even if it’s terrible. (Especially if it’s terrible.) We eat it up, and then complain about the way they portrayed us. It’s part of our nature.

7. You will get asked for threesomes… Regularly.


Even the least-conventionally-attracted lesbians will hear that they should join some guy and his girlfriend, or some girl and her boyfriend. We are sexualized to the point where a 6 in the “straight world” somehow gets bumped to a “10” in the “lesbian world”. And if you are conventionally attractive? That 10 turns into a 20 (and they think you’re not really gay anyway).

6. Gaydar is not real.

giphy (3)

Especially with straight girls stealing our fashion (I know, I know, fashion belongs to everyone), just because we think someone is gay doesn’t mean she really is. A lot of the time, it’s just wishful thinking.

5. Your exes are going to hook up with each other.


Since the lesbian dating pool is relatively small, and a lot of women limit their choices even further by rejecting bisexual women (tsk, tsk)… At least once in your life, one of your exes will have sex with (at least) one of your other exes. I’ve got an ex who has slept with three of my exes, that I know of – after a while it’s not even weird anymore.

4. (Some) straight girls assume you’re flirting – always.


What’s even worse is when they get offended when you set the record straight!

3. Some straight girls will hit on you.


Not sure if they think it’s funny, if they’re questioning themselves, or what, but there’s always gotta be that one straight girl that messes with your emotions…

2. People will ask why you don’t give guys a chance.


Sometimes it’s your family members. Sometimes it’s a well-intentioned friend who thinks your life would be easier if you’re straight. A lot of times it’ll be straight men who think they can turn you. And, occasionally, it could even be your gynecologist. (Seriously… Happened to my girlfriend one time. Akward!)

Finally, NO, we don’t all know each other!

Group Hug

We probably want to, but no, not all lesbians know all other lesbians. That would be so weird – can you imagine if we were all telepathically linked? Think of all the things we could accomplish!

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The 10 Best Things About Being a Lesbian That No One Tells You

1. Kissing a girl is totally amazing. Its so much softer, sexier and lovelier than kissing a guy.

2. You get to snuggle with someone who’s not covered in body hair.

3. Watching The L-word with your girlfriend

4. You don’t wake up to a boner sticking into your back.

5. Women smell a lot better than men.

6. Women have boobs, which you get to touch.

7. You never ever have to experience pregnancy scares.

8. Another woman knows exactly how to touch you and at what speed.

9. When you move in with your girlfriend, your wardrobe literally doubles.

10. The sex is better, which has actually been proven by science.

BONUS Thing. You get to break all societies patriarchal rules!

This Couple Kissed In Public And Ended Up In Jail

A police officer in Hawaii is under investigation after allegedly arresting two women for kissing in public.

Couple Kissed In Public And Ended Up In Jail In Hawaii 02

The couple Taylor Guerrero and Courtney Wilson from Los Angeles, were holidaying on the islands in March this year when they stopped off at a Woodland grocery store.

Officer Bobby Harrison is then said to have taken offence at the pair’s public displays of affection when they began kissing.

According to a lawsuit, the pair were hugging and holding hands as they walked through the aisles, while Harrison “observed their consensual romantic contact and, in a loud voice, ordered plaintiffs to stop and ‘take it somewhere else.’”

The couple, who have been dating for two years, complied with the officer’s demands but were allegedly told they would be thrown out of the store when he saw them being affectionate again.

Things soon turned physical when the pair queued up to pay for their goods, according to Guerrero.

He was bumping his belly against Courtney. He said, ‘you girls don’t know how to act. You don’t know the difference between a motel and a grocery store.’”

Guerrero then claimed she was shoved by Harrison when she tried to defend her girlfriend and kicked him as she fell.

Wilson added:

The whole situation got physical. I got punched in the face by him.”

Other shoppers could only watch as shop staff restrained the couple as Harrison arrested them for assault on an officer.

The pair were jailed for three days before they were released and ordered to stay in Honolulu, where they had to stay with friends and family.

Their charges were eventually dropped.

The Honolulu Police Department have now launched an investigation into wrongful arrest while Harrison remains on active duty.

Foodland have since apologised to the couple over the incident.

Pics: Jennifer Sinco Kelleher/AP

This Morning, Be Sure To Get Your Coffee With A Kiss

Many people have a lot of loving feelings towards their morning coffee, and now you can truly express them, if you feel so inclined.

Korean designer, Jang Woo-Seok, has designed coffee cup lids with kissing lips. Yep, seriously!

kiss-coffee-03 kiss-coffee-02

These lids are in the shapes of a human nose and mouth and you can swap your regular coffee lid with one of these if you in need of a little morning smooch.

The designer is extremely interested in graphic, industrial and furniture design and to him the cup is fun yet functional.

Taxi Driver Ordered to Pay Lesbian Couple $10K for Telling Them to Stop Kissing

A New York taxi driver must pay a lesbian couple $10,000 for telling them to either stop smooching in the backseat of his cab or kiss their ride goodbye.

Yellow cab driver, Mohammed Dahbi, was accused of discriminating against couple – Christy Spitzer and Kassie Thornton – over their sexual orientation by ordering them to “keep that [behavior] for the bedroom or get out of the cab.” He also gave the passengers abuse, calling them “b—–s,” “c—s” and “whores” when they got out of the cab without paying.

Judge John Spooner, who oversaw Dahbi’s trial at the city’s Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings, also ordered him to attend anti-discrimination training and to pay a $5,000 civil penalty to the city.

The city’s Commission on Human Rights, which brought the complaint against Dahbi on behalf of Spitzer and Thornton, still must approve Spooner’s decision.

Spitzer, a TV executive, told DNAinfo New York on Friday

We felt that what happened to us was wrong and he needed to take responsibility for his actions.”

The incident occurred in 2011, after Spitzer and her dog climbed into Dahbi’s cab at Columbus Circle and drove south to pick up Thornton in Chelsea. When they arrived in Chelsea, Thornton, who had been traveling, put her luggage in the taxi’s trunk, and Dahbi began driving them to Thornton’s home in Sunset Park.

The women testified at the trial that, at West 15th Street in the Meatpacking District, the cabbie told them to stop kissing and “save that behaviour for the bedroom.”

Dahbi claimed during the hearing that he couldn’t keep his eyes on the road because Spitzer and Thornton were kissing “heavily” and “touching all over each other.” Dahbi told the judge that he found their behaviour “distracting” and feared it would make him have an accident.

Spitzer and Thornton both testified at the trial that they had just kissed each other with a “peck on the lips.”

Spitzer told DNAinfo that she was certain it was only a light smooch because she had just had massive dental work done.

After Dahbi gave his ultimatum, Thornton told him that he was discriminating against them because they were gay, according to the decision.

“Don’t make me out to be an a–hole,” Dahbi responded to her, the decision says.

Thornton told the judge that after that comment she didn’t feel comfortable, so she got out of the cab, grabbed her luggage and left. Spitzer followed shortly after with her dog, according to the decision.

When the women refused to pay him the fare to that point, he hurled expletives at them and sped away.

Dahbi, a married father of four who has been a taxi for the past 17 years, said at his trial that he was not discriminating against the women because they were gay.

He also told the judge that for the last few weeks he had been volunteering at a food pantry for a charity called Metropolitan Community Church, which serves many gay homeless individuals.

Dahbi’s lawyer, Ali Najmi, told DNAinfo New York his client never once said anything about Spitzer and Thornton’s sexuality.

“Mr. Dahbi has a standard of decency that he asks all riders in his cab to follow,” Najmi said. “He has asked straight couples to stop engaging in similar behavior. It can be very distracting for a driver if people are getting hot and heavy in the taxi.”

However, the judge disagreed.

“The more likely reason for [Dahbi] stopping the taxicab and directing Ms. Spitzer and Ms. Thornton to stop kissing was, not that he objected to all kissing, but that he was uncomfortable with two women sharing a romantic kiss,” Spooner said his decision.

In Dhabi’s written response to the original complaint that the Human Rights Commission filed against him, he also claimed Spitzer and Thornton referred to him as a “f—— Arab terrorist” and a “radical Muslim a–hole.” However, during the trial, he did not make those accusations, according to the decision.

However, Dhabi charged at the trial that Thornton had a bias toward Muslims, citing two tweets from her Twitter account. In a Nov. 7, 2014, tweet, she wrote, “I found ISIS in Los Angeles on the corner of El Segundo … call DHS!,” and posted a photo of a street sign for “Isis Av.” In a January tweet, she also tweeted that she had seen the final episode of “Homeland” on her DVR.

Thornton, an actress, stated that she made the tweets at the suggestion of her agent to be funnier on social media.

Judge Spooner didn’t find Dhabi’s charge credible and called the tweets “innocuous.”

Spitzer and Thornton, who are getting married in June, moved to Los Angeles about a year and a half ago. Despite being on the West Coast and the complaint taking four years to go to trial, they said they stuck with the case. They even flew into New York last month to attend the trial on March 13.


It’s a weight that we’ve carried the entire time. We know that people are discriminated against all the time. We just felt we had to let the driver understand that it’s wrong. So he could learn, and he doesn’t do it again.”

Najmi, Dhabi’s lawyer, said they plan to appeal the decision.

My client never once mentioned anything about their sexuality and never threw them out of the taxi. In fact, the complaint doesn’t even allege that he used any derogatory language about their sexuality and the two women testified that they are the ones who decided to exit the taxi. He wanted to take them to their final destination.”

MTV Movie Awards: Amber Rose and presenter Amy Schumer Lock Lips For a Long Smooch

THERE’S no doubt about the big talking point from last night’s MTV Movie awards – Amy Schumer kissing Amber Rose.

She may have been hosting, but that didn’t stop Amy Schumer from getting a little bit of action.

Amy joined Amber Rose on the front row of the audience at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles when the MTV “Kiss Cam” arrived.

Also read: Bow Down, Because Amy Schumer is the Queen of Comedy

If you’ve ever been to a sporting event at a giant arena or stadium, then you know all about the “Kiss Cam”: it basically scans the crowd for two people that we’d all like to see make out with each other for our amusement.

Sometimes, it’s awkward — but if you’re Amy, it doesn’t matter sitting next Amber Rose means sparks fly.

Amy Schumer and Amber Rose 04

Amy Schumer and Amber Rose 03

However, viewers may have been surprised to see that the innocent kiss between the two turned into a steamy make-out session as the two stars ended it with one last peck on the lips and bashful looks on their faces.


Amber later took to her Instagram post to share an image of the smooch as she captioned it to her 5.8million followers: ‘I’m def half lesbian after my makeout sesh with @amyschumer @MTV #movieawards.’

Mathematician Reveals Formula For Finding the Perfect Partner 

Are you on the quest to find true love? It is often said that one must kiss a few frogs before meeting a princess.

Well, it would appear this theory is true.

Dr Hannah Fry, a mathematician at University College London, has come up with a formula to find a perfect partner.

She has developed a practical theory for love, which involves ruling out anyone you meet in the first 37 per cent of your dating life.

So, if someone began dating at the age of 16, and hoped to stop at 40 at the latest, then you’ll find true love around the age of 25 – ta-da!


It is suggested that people “get a feel for the marketplace” when they are young before settling down with the “next person that comes along who is better than everyone they have met before”.

Dr Fry has publishing a 116-page book entitled The Mathematics of Love.

Some of her statistically proven tips include always being prepared to approach a would-be mate, finding a similar-looking but slightly less attractive “wingman”, and never cropping one’s faults out of a photograph on an online dating profile.

Speaking at the Oxford Literary Festival, Dr Fry said that looks were not proven to make a difference in finding love.

Ultimately, no one cares if you look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. All they care about is how you look compared to everybody else.”

Thus, she suggested finding a similar looking, slightly less attractive friend was the best strategy.

Lesbian Couple Humiliated For Kissing Goodbeye In Paris, Fight For An Apology

We’d like to think LQBT rights are making great strides. However, there are still instances that remind us how much more work needs to be done.

The most recent of these happened in Paris, where a lesbian couple was humiliated for kissing at a train station.

According to reports, the couple was embracing and saying farewell when a train guard began yelling. The yelling went on for several minutes, and the guard told the couple that their actions “cannot be tolerated”.

The angry, homophobic guard also told the couple that it would have been okay for a straight couple to kiss.

One of the women on the receiving end of the homophobic rant, was Mirjam from Amsterdam, who is a member of the organisation All Out.

Writing on the All Out site, she said

“Imagine it. You spent the weekend with your partner in Paris. You say goodbye on the train platform with a hug and a kiss. It’ll be a while until you see each other again. Then an angry train official strides over to stop you kissing – he says it ‘can’t be tolerated’. Humiliating. My girlfriend and I can’t believe that a Thalys official picked on us just because we’re not a straight couple.”

Later, she told Le Nouvel Observateur magazine:

“I couldn’t believe someone was telling me what I could and couldn’t do. I was also shocked because he wouldn’t stop talking, from our arrival on the platform around 8am until the train left 15 minutes later. He certainly spoiled our au revoirs.”

Mirjam, along with All Out, is calling for Thalys International, the European train company that owns and operates the station to act. She has asked LGBTs and supporters of gay rights to sign a petition “to denounce this anti-gay customer service – and train staff to treat everyone the same, whether lesbian, gay, bi or straight.”

In 2013, Thalys launched an advertising campaign showing couples, including a same-sex couple, embracing, having been reunited by Thalys trains. However, just because a brand has LGBTQ ads, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are LGBTQ friendly.


“Just like us! But in reality, they didn’t let me kiss my girlfriend on the platform. And they’re staying silent after one of their staff went on an anti-gay rant. This isn’t just about this one person’s anti-gay rant, it’s about pushing the company to turn their marketing messages into action and ensure they treat everyone fairly.”

Mirjam reached out to the corporate offices of Thalys International, but did not receive a response until yesterday, when her petition had reached 60,000 signatures.

Because of Mirjam’s actions, the company will now have equality trainings and use her experience to make agents more aware. Still, it’s upsetting that Mirjam had to make this much of an uproar to get a response to her poor treatment.

Evelyne Brochu Discusses Kissing Tatiana Maslany’s the Orphan Black

Orphan Black’s Evelyne Brochu recently answered Tumblr fan questions in a special Cophine Edition of Ask OB.

Brochu answered through blushes and giggles questions such as, “What’s it like kissing Clone star Tatiana Maslany?”, “How does Evelyne get her hair so magical?”, “Do you think Cosima and Delphine are meant to be?”, and “Is Tatiana a good kisser?”