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We Love Tight Wear Cats

Tight wearing cats have been popping up all over the internet lately, thanks to a craze begun by Tumblr Meowfit, where the owner of a cat named Gucci posts daily images of said cat comically elongated by a stuffed pair of tights… #happyfriday, #kitschmix, #tightwearingcats

Brilliant food artworks

Familiar, everyday objects re-appropriated for no reason other than to cheer, courtesy of artist Dan Cretu. From a camera made of cucumber to a cassette containing salami tape, we hope these brilliantly simple, aesthetically pleasing imaginings help to get your week off to the best of starts… #happyfriday, #kitschmix

Everyday objects with human expressions

From a pair of grinning pots to a chicken-like church, these everyday objects can’t help but raise a smile… #happyfriday, #kitschmix, #smile

Slightly an@l – then you’ll enjoy this

The chaos of the week can be a little too much for some, so to this weekend escape sanctuary in admiring these immaculate images of Things Organised Neatly. Taken from the tumblr created by ‘cyberflaneur’ Austin Radcliffe… #happyfriday, #kitschmix, #neat

Weird And Wonderful Fruit And Vegetables

From a lovable potato bear to a pair of rude radishes and a seductively reclining parsnip, these delectable dead ringers are specially chosen to make for you… #happyvegi, #happyfriday, #kitschmix

Dogs on Tables

Celebrating canine cuteness in the form of dogs on tables, courtesy of the eponymous Instagram feed. A simple concept 1) place tog on table, 2) capture the moment with your camera, 3) sending it to @dogsontables for their approval… #happyfriday, #kitschmix, #dogsontables

Finger People: all you need is a hand, a pen and a prop or two

Sometimes the simplest things provide the most pleasure: a selection of brilliantly funny finger people. Created from nothing more than a hand, a pen and a prop or two, these fingers have danced, hugged and beamed their way into our hearts… #happyfriday, #kitschmix