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OITNB’s Lea DeLaria Was Once Arrested For ‘Being Gay’

Orange is the New Black star Lea DeLaria recently talked about her sexuality with Huffington Post.

In the interview, DeLaria recounted a time that she was arrested for “open homosexuality”.

Although she didn’t mention when it happened, she explained that she was caught making out with a girl next to a lake.

We were so busted. I spent the night in jail and they separated us too because they were afraid we were gonna f*ck in the jail I guess.”

The comedian and actor also spoke about realising she was a lesbian and having sex for the first time with another woman.

She explained that she didn’t like sex because she had first had it with a man.

The first time I had sex I thought it was gross because it wasn’t lesbian sex. I didn’t like it at all but the first time I had lesbian sex I was like OH MY GOD. I remember the girl was f*cking said to me ‘oh my god I feel like a virgin again’.”

DeLaria, who is an icon for LGBT across the world, added that she only realised she was a “butch dyke” during her first job in a dyke bar.

There was this old dyke sitting there and she turned round and yelled hey baby butch. I went ‘oh, I guess I’m a butch dyke’.”

The OITNB star also spoke about dealing with homophobes.

I don’t get hurt, I am filled with rage. So if somebody says something stupid about my sexuality I will get rageful about it.”

Watch the full interview below:

Daily Juice: Sue Perkins Makes Gillian Anderson Squirm With Epic Lesbian Joke

Sue Perkins hosted the BAFTAs this weekend, and cracked a joke we can all relate too.

Introducing the next category, Perkins joked:

Next up we have the award for mini-series. I like my mini-series like I like my relationships; dramatic, intense and with Gillian Anderson in them.”


Lea DeLaria has been talking what’s next for Big Boo and what to expect from the rest of the ladies Orange Is the New Black Season 5. (POP Sugar)

You will be gobsmacked by it, and audiences are going to lose their minds. Season four was on every critic’s list as the number one thing on television last year. . . . So when I say season five is better than season four, people are going to go, “What?” It is. I cannot figure out how we do it or how our writers are able to keep this show so fresh, so interesting, so weird, so unique, so amazing, informative, and life-changing season after season after season. Amazing.”

Master of None star Lena Waithe says she thinks people really love her character on the show, because she’s an anomaly. (Broadly)

I don’t think people really see women that look like her on television. I also think I have a very unique way of walking through the world, a unique cadence, in terms of the way I carry myself. I think people really look at me and appreciate the character which I’m really grateful for, because you never know. … The biggest thing is that there aren’t many characters out there like myself, so I think because it’s me, it’s like a breath of fresh air, which is kind of cool.”

Jane Lynch, of Glee fame, recently bragged about her sexual exploits with Hillary Rosen, who is of political commentary, Washington Post columnist and editor-at-large of Huffington Post fame. (NBC News)

Sadly, Caitlyn Jenner suffered a transphobic attack outside LGBT Awards ceremony in London. Jenner was a guest at the ceremony, where she received a Loud And Proud trophy. (LGBTQ Nation)

Also receiving awards was Shannon Beveridge who won the award for Celebrity Rising Star 2017, which was handed to her by Rose & Rosie.

Amandla Stenberg has covered Mac DeMarco’s Let My Baby Stay – a song which is on the soundtrack of her new films Everything, Everything soundtrack. Not only did Stenberg star in the video, but she also directed and edited the feat.


And lastly, a sullen Kristen Stewart spotted with mystery bruises covering her legs amid Stella Maxwell break up rumours (METRO)

EXCLUSIVE: Kristen Stewart looks a little down in the dumps as she emerges without girlfriend Stella Maxwell with bruises and dirt all over her legs and arms. Kristen could be seen walking her dog with friends but seemed preoccupied by her phone. Her knees and legs had clear visible bruising as she walked through the streets on New Orleans in cut-off daisy duke shorts and a very torn ‘Ramones’ t-shirt.Kristen could be seen sitting at a coffee shop drinking iced coffee, texting and staring into space.
10 May 2017
Pictured: Kristen Stewart.
Photo credit: MEGA
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Lea DeLaria Splits From Fiancée Chelsea Fairless

Lea DeLaria announced that she and her longtime girlfriend – fashion editor Chelsea Fairless – had amicably called off their engagement after four years together.

DeLaria posted a photo on Instagram of her with Chelsea and Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor and wrote,


Apparently this was an eerily prophetic choice of engagement photo as our relationship has since gone the way of David and Liza, with one small exception: our split is amicable. Please exclude us from the tragic and basic celebrity breakup narrative. We were happy together for four years and will remain in each other’s lives. In fact, we look forward to finding new ways to torture each other. We would like to thank our incredible friends and families for their love and support ❤ xoxo Lea &@female_trouble.”

Last year, DeLaria told Out magazine how she’d met Fairless through co-star, Emma Myles, during the first season of Orange is The New Black in 2012.

We set up a date, and within 10 minutes, we pretty much knew. I tend to push relationships away, but this was magical. We were screaming with laughter and finishing each other’s sentences.”

Here’s to a happy 2017 for both DeLaria and Fairless.

Scarlett Johansson, America Ferrera, Amy Schumer, & Lea DeLaria To Participate In Women’s March On Washington

Hollywood will be turning out in force for the women’s march on Washington set to follow Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Actress America Ferrera will attend the march along with Amy Schumer, Scarlett Johansson, Frances McDormand and Zendaya.

In a statement, Ferrara said

Since the election, so many fear that their voices will go unheard. As artists, women, and most importantly dedicated Americans, it is critical that we stand together in solidarity for the protection, dignity and rights of our communities.”

Johansson, criticizing the incoming administration for “attacking” reproductive rights, said she would participate to “make my voice heard and stand up for what I believe in.”

Organizers expect more than 100,000 people to turn out for the march on Jan. 21, one day after Trump’s inauguration.

Chelsea Handler will lead a sister march in Park City, Utah, one of more than 150 solidarity marches planned around the country and the world that day.

Others who plan to participate in the Washington march include Uzo Aduba, Lea DeLaria, Diane Guerrero, Margo Jefferson, Hari Nef and Constance Wu.

A number of other celebrities will either participate in the march or express solidarity with the marchers in other ways, organizers said, including Katy Perry, Julianne Moore, Cher and Debra Messing

‘Vaginas Against Trump’: OITNB Cast & Crew Send Donald Trump A Clear Message

Taking to Instagram, the cast and crew of Netlix’s Orange Is the New Black took a stand against Donald Trump, who is under fire for lewd comments he made about women with then-Access Hollywood co-host Billy Bush in a leaked video from 2005.

In the photo, which was originally posted by Lea DeLaria, the group don orange and black T-shirts emblazoned with the phrase, Vaginas Against Trump.

The shirts speak for themselves. Vaginas and the people who love them are really really done.”


The high profile posting drew ire from some with one user responding to the image with an equally strongly worded message:

Love diminishing women as just a body part. So classy.”

DeLaria, 58, wrote back.

You’re right! I’m objectifying women. I’m so glad this straight white guy was able to point out my evil ways.”

Vaginas Against Trump shirts are being sold through an organization by the same name which was set up a week before Trump’s video was unearthed.

‘Mr. Trump, We see your sexist, racist, and oppressive ways and today we say NO MORE! We stand united with those you consistently devalue and demean,’ the group wrote.


Taylor Schilling, Natasha Lyonne, Clea DuVall, Lea DeLaria & Lena Dunham Unveil ‘Revolution’ Video Supporting Hillary Clinton

Grassroots organization Humanity for Hillary created the #ThisIsWhatMyRevoultionLooksLike clip to promote electing more women into public office.

Natasha Lyonne, Taylor Schilling, Clea DuVall, Uzo Aduba, Lea DeLaria, Lena Dunham, Rosie Perez and Sally Kohn, and a host of other actors filmed the video supporting Hillary Clinton and highlighting the need to elect more women to public office.


The video never mentions the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee by name, but talks about the importance of voting and having the government more closely resemble the gender breakdown of America.

The actors, poets and artists describe what their revolution looks like, emphasizing equal pay, paid family leave, protecting the right to choose and having more women in leadership roles. “Join our revolution,” implores Aduba.

In a statement, the video creator and  co-founder Humanity for Hillary, Laura Dawn explained

As a 13-year veteran and passionate member of the progressive movement, I was aghast to see decades-old false attacks on Hillary Clinton echoed by young progressives. I researched every single attack on the former Secretary and emerged more confident than ever that she absolutely deserves to be the first woman president of this country. I believe that Hillary Clinton will be a fantastic president, and electing her is a paradigm shifting act that will foster new levels of women running for office and winning.”

Dunham added

I participated in this video because this is the most essential election of our lifetime, and I believe that electing more women is a true revolutionary action. If you believe in equality for women, LGTBQ, people of color and immigrants then there is only one choice this November — Hillary Clinton.”

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Daily Juice: God Plays Matchmaker In UnReal’s Lesbian Web Spinoff, And Tegan & Sara Announce Tour Dates

UnREAL’s has a new web spinoff out, The Faith Diaries, which features a lesbian, God and love.

Tegan and Sara have announced their up-coming tour dates today for our North American, as well as headline dates in Australia, UK and Asia! Tickets will go on sale Friday, April 29th via the band’s website, and the duo will donate one dollar from each North American ticket sale to charitable organizations via Plus One.

Marine Simpson has celebrated coming out as bisexual with a night out with her rumoured girlfriend, Natalie Philips.


To me, that was different because it was just me and her. It wasn’t for any other reason than I wanted to, so it made me think differently. I’m still a bit hesitant to have a full-blown relationship with a girl, but I do think it would be a possibility.”

Buzzfeed asked some people about what it’s really like to wear a chest binder.


Orange is the New Black’s Lea DeLaria was the keynote speakers aIowa LGBTQ Conference.  She said conferences like this are an example of how far the LGBTQ movement has progressed.


I have seen the world change around who we are. I feel that as a political organization, we finally started to win the hearts and minds of people and organizations like this in Iowa.”

And in a recent interview with Advocate, Uzo Aduba says she gets hit up by a lot of female fans:

Yeah, so many ladies on social media want me to throw my pie for them, or they want to throw a pie for me. They ask to be my Dandelion. I appreciate it. I also get a lot of proposals. Sometimes I’m like, “Hmm, how big is the ring?” It’s all in good fun.”

Happy Days! Netflix Renews ‘Orange is the New Black’ For Three More Seasons

Netflix’s award-winning comedy series Orange is the New Black is here to stay: the streaming platform announced on Friday that the show has been renewed for three more seasons.


The three additional seasons will follow the fourth season, which debuts on Netflix on 17 June.

Jenji Kohan said in a statement:

Three more years! Not quite a political term, but still plenty of time to do some interesting things. In some cultures, ‘May you lead an interesting life,’ is a curse, but I don’t live in those cultures. Here’s to keeping it interesting.

Thanks Netflix! Both thanks and you’re welcome Lionsgate! And kudos and gratitude to the stellar cast and crew and writers and producers and editors and musicians and mixers and shleppers… with whom I have the pride and honor of crafting this show.

Three more years! Three more years!”

Cindy Holland, Netflix’s vice-president of original content, added:

Jenji and her team have produced a phenomenal and impactful series that is both funny and dramatic, outrageous and heartfelt. Audiences around the world have come to love the ladies and men of Orange is the New Black, and we are eager to see where three more seasons will take them.”

The news comes in the wake of the show winning big at the Screen Actors Guild awards on Saturday, where it collected the comedy ensemble award and the comedy female actor trophy for star Uzo Aduba – both for the second year running. Aduba has also netted two Emmys for her performance as Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren.

UzoAduba22ndAnnualScreenActorsGuildbGORaBcVOSel 3000


OITNB News: 13 Things We Know About ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season 4

Hands up who binged watched season three in a 24 hour sitting?

We did, and if you did too, there’s surely an Orange Is the New Black-sized hole in your heart. And you’re probably thinking: what now?

Don’t despair. The show will be back for it fourth season on 17 June.

But if that is not enough here are a few snippets to help fill-in the blanks until then.

Warning: spoilers ahead

1. New prisoners


As you saw at the end of season three, busloads of new prisoners arrive at Litchfield, so clearly we’ll be getting some new cast members.

One who has been announced is Jolene Purdy (who has booked a recurring role). Though it hasn’t been revealed whether she’ll play a new inmate or another character.

There is also the arrival of Litchfield’s newest and most high-profile inmate, celebrity chef Judy King (played by Blair Brown), and this is going to lead to some big changes

2. Alex is almost definitely alive

Alex Vause 01

Season three ended with Alex facing off with one of Kubra’s assassins, implying that he’s about to shoot her

Actor Laura Prepon (who plays Alex), recently teased about her character’s role in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, announcing that Alex will survive the attack.

What’s cool is season 4 actually picks up right where season 3 left off. So it’s literally, it continues five seconds later, which is really great because at the end of last season…I was in the greenhouse, and there was all this craziness going on and it’s awesome.”

3. Alex & Piper’s relationship is still as bump as ever

As for Alex and Piper, Prepon also revealed that her character has an “F you Piper” moment.

That’s their relationship, and that’s what’s so interesting about them. They love each other and they hate each other, and it’s frustrating and passionate, but there’s definitely some vindication there, for sure. Piper thought she was crazy all season, but she wasn’t.”

4. Two queer stars have been promoted to series regular


Before season three even started, Jackie Cruz, who plays Flaca, and Lea DeLaria, who plays Big Boo, were promoted to series regulars. This means we’ll most likely be getting even more insight into Flaca’s and Boo’s lives – Yes!

Talking to Afterellen, Cruz said

Honestly, I get chills. I was a day player. I started with two lines. And my character just kept growing through the seasons. So Jenji just saw something in my character and was like, “We need more Flaca.” I think she told me that once, and they kept writing, and they liked it, so they kept writing more. So in Season 4 I became a series regular, so that was like kind of like a testament of my hard work and knowing that I did a good job. So I feel really good about that.

5. Stella may or may not be back


Season three breakouts star, Ruby Rose – who played Stella – was sent off to a worse place (max) by Piper. Though that could have been the end for Stella on the show, Rose gave us hope saying “It could go either way” – which doesn’t confirm it, but really doesn’t deny it, either.

6. There will be more Poussey and Soso – Go #Pousoso!


Poussey and Soso’s connection was just beginning at the end of Season 3, and they were all kinds of perfect together. In a recent interview with AfterEllen, Wiley hinted there is more to come for the potential couple.

I think we’ll see what happens with them. We get some screen time together. #Pousoso!”

7. Taystee Has A New Job


In the first Season 4 teaser, Taystee is enjoying what looks like a sweet new desk job. Her new career in answering phones may have something to do with the major changes coming Litchfield’s way… either that or someone at the prison finally recognized Taystee for the boss sh

8. There is a new cause

According to another report from TV Guide, the central issue that will plague Litchfield is prisoner overcrowding. Kate Mulgrew, who plays Red in the series, said,

[The overcrowding issues] are going to carry over to every nook and cranny in our prison, believe me when I tell you that.

What [creator Jenji Kohan]’s going to do that no other creator is capable of doing with such expertise is, she’s going to make you feel overcrowded,”

9. New alliances are going to be formed all over the place

Nearly every actor has mentioned in interviews that Season 4 will feature “new alliances.” What does this mean exactly? It’s hard to say, but the new inmates who were shown arriving at the end of last season will certainly upset the natural balance of the prison’s groups.

10. The odds of Nicky returning are strong


While it has not been confirmed, Screen Crush is one of several outlets reporting Natasha Lyonne, aka fan-favorite Nicky, is expected to return. Nicky was sent to max last season, and it was majorly upsetting. Everyone cross your fingers the rumors of her return turn out to be true.

11. Sophia’s story is going to take some unexpected twists


Sophia Burset’s story in season 4 is “challenging” according to Laverne Cox. Speaking about season 4, she told E! Online, “It was a joy to play and I felt like I was pushed in ways that I didn’t anticipate and it was really challenging and that is always wonderful as an actress. I had a really good time.”

12. More back stories are expected

Creator Jenji Kohan herself promised backstories for new people in an interview with E! Online. There will be backstories for characters who have already had backstory episodes as well, but anytime an unexpected character takes the spotlight, good things tend to happen. Maybe this will be the year Soso’s activist past is explored.

13. There’s a new trailer out – YES!



Dinah Shore Weekend to Feature The L Word and The Real L Word Cast Members

The L Word television franchise has a pretty long history with the Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend. In season one of the scripted show, The L Word, Alice, Jenny, Dana and Shane road-tripped their way to the event and got themselves into dramatic (and comedic) hijinks while the cast of the reality spin-off, The Real L Word, attended multiple times during its three seasons.

At Dinah Shore Weekend 2016, that history is set to continue as cast members from both The L Word and The Real L Word will be headed to Palm Springs next month.

Attending the event (which takes place between March 30 – April 3) will be Clementine Ford (who played Molly Kroll), Elizabeth Keener (who played Dawn Denbo), along with The Real L Word cast member Tracy Ryerson.

Dinah-Shore-22 Dinah-Shore-19 Dinah-Shore-13

The three actors will be at the event as part of the tellofilms-sponsored Dinah Film Fest. All three have featured in tellofilm projects – Tracy Ryerson starred in the Kiss Me I’m Famous web series, and Clementine Ford and Elizabeth Keener will both star in the upcoming project Skirtchasers – and this should give fans of queer female media a chance to watch some great shows, shorts, films, and documentaries.

Moreover, fans will be treated to a special, ‘farewell’ performance from another set of The Real L Word cast members, Hunter Valentine.

The band’s music and personal lives featured heavily on the reality show and now, the pop/punk band (made up of Kiyomi McCloskey and Laura Petracca, along with touring members Leanne Bowes and Lisa Bianco) will perform their last show as they prepare to go on an indefinite hiatus.

Other big draws to this year’s Dinah Shore Weekend include a night of comedy and music from Orange Is The New Black’s Lea Delaria, DJing from both Samantha Ronson and Mary Mac, and a performance from Grammy-nominated artist Elle King.

To find out more about the Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend, visit the official website.

Lea Delaria Offers Advice To Buzzfeed Staffers, And The World Becomes A Better Place (Video)

Lea DeLaria is known for speaking her mind unapologetically, so when she stopped by the New York office team buzzfeed couldn’t help but seek out her wisdom.


Watch and learn



Lea DeLaria: “My Entire Life Has Been Trying To Put A Positive Spin On What It Is To Be Butch.”

Orange is the New Black star Lea DeLaria has joined YouTube’s StyleLikeU to tell her journey of self-acceptance – from Catholic school to stand-up comedy.

The video is part of The What’s Underneath Project series of videos.

Throughout the clip, the comic and actress slowly strips down to her boxers and sports bra as she talks about body image, self-assurance and being a proud gay butch woman in the LGBT community.

My entire life has been trying to put a positive spin on what it is to be butch.”

Her sexuality has always been a known fact, and she never covered this up:


I started doing stand-up comedy in 1982, performing as the ‘F**king Dyke’. I’ve always been moderately famous – I used to say, for me it’s a long climb to the middle.”


Continuing onto stereotypes within the LGBT community she commented on how:

Nelly fags and butch dykes are very much looked down on – and treated as second class citizens.”

‘Orange Is the New Black’ Lea DeLaria Talks About Butch Visibility

During the Netflix dramedy’s panel on Tuesday at the Television Critics Association press tour, the cast of Orange Is the New Black were on hand to field questions from reporters on the show.

In attendance was Taylor Schilling, Uzo Aduba, Taryn Manning, Selenis Leyva, Lea DeLaria and Natasha Lyonne.


Although the cast were tight-lipped about its fourth season, they did shed a lot of light on the show to-date.

One thing they did discuss was the impact the show had made on LGBT visibility.

The show is considered a force for the LGBT movement. With its diverse characters and raw storytelling, it has been a voice for those who have long been without one.

DeLaria, who plays Boo, said the Netflix series has helped to “win the hearts and minds of people.”


In season 3 we got to see Boo’s backstory. DeLaria expanded on the similarities between her own past and Boo’s, praising OITNB’s writers, and adding that.

I actually had to call [writer] Lauren Morelli and ask if she had read my f—king diary. Butches have a shared life experience and you saw all of it in Boo’s backstory.

She continued.

“My parents actually learned. They actually listened to me. They actually became people who understood that being comfortable in my own skin and having no apologies for who I am was an important thing in this world. And then, they grew to understand me and I grew to understand them, and we love each other very dearly and were very close until the day they both passed.

So that’s the only difference, I think, between Boo’s story and mine. Unfortunately, the story that they showed, Boo’s story, is all too common. Way too common.”

The Netflix star also spoke about impact on the LGBT community:

The politics of the LGBT community has been about gaining our rights, fighting for our rights, achieving our rights. And recently it’s been turned a little bit more towards winning the hearts and minds of people.”

DeLaria added.

A large part of what we’ve done [with regards to] the politics of the LGBT community has been about gaining our rights, fighting for our rights and achieving our rights. Recently, it’s turned more toward winning the hearts and minds of people. I feel very strongly that Orange Is the New Black has been very important in that part of what has happened to us and our community.”

DeLaria and cast-mates are currently shooting Season 4 of Orange.

From Jumpsuit to Jazz, Lea DeLaria’s Other Career

Lea DeLaria is best known too many as one of the stars of Orange is the New Black, playing the prison inmate Big Boo.

However, what you may not know is that not only is DeLaria a fabulous actress, veteran of Broadway musicals and stand-up comedy, but she is also a jazz singer – and she has a new album out – House of David.

Talking to The Frame, DeLaria says Jazz singing is something she says has been with her since childhood, and that she cultivated a career in jazz by marrying it with activism and stand-up comedy while performing.

I figured out I could sing. I knew I could sing. I’d been doing it as a child with my father for years. So I would bring a little trio on stage with me and I’d be raging at them and then I would kind of sing a standard. I’d just sing a standard and it would lull the audience into sort of a false sense of security. Then I would start screaming ‘dyke’ at them again.”

DeLaria’s interest in singing was something that she says was encouraged by her father, who himself was a jazz pianist. At the age of 5, DeLaria would sing for her father, who proceeded to teach her about jazz music.

Lea DeLaria 99

By 8, DeLaria had learned more of the intricacies of of jazz and began performing at nightclubs with her father.

Let’s face it, I was like the bearded lady. It was a circus act thing. It was a way for the cats to get a break and go off the bandstand. Then I would sing a duet with [my dad]. Eventually the trio would join sometimes. It worked so well — people loved it— that he kept doing it with me.”

Also read: Its official, Orange is the New Black’s Lea DeLaria Is Getting Married

After performing and training, DeLaria discovered that singing was her passion and that she wanted to pursue it as a career. After telling her father, DeLaria says he had guidelines for how DeLaria should pursue jazz.

He said, Look, that is OK with me, but you can’t be just be a pretty girl with a pleasant voice. You need to understand music and learn the language of jazz. He really taught me to sing from my balls. He encouraged me to really sing like a horn player. Like any good horn player, I know when to be soft and I know when to be loud. It’s like making love to a woman — sometimes you want a nice light touch and sometimes you got to bang.”

And the David Bowie link? DeLaria pins the origins of her love for Bowie on the moment she first heard the guitar riff on “Fame.”

One thing that I learned from him I think more than any other performer is his insistence to be exactly who he is. That is fascinating to me. As a little girl, I have to say as a little bull dyke, growing up in the Midwest thinking that I was the only one — didn’t know that there were other gay people even out there — having this man be who he was a terrific lesson for me.”

Lea DeLaria Emmys 01

After a long period of cultivating skills in various performance fields, DeLaria still feels as though all her talents make up a part of her true self.

It’s really hard for me to determine where my true self lies in all the things that I can do. I can do a lot of things. It’s that simple. I’m really happy when I’m filming ‘Orange is the New Black.’ I love being down stage center at a Broadway show and belting out a D sharp and hearing that audience applaud. When I’m in a little smokey jazz club at 1 o’clock in the morning, and I am blowing over changes with the cats, and we are digging it, and we are creating this art all together at the same time, I love that too.”

DeLaria’s new jazz David Bowie cover album, “House of David,” is set for release July 24 and is already available digitally. It’s her fifth album.

13 Women Who Dare To Challenge Gender Stereotypes in the Media

From Miley Cyrus to Ruby Rose, stars are shedding a light on a different kind of gender identity.

These women refuse to adhere to dated, oppressive standards set on gender and beauty. They are changing the game and using their fame to help level the playing field for the women of tomorrow.

1. Ruby Rose

The 29-year-old stars as inmate Stella Carlin on season 3 of the show and thanks to her performance, her gorgeous androgynous looks and her openness about her gender fluidity, the model-now-actress is making waves when it comes gender perceptions in the media.


We’re all really breaking down the whole gender binary system. It’s like hold on, I don’t identify as this and I don’t identify as that, I’m kind of somewhere in the middle and what does that mean? And society is being more supportive than ever before.”

2. Lena Dunham


Despite Lena Dunham being an enormously successful writer, actress, and producer, she has been the subject of harsh criticism regarding her appearance. In an interview with Gothamist , Lena explained her body ‘Zen’ philosophy:

We’re one weight one day, we’re one weight another day, and some day our body just doesn’t even exist at all! It’s just a vessel I’ve been given to move through this life. I think about my body as a tool to do the stuff I need to do, but not the be all and end all of my existence.”

3. Samira Wiley


Samira Wiley breakout role came playing Poussey Washington in the Netflix original series Orange Is the New Black. Wiley’s androgynous beauty is ever present in the show. However, even though her character is always dressed in khaki slacks and a baggy sweatshirt, she does like to mix things up in real life.

Over the past few years since my own public image has increased tenfold, I have been overwhelmed to witness the profound ways that I am able to make a difference simply by living my life openly, and with love.”

4. Lea Delaria


Actress, comedienne, jazz musician, Lea Delaria has gained media traction with her recurring character on Orange is the New Black. However, before then she was the first openly gay comic to break the late-night talk-show barrier with her appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show in 1993.

DeLaria has performed stand-up comedy for more than 25 years and is a prominent figure in the world of LGBT comedy. She began her career billing herself as “That [expletive] Dyke,” explaining that when she walked down the street, people would yell that at her.

I think the most basic prerequisite of being a woman is that you must WANT me. if you don’t want me, then your not a woman.”

5. Gwendolyn Christie


Christie knew that having traditional aspects of feminity (long hair, heels, make-up) stripped away would be important for her work and in terms of her own development. “I would be confronting elements of myself that I didn’t want to confront.”

6. Ellen Degeneres


Ellen Degeneres’s career was all but lost when she came out of the closet in 1997. Now she has a successful daytime talk show and has reclaimed not only her career, but has blazed a new path for people of the LGBT community who seek careers in the entertainment industry. She is an advocate for being true to oneself, and shows how beautiful honesty can be.

7. Rebel Wilson


Actress and comedian Rebel Wilson knows the pressure on women in Hollywood to have skinny bodies, but she doesn’t let that get to her. Instead, she focuses on what her body can do, and how to take care of it.

8. Kristen Stewart


Kristen Stewart has made it clear time and time again that she has never been much of a girly girl. So stepping out make-up free is the norm, and just look at how well she wears androgyny, hair short and tousled, a bare face, and rolled up sleeves.

The strangest part about being famous is you don’t get to give first impressions anymore. Everyone already has an impression of you before you meet them.”

9. Ellen Page


At the Human Right’s Campaign inaugural Time To Thrive conference, Ellen Page memorably came out as a lesbian in a speech that grabbed headlines across the country. After calling E! News out for calling her gym style that of a “massive man,” Ellen articulated the suffocating burden of sexism and stereotypes in the mainstream media flawlessly.

There are pervasive stereotypes about masculinity and femininity that define how we’re all supposed to act, dress, and speak, and they serve no one. Anyone who defies these so called norms becomes worthy of comment and scrutiny, and the LGBT community knows this all too well.”

10. Mindy Kaling


Writer, actress, producer, and all-around-amazing entertainer Mindy Kaling set the record straight about how some people in the media address her appearance. She’s not white or rail thin, yet she’s comfortable in her own skin, and is proud of the way she looks, regardless of how it compares to mainstream standards. Now THAT is real beauty.

11. Melissa McCarthy


Comic powerhouse Melissa McCarthy has been the subject of harsh criticism regarding her weight, but she rarely acknowledges any of it. By opting out of a discussion about her weight, she’s creating a better world for her daughters as she explains on Anderson Cooper.

I want them to be confident, strong, healthy, happy women. And I want them to define themselves by their actions…and by how they treat other people…and I know everyone else is going to get all caught up in it, but my job is to always bring it back to what do you do, and how do you live, and what do you say to other people.”

12. Laverne Cox


Laverne Cox, an actress on the Netflix series Orange Is The New Black, is the first transgender woman of colour to play such a role on a scripted television show. She’s also an activist for the transgender community. During her interview with Katie Couric, she was asked about her genitalia. Instead of getting mad about such an invasive question, she answered with authority and grace about what is truly happening when she’s asked such things:

The preoccupation with transition and with surgery objectifies trans people and then we don’t get to really deal with the real lived experiences. The reality of trans people’s lives is that so often we’re targets of violence and discrimination disproportionately to the rest of the community.”

13. Miley Cyrus


With the help of famous photographer Terry Richardson, Miley Cyrus set fire to the cute and innocent image of Hannah Montana back in 2013 with the iconic topless photo shoot. Since then, Cyrus has continued to test the limits. In recent months, the Grammy nominee has been vocal with her support for LGBT homeless youth and showed her disgust for the rich and powerful.


Orange is the New Black star Lea DeLaria Heads to Facebook HQ (Video)

Lea DeLaria, one of the stars of Orange Is The New Black, stopped by Facebook’s NYC offices to answer some great questions “Like a word you over use?” and “Who is your funniest co-star?” – very funny.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 14.52.18

DeLaria character in Big Boo in Orange Is the New Black will officially be recurring in Season 4.

Season 3, will begin on June 12, still on Netflix.

Watch the clip below


Lea Delaria Loses Weight After Diabetes Diagnosis

Comedian and actress, Lea Delaria, has lost 50 Pounds (22.7 Kilograms) after she was diagnosed with diabetes.

The Orange Is The New Black star said she started to feel sluggish as she shot season two of the hit female prison drama series last year (14), and it was only after she visited a doctor that she learned the cause of her problem.

I went through a year of going, ‘Why do I feel so bad?’… I’ve always been really energetic, but for a year I was feeling really weird, I didn’t know what was going on. Once we did the blood test and we understood what was going on, it was great. 

And now I’ve got my energy back. I feel like me and everything is great… I lost 50 pounds since September. I lost 25 pounds since the SAG Awards (in January) – it’s crazy!”

DeLaria reveals she had to reduce carbohydrates and sugar in her diet to help control the type two diabetes, and the lifestyle change, in addition to her medication, has helped her slim down dramatically.

Lea DeLaria Emmys 03

However, the actress admits her weight loss journey hasn’t been fun as the diabetes medication frequently makes her feel sick.

One: I have no appetite. Two: When I finally do get an appetite, I take two bites of it. Three: Anything I eat comes right out again because of the medication. My fiancee is like, ‘You’re living my dream!’ It ain’t my dream (sic) – I’d rather eat a steak, let’s be honest.”

DeLaria became engaged to Chelsea Fairless in February (15).


Our Wish List For Season 3 of ‘Orange Is the New Black’

We’re less than three months away from the third season of Orange Is the New Black, and while the show’s creators are keep tight lipped on exactly what’s in store for the ladies of Litchfield this year, we can think of a few things that we’d like to see.

Big Boo backstory

Why haven’t we gotten Big Boo’s (Lea DeLaria) backstory yet? DeLaria has said she already knows what Boo’s origin story is (in fact, she was given her character’s backstory as soon as she signed on for the role), so why are the fans still being kept in the dark?


We could also stand to see a little more from characters like Flaca (Marisol Gonzales) and Maritza (Diane Guerrero). Their friendly kiss last year was one of the sweetest scenes of the season, yet we barely know them. Can we get a little more information beyond the fact that Flaca loves The Smiths and Maritza has a kid?

More cell action from Alex and Piper

We were disappointed to see Alex on the sidelines in most of season 2, and there was absolutely no opportunity for Alex and Piper to hook-up, so here’s looking at you, season 3 – especially now Alex is back in prison.

Last season, we did see plenty of flashbacks  though, and was luck to a scene where Alex went down on Piper, then just as Piper is about to “take the plunge,” Alex’s crazy semi-girlfriend storms in and starts beating Piper up. Not our ideal end to this scene, so this season OINTB owes us big.

Also with the introduction of Ruby Rose’s new character Stella now in the mix – sparks should fly.


End the Vee vs Red storyline

The conflict between Vee (Lorraine Toussaint) and Red (Kate Mulgrew) clogged up Season 2 like a deadweight.

However, now that Vee out of the picture, the can move on nicely. While Vee’s death will surely have huge effects on Taystee (Danielle Brooks) and Crazy Eyes (Uzo Aduba), we hope their mourning is quick so we finally can drop her character for good.

It’s never a good sign when a show’s entire sophomore season revolves around a new character who wasn’t even referenced in the first, so we’d like to see the focus return to some of our old favorites.

A little less Red

In Season 1, Red butted heads with Pornstache over her smuggling, tortured Piper (Taylor Schilling), hunted the Chicken and lost all her allies. In Season 2, she became Piper’s roommate, joined the Golden Girls, began smuggling again, was lied to about her family business, and had a seemingly never-ending feud with Vee.



That is a lot for one character on this show – especially when there are so many inmates who barely get any screen time. Here’s hoping Red takes a backseat this season, because as much as we love Kate Mulgrew, it’s time to give the other girls a shot.

A little more Sophia

Sophia (Laverne Cox) was one of OITNB’s original breakout characters, and yet she was almost entirely absent throughout Season 2. Season 1’s “Lesbian Request Denied” proved that Cox can handle drama as well as comedy, so let her show off her skills! Let’s check back in with Sophia’s family, especially her son Michael, but also see her get more involved in the current-day plots.

Sophia has mentioned a rivalry with Danita, the other Litchfield hairdresser – so show us more.

A lot more naked Poussey


In season two we got to see Poussey (Samira Wiley) and her German Girlfriend flashback. It was the scene that gave us a real personal (in several ways) look into Poussey’s life that we hadn’t had before. We saw a tender, loving, expressive side of this passionate character in an entirely new light, framed by a surprisingly honest sex scene that really crushed our souls when we remembered this show isn’t exactly about characters whose lives turned out splendidly. We’ve loved getting to know Poussey, and in next season we demand to see more, especially after the beating she took last season.

Daya finally gives birth

Enough with the Daya (Dascha Polanco) pregnancy storyline. Two seasons in, and no baby – this has to be the longest human gestational period ever. Here’s hoping Season 3 covers several months rather than a couple of weeks, and Bennett (Matt McGorry) and Daya finally get to see their baby.

And while we’re at it, the truth also needs to come out about the baby’s real parentage. Though we bet the appearance of Pornstache’s mother (Mary Steenburgen) might help speed that along.

Its official, Orange is the New Black’s Lea DeLaria Is Getting Married

Its official, Orange is the New Black’s Lea DeLaria is off the market. The actress, singer and comedienne, made the announcement Friday on her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages that she is marrying longtime girlfriend Chelsea Fairless.


The announcement was accompanied by an altered photo of DeLaria and Fairless standing beside Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor (the original image was from Liza Minnelli and David Gest’s 2002 wedding).


“Despite their concerns about the patriarchal confines of marriage, actor / singer Lea DeLaria & editrix Chelsea Fairless of Brooklyn, New York are pleased to announce their engagement. No date has been set for the impending nuptials but it’s safe to say that it will be the event of the season, or, a total shit show.” 

Lea DeLaria

The actress also confirmed that Jesse Tyler Ferguson will be the best man, while Sandra Bernhard will officiate the wedding.

DeLaria, who now has had number stage and screen appearances, including her standout role of prison inmate Big Boo in the hit Netflix series, will also be honored in Chicago on Valentine’s Day with the Equality Illinois Freedom Award.

Lea DeLaria | Best Dressed Butch And Winner At The SAG Awards

At this Sunday’s SAG Awards, the OITNB team took home the Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series, but what was so great about this award is the fact the team emphasize the importance of diversity on-screen.

DeLaria is a s diverse as they get on the hollywood scene, but that is why we love her. Especially the way she represents our community.

Always stunning in suit, with her beautiful girlfriend by her side, DeLaria does not shy her queerness from the camera.


She is open and frank about who she is, and projects this with such confidence that we can’t help but smile.


In a past interview with the UK paper the Independent, she said about her style

“There is a ceiling that allows you to be a certain kind of gay. I’m not a lapdog cut person and I won’t tow the party line. People don’t want you to rock the boat. Even the modern queer movement have a problem with that. When you look like me, you want to act in a certain way.

There are two types of lesbians or dykes – the type that go to the Emmys wearing a tuxedo but don’t wear the bow tie, and those that do – the unapologetically butch.”

Lea DeLaria


“Being butch is still a dirty little secret, but it’s how some of us are. We can’t forget where we came from. We need to put a positive face on it and it all comes from this international homophobia, that are only certain things are good; that you can’t be that type of lesbian.

It’s important for me to communicate that there’s nothing bad about being gay.”

Lea DeLaria


Yeah Lea DeLaria – Watch Her Take Down Homophobic Preacher on the Subway

Our favourite lesbian comedian and star of Orange Is The New Black, Lea DeLaria was seriously not in the mood when she took the M train, a line in the New York City subway system.

According to the site Jezebel, the actress led passengers in a rendition of 99 Bottles when a street preacher came on board to hawk his vision.

Not to be de-railed Mr. Preacher continued with his rant, until he and DeLaria got into a ‘friendly disagreement’ over liberals and LGBTI sexuality.

‘You’re part of the reason America’s in trouble. Religious fanatics are the reason America’s in trouble,’

Lea DeLaria

Best-Dressed Butch of the Week: Lea DeLaria at the Emmys

While many were busy gushing over the Hollywood ladies’ perfect dresses, we here at KitschMix were transfixed on Lea DeLaria Saint Harridan tuxedo.

DeLaria wore a simply tuxedo, shirt and trade mark glasses to the Emmy awards, and showed the world how the butches do it.

Lea DeLaria Emmys 02

Lea DeLaria Emmys 01

Lea DeLaria Emmys 03

BK Beats & Eats – Watch Lea DeLaria Guest on the New Food and Music Series

Lea DeLaria is one of Orange Is the New Black’s stand out cast members, however last week she was the first guest on a new food and music web series called BK Beats & Eats.

Hosted Sheena Alexis Suarez, the BK Beats & Eats invites fellow creatives to put on an apron and exchange recipes, stories and drinks in her kitchen. Local bars, restaurants and venues are also featured, introducing the faces behind some of Brooklyn’s most creative and successful concepts.

The premiere episode features a flirty DeLaria and her family recipe for gravy.

Episode 1: Lea DeLaria & Darling Din

#OITNB Star Lea DeLaria to Lead Manchester Pride Parade

Lea DeLaria, star of Orange is the New Black, has been announced as this year’s Grand Marshal at Manchester Pride’s Parade.

Lea who has achieved stardom with her stand out role as Big Boo in the Netflix hit series, follows in the footsteps of the likes of Sir Ian McKellen, who has previously lead the parade.

The theme for the 2014 Manchester Pride Parade is LOVE, which is being rolled out across the festival, whether it be to honour the same sex marriage act, or challenge the final pieces of the legislation. The charity is calling for participants to celebrate and embrace their love with the city.

“We’re excited that Lea will be leading this year’s parade through Manchester City Centre. We’ve loved watching her in Orange is the New Black. Not only is she an incredible performer but she’s an inspiration for the global LGBT community. We know she’ll bring her unique charm and personality to really get the crowd going and kickstart the parade with a bang.”

Mark Fletcher, Chief Executive of Manchester Pride

As Grand Marshal of the parade, Lea will ride lead the parade through the streets of Manchester alongside patrons of Manchester Pride.

In 1993, DeLaria was the first openly gay comic to perform on television in America, after which she gained a reputation as a global gay icon. Prior to her success on Orange is the New Black, she appeared in numerous television series, including Will and Grace and Friends and had film roles in The First Wives Club, Edge Of Seventeen and Attack Of The Big Haired Lesbians.

Lea’s on and off Broadway highlights include a Drama Desk nomination and a Drama League Honoree for On The Town and portraying both Eddie and Dr. Scott in the Tony-nominated revival of The Rocky Horror Show.

“It’s an honour to be invited to marshal the Manchester Pride parade. I can’t wait to return to Manchester. The girls there are really hot!.”

Lea DeLaria

The August Bank Holiday sees the return of the vibrant Manchester Pride Parade, an integral part of the Manchester Pride festival, with a new loved-up twist.

This year’s parade is expected to consist of around 3,500 people from across Greater Manchester, with almost 100 entries, from small community groups, to large commercial organisations all expressing their support to the LGBT community. The procession will weave its way through the city centre, following a 1 mile route, as thousands of visitors are expected to line the streets of Manchester. Past themes have included Heroes, Through the Decades and last year’s Acceptable in the 80’s .

A host of big names including All Saints, Anastacia and Conchita Wurst will perform in Manchester during the Big Weekend, presented in partnership with G-A-Y They will be joined by Pixie Lott, Foxes, MNEK, Neon Jungle and many more.

easyJet and Manchester Airport are official sponsors of the Manchester Pride Big Weekend. Tens of thousands of people from across the UK and Europe flock to Manchester’s world-renowned Gay Village for the event and to watch the parade.

The Parade is a free event that is part of the wider Manchester Pride festival. Tickets for the Big Weekend are currently priced at £22 for a weekend ticket, day tickets are also on sale and start at £12.50. Child’s Day & Weekend tickets are now on sale too. A Big Weekend ticket provides guests with access to the event site, including the Main Arena, Sackville Gardens, the Gaydio Dance Arena and Expo plus it helps Manchester Pride raise money for LGBT and HIV charities and organisations in Greater Manchester. See here for more information manchesterpride.com/tickets

There’s more to Manchester Pride than the Big Weekend and, since 2003, the festival has grown to include Pride Fringe which encompasses a series of art, culture, heritage, debate, sport, music and film events celebrating the great diversity of the LGBT community. The Manchester Pride Festival 2104 kicks off on 1 August with Pride Fringe.

To find out more about Manchester Pride and this year’s festival you can follow the charity on Twitter @manchesterpride or visit the website at manchesterpride.com.

Image source: Sophy Holland

Behind the scene of season 3’s Orange is the New Black – Lea Delaria and Jodie Foster

This week Lea Delaria shared some intimate shots on her Istagram page from behind the season of Orange is the New Black, and they included snap of Jodie Foster – back on set and directing.

Jodie Foster is carving out a nice, new career as a TV director, and Orange Is the New Black is arguably the first time that Foster as a director has dealt with the subject of lesbianism on screen.

“As a director, dramedy is what I do. It’s not who I am as an actor. The genre requires a very specific skill in terms of recognizing what is quirky and perverse, and to be moved by it. The female prisoners on Orange Is The New Black have a very spiritual journey that’s so complex. They’re all soul-searching and they change through each other”

Jodie Foster

Lea Delaria and Jodie Foster

Delaria with Kate Mulgrew

Behind the scenes with Taylor Schilling

Delaria with our favourite Uzo Aduba

Lea Delaria, The Go-to Girl for Unorthodox Orgasms

Orange Is the New Black has legitimised Netflix as a formidable source of original programming. However, the prison drama, has also showcased one of television’s most diverse female casts in recent TV history, and included a number of LGBTQ standouts. And one of the cast members to real standout from the crowd is Lea Delaria.

She began her career billing herself as “That Fucking Dyke”.

“I called myself that because I would walk down the street and people would yell (it) at me. But after two years of performing I would walk down the street and people would yell (it) at me and I wouldn’t know if they were a fan or not!”

Lea Delaria

The “famously controversial” DeLaria was “the first openly gay comic to break the late-night talk-show barrier” with her 1993 appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show. She has performed stand-up comedy for over 25 years and is a prominent figure in the world of LGBT comedy.

“In the showbiz world, if you’re like me — short hair, fat, butch, Italian, loud — you’re up against a lot of obstacles. So it’s a good idea to know how to do a lot of things…because you’re going to need all of them to pay your rent. …[Teenage boys] used to stop me on the street to spit at me. Now they come up and hug me and say, ‘Big Boo is my favorite character.’ She’s kind of like a teenage boy. So am I. A teenager in a suit.”

Lea Delaria

She is now treading the boards playing Big Boo in Orange Is the New Black, where Delaria is quickly becoming go-to girl for unorthodox orgasms – and the actress isn’t complaining.

In the first season of the Netflix comedy, no one could stop talking about Big Boo’s creative use of a stolen screwdriver. But for anyone who thought that was too provocative, you might want to stay away from the second episode of Orange’s second season.

In season 2, Big Boo once again proves that she can turn anything into a tool for sexual pleasure. Though this time, she might have definitely gone a bit too far…

When asked how Big Boo’s latest unexpected sexual escapade compares to the now-infamous screwdriver scene, Delaria says they can only be equated in terms of surprise.

“I don’t think anyone’s going to expect it, just like nobody was going to expect it with the screwdriver. But I’m curious to see how people will respond to it. Mostly the [reaction to the] screwdriver’s quite positive, but there are people who think that went too far. I just don’t party with them. They’re not my kind of people.”

Lea Delaria

Lea Delaria 01 Lea Delaria 02