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Lesbian Web Series ‘Lease Til Do Us Part’ Is Back

As promised, its back. ‘Til Lease Do Us Part – the hit web series from The Gay Women Channel’s Adrianna DiLonardo and Sarah Rotella – is back for a second season, and you get to binge watch daily from now until xmas.

Til Lease Do Us Part was DiLonardo and Rotella, first web series, and starred Starring Hannah Hogan and Joanne Sarazen. The storyline was about something most lesbians have experienced – two exes living together. (Check out the very first season one here.)

This time around we have new players in place, with a slightly different take. The story revolves around Elliot (Winny Clarke), and her best friend Jess (Angie Lopez) who live together.

The twist in the tale – Jess is dating “Lexi” (Morgan Kohan) and asks Lexi to live with them until she can get back on her feet. When Lexi and Elliot meet, Elliot finds out that she is actually ‘Alexis’, her ex (they were together for 2 weeks in high school). Awkwardness ensues…

Lease Til Do Us Part 02

So what makes the show work? Well it has to be the raw truth behind the humour. We’ve all had relationships that ended whether or not we wanted them to, and most of time (after these torturous break-ups) we still have to deal with our exes – like it or not.

This series hilariously shows us both sides coin. It’s a series keeps the laughs coming while probably giving some of you flashbacks of ex’s from the past.

And where can we watch the show? The great news is that the entire first season is available to watch at kitschmix.tv!

Season two will be with us day-by-day.

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