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Tabrett Bethell Discusses her Bisexual Role in Legend of the Seeker

Tabrett Bethell is best known for her role as Cara Mason on the TV series Legend of the Seeker.

What was interesting about this role, was Bethell character brought to the TV screen some much needed queer representation, and in particular a bi character at a time when there’s was not much queerness visible.

In the show Cara had two established love interests: Leo and Dahlia.

Bethell recently spoke to NYCastings Ilana Rapp about playing a bisexual and playing Cara Mason.

To be honest I didn’t ever think twice about this. Being intimate with male / females was part of the character and it didn’t ever feel like an unsafe environment to express this creatively through my character. I’m sure I was probably spoken to about this and had support if needed but the memory doesn’t register as I just didn’t ever feel I had a problem with this.

The juicier and darker my character got the more excited I got. BRING IT ON! And when I started to feel like I had a better understanding of Cara this process became rather thrilling. That’s what I love about being an actor – it gives you permission to do things you wouldn’t normally do.

And how exciting to play a character that gets to enjoy the best of both worlds, both sexes, how fun! My mother became a mad fan of the show. She would call me in tears when watching Cara being tortured and I’d be like “Mum, chill, it’s a TV show, it’s not real. I’m still here, unharmed.”

Tabrett Bethell

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