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Comedy C*nt Collective – Groundbreaking New Lesbian Comedy Group

Straight white male comedians love to complain that comedy has gotten too politically correct, or “PC.”

“Too PC” is code for “People no longer think my racist jokes are funny and I’m going to blame culture instead of writing better jokes.”

The group Comedy Cunt Collective proves that you can still make hilarious, edgy, and borderline offensive comedy while remaining respectful of groups. It seems like a paradox. But every month, the group organizes a stand-up show for comedians whose voices aren’t usually respected – queer people, transgender people, people of color, disabled people, nonbinary people, the list continues. Every marginalized person is welcomed here, which is very rare in the cisgender white male-dominated comedy industry. The group places special emphasis on attracting queer feminists.

Amanda Justice, co-founder, says,

We’re all a bunch of cunts. You can look at the lineup and see, ‘Yeah, guess what? We’re going to have women talking about their periods.’ Because, guess what? Women have periods.”

She and fellow comedian Arti Gollapudi founded the collective in order to create a safe space for marginalized people to push the limits of their own comedy.

It’s difficult for comedians and artists from marginalized groups to feel welcome in many safe spaces, and many marginalized comedians have been policed by white people in predominantly white spaces for doing edgy comedy.

One member of the Collective notes that when she performs in predominantly white spaces, men often come up to her after the show to tell her what she should change about her act in order to make it more savory for white audiences.

Comedy Cunt Collective is founded on the idea that marginalized comedians should be able to perform whatever comedy they want.

The monthly shows, which take place at Bluestockings in Brooklyn, are a “safe space to fail.” Comedians here (unlike many comedians in NYC) support each other. They support each other because they each know how hard it is to succeed as a minority comic – no, as a minority, period.

To learn more, to see a show or to take the mic, head to the official website.

Mindy Kaling Is Creating a New Lesbian Comedy

If you loved the Mindy Project, then you’re going to fall head over heels for Mindy Kaling’s new series about a liberal lesbian couple who moves to conservative Middle America. 

The show, which is still untitled, follows a progressive lesbian couple named Laurel and Marisa. The women move with their teen son to Laurel’s hometown, a conservative small town in Kansas that may prove their expectations wrong.

For this project, Mindy Kaling has partnered with Mindy Project co-star, Ed Weeks, whom you’ll remember as the English doctor, Dr. Jeremy Reed. Weeks wrote the script with the writer of the long-running, award-winning British series Peep Show, Hannah Mackay – with the influence of Weeks, Kaling and Mackay, the series is guaranteed to be a side-splitter.

Not much is known about the series yet, except that it will be a single-camera comedy. Weeks and Mackay are no newcomers to the subject matter – last year, they sold a comedy about “a lesbian lothario and her cautious, straight male best friend.” That series appears to have died, but hopefully this new comedy will gather some steam. 

Lesbian and bisexual female representation on TV is at a high, but so is the death of those characters. At a time like this, lighthearted shows (presumably) lacking lesbian deaths are more than welcome. Hopefully Kaling will prove that a TV show can be successful without killing off every woman who loves another woman.

There’s no word on who will play Laurel and Marisa, but one can’t help but hope that we see more of Portia de Rossi, who plays the hilarious role of Lindsey Bluth in Arrested Development. And if there’s room for Ellen Page anywhere on the roster, no one will complain. We’ll just have to wait until next season to find out. Stay tuned!

While you’re waiting, satisfy your women-loving-women cravings with one of these must-watch web series.

Watch Episode 1 of ‘Rods and Cones’ – The new lesbian comedy from Wife.TV

Watch Episode 1 of ‘Rods and Cones’, created by comedy duo – Tara Jepsen and Beth Lisick.

‘Rods & Cones’ is a comedy series about high-power, low-profit comics Carole and Mitzi, as they take on their rivals, The MILFies.

The comedy is the first original web series to premiere on Wifey.tv, a video network by and for women. Watch the first season of ‘Rods and Cones’ on KitschMix.TV


Synopsis – Carole and Mitzi jangle it down a hill and make a soft landing on a couple of disgruntled performance artists.

Watch: ‘Rods & Cones’ a New Lesbian Buddy Comedy from Tara Jepsen and Beth Lisick

Created by comedy duo – Tara Jepsen and Beth Lisick, ‘Rods & Cones’ is a comedy series about high-power, low-profit comics Carole and Mitzi, as they take on their rivals, The MILFies.

Whats the plot – well two recently art school graduates who are in debt. After being rudely interrupted by a pair of lovable comedians, Carole Murphy and Mitzi Fitzsimmons, whose Hot Mom act simply kills, they decide to join them in a comedy contest with a cash prize called Over the Shoulder Comedy Boulders Festival.

“We, Beth Lisick and Tara Jepsen, have been performing Carole and Mitzi on video and live for over ten years, all over the USA, in venues both prestigious (UCB Theatre L.A., Dixon Place NYC) and provincial (weddings). Carole and Mitzi are dysfunctional but powerfully happy women in their late 40s/early 50s/early 60s (it’s never clear and they don’t remember their age) who clean a gay men’s bath house to get by. They drink quite a bit and eat a lot of pancakes. They are aspiring “estrogen comediennes.” They are fun, resourceful, likable characters who have no use for modern contrivances (though they do enormously enjoy riding the bus). Carole is gay and Mitzi is an all-play, though both will have sex with pretty much anyone.”

Tara Jepsen and Beth Lisick

Creators Jepsen and Lisick, are not the only compelling participants in R&C’s cast. Erin Markey and Jibz Cameron play opposite Lisick and Jepsen as George and Bess (The MILFies), protagonists who aim to turn their performance art into a more lucrative comedy routine. The roles of George and Bess were specifically written for Markey and Cameron, both of whom are prolific performers and tremendous comedic talents.

“We’ve been performing with them live for years, and have always wanted to create more ways to collaborate. Their portrayal of the MILFies has already been a source of great joy. It only promises to get more insane.”

Tara Jepsen and Beth Lisick

Additional crew members are Michelle Lawler as Director of Photography, Kristina Davies (video and motion graphics editor for diverse projects from Vice to Nirvana to Spike Jonze), and first-time director Laurel Frank.

The comedy is the first original web series to premiere on Wifey.tv, a video network by and for women. Episode One will be available starting September 5th.

Women are the subject, not the object – Wifey.tv