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Uber Driver sacked after kicking lesbian couple out of taxi for kissing

Taiwan Court Rejects This Couple’s Request To Register Their Marriage

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10 Sex Positions To Try That’ll Really Heat Things Up Your 2018

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Lesbian Couple Battle Bulgaria’s Legal System For Recognition Of Their Same-Sex Marriage

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Australia’s First Same-Sex Wedding Will Happen This Weekend

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Sorry, But The Story About A Chinese Lesbian Billionaire Couple Was An Viral Hoax

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Lesbian Couple Jailed In Turkey After Being ‘Tricked’ Into Leaving London By Homophobic Father Get Engaged

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A Lesbian Couple Attempt Suicide In Mumbai After They Are Forbidden To See Each Other

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Lesbian Couple At A Catholic Girls’ College ‘Banned’ From Seeing Each Other As School Denies Allegations

Lesbian Couple Challenges Insurance Bar To Fertility Treatment

Judge Rules Lesbian Has No Parental Rights Because She Didn’t Marry Partner

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Ellen DeGeneres Weighs In On Debate About That Lesbian Couple In ‘Finding Dory’

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Uber Driver Fired After Lesbian Couple Records His Vile Homophobic Rant

Looks Like Pixar Just Casually Introduced Us To It’s First Ever Animated Lesbian Couple

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Couple Wrongfully Arrested After Kissing In Hawaii, Win Damages

Landmark Adoption Case In Italy Sees Lesbian Couple Win Right To Adopt Each Other’s Children

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This Cute Couple Have Been Crowned Prom King And Queen At Florida High School

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Showtime Looking To Adapt Ingrid Jungermann’s ‘F To 7th’ Into Comedy Series

Lesbian Couple Says Everything They Were Told About Their Sperm Donor Was A Lie

Ingrid Jungermann Brings ‘Women Who Kill’ to the Tribeca Film Festival

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British Lesbian Loses Battle With Hong Kong Government Over Spousal Visa

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This Couple Were Told They ‘Need A Man’ By Restaurant Chef On Valentine’s Date

Australian MPs Look To Pass Law Allowing Lesbian Parents To Add Both There Names To Their Childrens Birth Certificate

Woman Wins Supreme Court Batlle After Ex Girlfriend Takes Their Daughter

Unmarried Lesbian Has Her Appeal For Parental Custody Rejected By US Supreme Court

US Judge Makes Landmark Ruling In Custody Battle Between Lesbian Couple

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Wonderful: Lesbians Speculate ‘Wildly’ About Straight Sex (Video)

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Do You Think Mobile Phones Are Ruining Your Relationships? This Couple Has A Refreshing Take On It

Court Orders Lesbian Couple To Give Back Child Three Years After Adoption

This Lesbian Couple Will Make Network TV History This Christmas

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