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The Ultimate Lesbian Party: Games And Music

Last Friday me and my flatmate had a brilliant idea: let’s have a party!

As Halloween is rapidly approaching, we wanted to throw a party like no other; a party for the ages; a party that will turn us into legends. In other words, we wanted to throw a “lesbian party”.

Wait, what’s a “lesbian party” you may ask? Well, these were the only rules:

  1. All drinking games had to be lesbian related;
  2. All music needs to be from queer women/bands;
  3. Everyone is welcome.

Games, Games, Games

When it came to drinking games, the task was as easy and simple as possible: The L Word drinking game!

Basically, we got to work, made up a bunch of rules and every time something on the list popped up, everyone took a shot. Some of the most ridiculous rules included:

  • Jenny: she literally just had to show up on camera for us to take a shot;
  • Intro: take a shot if you can’t remember the words to the intro song;
  • Iconic quote: take a shot when you recognize the quote;
  • Outfit choices: take a shot whenever a character was wearing an outfit that fully embodied 2004.

This isn’t the full list but it’s needless to say, we couldn’t even make it past the first episode.

The playlist

When it came to the music, it was a way harder task! How could I craft a perfectly balanced playlist featuring only female queer musicians? I didn’t, and ended up letting my iPhone on shuffle the whole night which, not surprisingly, was a perfect fit.

Some of the most popular songs played and replayed throughout the night included:

So, overall, I can say my first time hosting a lesbian party was a huge success and a new found tradition that will surely repeat itself every weekend before Halloween. Did we throw an amazing party? Did we become legends? Did we throw a party where queer and straight women, and queer and straight men felt included? Sure! But what really made this party a success was that the next day everyone had “The L Word” theme song stuck in their heads. And to me, that’s what it truly means to be a great party host.