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Watch: ‘We Thought You’d Accept Us’ – powerful LGBT film from Africa

A new video from Atlantic Philanthropies shows that despite written law; tolerance and acceptance do not come easily to those living in Africa; and in particular South Africa.

It is common for many LGBT Africans to seek asylum and refuge in South Africa, where the constitution (put into effect in 1996 by the late President Nelson Mandela) promises equal rights to all.

However many refuges soon discovered (like many others in the country), that LGBT asylum seekers experience heightened harassment and violence.

This film was made in conjunction with the PASSOP organisation (People Against Suffering Oppression and Poverty) who are a dedicate group that work to provide support for gay refugees in Africa. This organisation works tirelessly to empower LGBT South Africans and advocate for their own rights.

With such barbaric practices against LGBT community continuing in other African countries, PASSOP has seen more LGBT asylum seekers coming to South Africa, with numbers arriving in Cape Town increasing from 20 each day to over 200.

For more background information on Atlantic’s work with LGBT rights, you can look at their case study examining the challenges queer South African youth face.