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LGBT Electro Pop Band Austra Back With New EP

One of last summer’s surprise hits was ‘Forgive Me’, an overtly lesbian song by Canadian electronic music band Austra. The album it came from, Olympia, was loved by critics and audiences alike. Now they’re back with a highly anticipated four-track EP entitled Habitat.

The group’s singer-songwriter, Katie Stelmanis, said: ‘The songs on Habitat didn’t seem to fit with Feel it Break or Olympia, so we decided to finally put it out as a single along with 3 new instrumental tracks. There’s a lot of live versions of the song online but people have always pressed us to make a proper recording, so we are especially excited to announce these limited-edition physical copies of the EP. It’s a Euro-style computer music experiment produced with love from me, Maya, and Dorian [the other members of Austra].’

Video director Matt Lambert told the press that Habitat ‘explores the fragile and tender moments of anxiety and anticipation that lead up to first intimate contact.’ Critics are already claiming that the new EP is a career best for this Toronto-based group.

In a recent interview, Stelmanis talked about contemporary artists she admired:

‘I have been so inspired by artists like Lorde, teenagers who are so much more comfortable in their own skin than I am. I come from a place where some dude in music actually told me that I didn’t have enough ‘hetero sex appeal’ to be a pro artist, and that really affected me way back when. It’s sometimes hard to see where I fit into the equation among so many female artists that double as fashion models, but having this new movement of women and teens who are championing a variety of bodies and flaws is really inspiring.’