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Watch | Touching Marriage Equality Ad Encourages Families to Vote ‘Yes’ for Irelands Equality Referendum

Irish LGBT youth and parents coalition are calling for a ‘Yes’ vote in the forthcoming marriage equality referendum in Ireland.

The referendum on marriage equality is only a few weeks away, and the new campaign focuses on encouraging people to talk to their family about the issue.

As polling day approaches, this newest ad asks people to make sure that they bring their family with them to vote on the day, and has a touching storyline in it too, just for good measure.

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Securing marriage equality is hugely important for LGBT young people, in particular,” said Mr. Barron.  “Too many LGBT young people experience difficult times growing up and know they don’t enjoy equal rights.  If marriage equality is not passed, we reconfirm to them that their all too common experiences of homophobic bullying and rejection are acceptable in Ireland.  This would be a devastating outcome. 

Many LGBT young people don’t have a voice because they’re still too young to vote but the outcome of this referendum will deeply affect their lives.  They really want their parents and older relatives to campaign for and vote ‘yes’.

The organisations involved in ‘BeLonG To YES’ will work together over the coming weeks to encourage young people to talk to their parents about supporting the referendum, and then have their parents talk to family, friends and colleagues to pass on that message.  We must not forget that this is a nationwide referendum and reaching out to people in rural areas is paramount, because it is in these communities that this referendum will be won.

Marriage equality affects not only today’s adults, but also today’s children and the children of the future. We are delighted, and we see it as very positive, that our ‘Yes’ campaign has the support of a large coalition of youth and children’s groups.

We have seven weeks to do right by our young people and ensure Ireland becomes a country where no young person has to suffer because of their sexuality.  Just imagine what will be possible for future generations of LGBT young people when their future begins with a resounding ‘yes’.”