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Wise Words From LGBT Seniors: ‘Be proud’ (Video)

In honour of LGBT Pride Month, Mashable visited the Midtown Manhattan location of SAGE (Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders) to chat with four LGBT elders about their experiences within the community.


Ageing members of the LGBT community are often overlooked and under appreciated within our modern movement, in favour of younger generations.

It’s rare we actually hear people who lived through our most profound periods — the Stonewall Riots, the HIV/AIDS crisis and countless other moments that led to major victories in LGBT rights.

From touching coming out stories to advice for LGBT youth today, these four folks had a lot to share — and we are more than happy to listen.

True Story…. 10 cartoons we can all relate too

I think all the ladies (and the men) can relate to these situations. These cartoons illustrate life events we can relate too.