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Dark Queer Comedy ‘Suicide Kale’ Is Now Available to Stream

The hottest movie on the festival circuit right now isn’t a slow-moving meditation like Boyhood or a heartbreaking look at masculinity like Moonlight.

Nope, it’s Suicide Kale, a low-budget homemade indie film made by a group of queer unemployed friends, shot in 5 days.

Let’s back up a little. How did a movie with a name like Suicide Kale even come about? Was it the product of someone’s bad experiences with garden vegetables?

A group of queer women watched Tangerine in the summer of 2015. Tangerine is remarkable not only because it’s about trans women, but also because it was shot on an iPhone, proving that expensive movie-making equipment isn’t always necessary. The friends, who were LA-based performers and writers, started asking themselves, “Why haven’t we made a movie yet?”

So they did. Powerhouse Brittani Nichols (of Hamilton the Podcast fame – is there anything this woman can’t do?) came up with the idea, wrote a barebones script and cast all of her friends.

Five days later, the film was entirely shot – with a $0 budget. For reference, Get Out is being hailed for being such an incredible low-budget film, shot for the low, low price of $4.5 million. The last Pirates of the Caribbean movie cost $410 million.

The film follows Jasmine and Penn, two friends whose cheery lunch turns into a tragedy when they “find an anonymous suicide note at the home of the happiest couple that they know.”

Based off that concept and the 30-page script that Brittani sketched, the actors improvised most of the script in order to create something that felt authentic to their queer experiences. They shot so much in 5 days that editing took 6 months. Now Suicide Kale is earning massive buzz on the festival circuit and is finally available for home viewing.

Learn more at the official website, catch it at an upcoming festival or grab it from Amazon.

Tellofilms Bring Us Another Awesome Lesbian Web Series ‘The List’ Ft Clementine Ford, Lindsay Hicks, Saffron Burrows, ‘The Real L Word’s’ Tracy Ryerson,

It doesn’t seem that long ago that The Real L Word first entered our lives and our screens.

For The L Word fans and new viewers alike, it definitively left a long-lasting impression. Unapologetic, fast-paced and real (was it though?), each of us had a favourite character. And one of mine was Tracy Ryerson, so I couldn’t be happier to announce that she will be back in our screens.

The nine-part web series, written by Kelleen Conway Blanchard, and produced and directed by Jillian Armenante, will focus on Chloe (Lindsay Hicks), a chef who is going through a rough patch with Mike (Josh Bitton ), her boyfriend.


Chloe’s a hopeless romantic and Mike is oblivious. After an innocent conversation with her best friend Winston ( James Evan Bonifant), on which celebrities would be on their “free pass list,” it’s revealed that Chloe wouldn’t mind dipping her toes in the lady pool, more specifically with Tina Max (played by the impeccable Saffron Burrows).


Distributed by tellofilms.com, The List is executive produced by Christin Baker who

This is a concept that I have been batting around for years and knew that Jillian and writer Kelleen were the perfect duo to bring it to life. I couldn’t have asked for a better cast to play these characters.”

Well, where does Ryerson fit into this show?


Well, we aren’t quite sure yet, but along side Ryerson, we have other L Word alumms joining the cast too. Does “I know that I’m still Gay 101, but I’m a really fast learner.” ring a bell?

Yep, that’s right, Clementine Ford is also in the show. She will also be joining the cast and although we are still not entirely sure how Ford’s or Ryerson’s characters will be like, or even how big of a role they will have on “The List”, I surely can’t wait to find out!

We can however expect well-written queer characters, since tello Films focuses on producing and distributing web-series with a lesbian focus and moreover, with a focus on authenticity and bringing forward stories and experiences not only about lesbians but also for lesbians. Tello Films has even mentioned “(…) that lesbian/queer characters are front and center.” Is this a dream?!

Tracy has even expressed how excited she is about this project: “I am so glad to be in another fun series on tellofilms.com. I think the tello audience will get a kick out of this series.”

The List premieres on the 2nd of October.

Will you be watching the return of both Tracy Ryerson and Clementine Ford to TV? We’ll keep you posted on The List.

Queer Films You Should Watch: Suicide Kale

Dashed through your summer reading list already? Cried in devastation one too many times over Orange Is the New Black? Fear not: we have a queer movie for you.

Suicide Kale is a rich and juicy gem of a movie, and one of the most exciting new films on our collective gaydar.


Making its rounds on the US film festival circuit since May, Suicide Kale has garnered attention for its vividly rendered, dark-comedy take on relationship troubles between women and the difficult conversations about mental health that happen in between bites of crisp kale at a seemingly perfect lunch party.

So why is it worth the watch? We all know Jasmine (Brittani Nichols) and Penn (Lindsay Hicks), the newly “one-month official” couple giddy in the throes of young love, and their counterparts Billie (Jasika Nicole) and Jordan (Brianna Baker), the five-years-married couple who throws cute salad parties in their adorable house.


But when Penny finds an anonymous suicide note, it throws everything that the couples thought they knew about each other’s relationships into doubt.


Featuring mostly women of color (with a background team of queer women), Suicide Kale treats its female characters as fully-formed beings for whom sexuality is a natural part of daily life, yet who deal with emotional angst as they grapple with the stresses of what it means to care for another person.

Check out Suicide Kale‘s official website or follow them on Facebook for up to the minute details about when and where you can watch the film.

Lesbian Dating Problems

From Twin dates, to ex-girlfriend interruptions, straight-girl dating, to Ladies with the same-name as you  – dating in the lesbian world can be a trick thing.

Brittany Ashley outlines the dilemmas of dating lesbians in this great new sketch. And check out cameos from a whole host of our favourite web-based lesbians – #hashtag‘s Caitlin Bergh & Laura Zak, The Better Half‘s Amy Jackson Lewis & Lindsay Hicks, and even AfterEllen‘s chief editor, Trish Bendix, gets a spot.

Afterellen Launches New Web Series – The Lphabet

Afterellen has launched a great new web series – ‘The Lphabet’ – which seeks to define the many terms, phrases and shorthands we all use to describe things that are unique to our lesbian community. They have brought together a fantastic cast of highly hilarious women (including ‘The Better Half”s Lindsay Hicks and Amy Jackson Lewis, Brittany Ashley, Ever Mainard, Faith Choyce, Fawzia Mirza, and Lianna Carrera), to explain and discuss all.

The first episode starts with the letter ‘A’ with the words selected being ‘androgynous’ and ‘ally’.

The Better Half – The Lesbian Web Series to Keep On Your Radar

If you haven’t been watching the web series The Better Half – start now, as it has been picked up by the cable network channel Pivot and will be aired TV in June.

Created by Leyla Perez and her girlfriend Christine Ng, and stars real life couple Lindsay Hicks and Amy Jackson Lewis, this series attempts to debunk the stereotypes of lesbian relationships. As you watch this couple attempt to get out of their comfort zone you will be reminded that ALL couples are a little crazy. It’s not just you and your girlfriend.


The Better Half is a new web series that follows a lesbian couple through the day to day hurdles that come with making a relationship work. Created by Leyla Perez and her girlfriend Christine Ng under the banner of their independent production company, The Verb Project, the series serves up original content and attempts to debunk stereotypes about lesbian relationships.

While it pokes fun at the cliches about lesbian relationships, it strikes a refreshing balance between that comedic lightness and the more poignant things that come with the ups and downs of any relationship.

Starring real life couple Lindsay Hicks and Amy Jackson Lewis, this series provides a heartening look at the struggles and complications faced by any couple in their quest to make their relationship work.

Watch episode one here…