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Lesbians Are Less Concerned About What Their Partners Wear Than Straight Women

According to a survey by British retailer Littlewoods, lesbians are less concerned about what their partners wear than straight women.

The survey showed 16% of women look to change their new girlfriend’s wardrobe – compared with almost 20% of women with a new boyfriend.

Around 28% straight women with a husband or long-term boyfriend confessed to making changes to his look.

However, only 16% of lesbians and bisexual women with a wife or long-term girlfriend made changes, and from this 25 to 34-year-olds were the biggest fashion gurus in a relationship and most likely to choose what their wife or girlfriend wore.

For those who do change their own style to please their partner, two thirds said they do it because they want their lover to find them as attractive as possible.

So the big questions are – would you change your style for your partner, new or old? Or would you expect them to make changes if you weren’t happy?