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Long Distance Relationships

LDR or long distance relationships happen when two individuals are in a committed relationship but live a long distance from each other and are unable to see each other but on special occasions.

People who have been hurt in the past in the twist of a bad breakup sometimes turn to web-dating to try to find someone who has suffered through the same experience(s) as them. Web dating is individuals connected through a website, and consistently talking and flirting due to a strong chemistry connection. For this to be effective you have to treat online dating just as you would face to face dating.

Long distance relationships may be difficult and could face some serious hardships if the two really just want to be in each other’s presence. However, it does give the relationship a good value when the two are physically together, because they cherish the time so much more than a normal relationship.

Most relationships that are long distance simply because they’re too difficult or they simply turn into a normal relationship when one individual is able to move closer to the other.

If this is not possible the two may visit each other on the weekends, or use vacation time to fly out and see their loved one.  It takes a lot of effort and time to make these relationships work.