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Sad, Powerful Ad for Same-Sex Marriage Shows You Wedding Memories That Were Never Made

For most, a wedding day is among the happiest moments in a person’s life, a milestone to look back on for years to come, which makes it all the more strange that people are still denied the right just because they love someone of the same sex.

Same-sex marriage is currently legal in Canada, as well as 36 states in the U.S., Washington, D.C., and some 15 other countries around the world. But with the U.S. Supreme Court currently hearing arguments on the constitutionality of other states’ bans on the right, the spot certainly makes for a timely reminder of what’s at stake.

Nobody’s Memories is a new ad from FCB for LGBT advocacy group PFLAG Canada, which imagines the joys missed by couples unable to legally marry in years past.

This is our tribute to all those in the past who were never allowed to marry by law – and to everyone who is still denied the right today. Share your love stories, wedding photos and videos on Instagram and Twitter with #lovemadelegal and let’s make gay marriage legal everywhere.”

They’re seen walking down the church steps to applause, piling into the wedding car, sharing a bite of cake at the reception, and the myriad other little images and traditions associated with the big day.

It’s a simple, powerful illustration of why the right to same-sex matters in societies that purport to pride themselves on ideals like freedom, equality and the pursuit of happiness.


Love Is Colourful | New Paint Ad From Brazil Shows That Love Comes In All Shapes And Colours

Zim Coloured Powder – which is a non-toxic, non-irritating, non-staining powder is often used at festivals – has created a new LGBT-oriented ad campaign that simply shows that love is something that can grow between people of all shapes, colours and sizes.

Both Gay, lesbian and heterosexual couples are all present in the ad campaign, ensuring that the multi-coloured message extends to the LGBT community as well.

The ad campaign was created in collaboration with Tuppi, a Brazilian advertising agency.

love-is-colorful-01 love-is-colorful-02 love-is-colorful-03

Love and Christmas. Or the lack of love at Christmas.

This Christmas has been very much a quiet one for me; each year for the past three years now I’ve gone through a break up by the time it gets to October and see each Christmas in single.

I’ve gotta say it’s getting rather boring! There would be nothing more I’d love than to wake up on Christmas morning with someone that I love. I miss buying presents for someone special. I miss not being able to spoil that one person and in a way I guess I miss being spoilt a little too!

It was a long build up this year of attempting to make myself feel Christmassy. I went to London a few weeks ago to watch Michael McIntyre’s Very Christmassy Christmas Show being recorded for BBC1, which aired on Christmas Day. I forced myself to get the Christmas tree down from the loft early. I even dressed myself as an elf for work one night.

But alas, nothing was working.

I walked round with a face like thunder, tutting and grimacing at those couples sickeningly happy in love, did a last minute dash around the shops on Christmas Eve eve, to buy presents for family, which resulted in more gift cards than gifts. I bought Christmas cards for nobody, and even wrapped my mums presents in her own wrapping paper.

Next year I will do better. Really.

And even when it came to Christmas Day, the ONLY day, that one day of the year when it is acceptable to pour an alcoholic drink at 10.30am and nobody bats an eyelid… No, I couldn’t even be bothered to take advantage of that.

Bah humbug.

So I went out with friends on Christmas Day night, and by 1am I have to say I was feeling much more Christmassy, probably due to the alcohol. I even wore a shirt. I bought a drink for a girl at the end of the bar who didn’t even glance in my direction, although she may have, but I think sambuca was involved by that point, so I couldn’t honestly tell you. Maybe I shouldn’t have worn the shirt.

And so I toddled off home rather merry and crashed out. The end.

So now Christmas is over, I’m genuinely looking forward to the new year! Well, apart from the part where I have to work on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Standard.

Career wise, 2015 is looking as though it may shape up quite nicely. There are lots of little projects in the pipeline and I’m open to where they may take me.

I would love to (and need to) quit the cigarettes! Something I’m finding rather a challenge after 17 years, as I also now find walking up a steep hill!

Working on my back fat. Love handles. Whatever you wish to call them.

And of course, if I could find someone to see next Christmas through with, that would be a bonus! And potentially help with the love handles.

Question – Is There Such a Thing as Soul Mates?

A soul mate is supposed to be that one person you were destined to be with. A partner who is your perfect fit. Is there such a thing?

Just where did this notion come from? It originally originated from ancient mythology. Apparently the gods were mad at humans and split us into two parts. Whoever did not find the other half was doomed to a loveless life. That does not sound very healthy does it? It is easy to disregard this as a childish myth with no basis.

The skeptics point out that if you’re waiting for a person to magically complete you there is a good chance you’ll be waiting for a long time indeed.

Start making connections with the people around you who have the qualities you are looking for. Waiting for someone who feels right is playing with fire. Relationships should not be solely built on feelings. When the butterflies in the stomach are gone and the storms come the union won’t stand the test.

On the other hand there are numerous couples who swear they have found their soul mates. They bonded together so quickly and perfectly it just had to be fate. They didn’t believe in soul mates but now they do. It feels like they have known each other for hundreds of years. It was meant to be. Their relationship is a perfect evidence of this fact.

This is definitely confusing, isn’t it? So is there such a thing as soul mates? Well, it depends on you. If you meet a person and sparks fly and she’s just perfect, you’ve found your soul mate. But if the person you meet isn’t magical yet she has the traits and characteristics you’re looking for, don’t shy away. True love is a combination of feelings, facts, good choices and a splash of magic.

Food for thought…
soulmates-03 soulmates-02



6 Signs You Are in a Serious Relationship

If this was a perfect world relationships would be easy. Two people would meet, date and if everything went according to plan they would commit to each other.

Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world and it can be quite confusing knowing exactly in which phase a relationship is in. How do you tell if your once casual relationship is now a serious relationship?

Personal items – If your partner is leaving her stuff in your house and you are okay with it. Then this is a sign that the relationship has taken a turn to the serious side. The more important the items the more serious the relationship is. A sure sign is if you have exchanged keys to each other’s apartments.

Family and friends – If you regularly hang out with her friends and family. They even seem to think that if they tell one of you something it’s like telling both of you. Do you go out with your partner’s friends or family without her being around? You are in a serious relationship.

The four letter word – If you often use “I love you” in your conversations then you’re definitely not in a casual relationship.

Honesty – You each other absolutely everything. You have this urge to describe your day’s events and you don’t leave anything out.

Facebook/twitter – Your relationship status is “in a relationship”. Half of the photos are of the two of you. You are comfortable with everyone knowing about her. You regularly receive friend requests from her friends. You are part of her life, the world knows it.

Likes and dislikes – You start listening to the songs she likes. Those slow love songs don’t sound so awful now. The same case applies to food, restaurants and television shows. You are now enjoying what they like and disliking what they hate. This is inevitable when two people stay together for a long time.


How to trust again after being cheated on

So how do you to trust again after being cheated on? It can be very hurtful when someone you care and trust cheats on you. This is especially true if you never saw it coming. The shock and disappointment you get can be quite traumatizing. How do you learn to trust again after such an ordeal?

Learn from it – Everything has a good and bad side to it. It is how we choose to look at it that differs. Choose to look at your partner’s betrayal as a learning experience. Were you too trusting too fast? Did you open yourself too deep? Were you naïve? Ask constructive questions that will help you in the future.

Be emotional – Let it out. Be angry and even shed some tears.  Keeping it all bottled up in you will only make you feel bitter. Vomit it out by writing your feelings in a letter or a journal. Read the writings when you are ready.

Be patient – Give yourself time to heal. What you have been through has been a shock. You will need some time to heal, regain your focus and balance. Afterwards you can trust again. Do not jump into a new relationship too soon. You are not ready.

Don’t try to understand it – Do not try to rationalize or understand why your partner cheated. They did what they did and you can’t change that. Going over every little detail trying to look for the reason why they cheated is ill advised.

Do not blame yourself – If anyone is to blame, it’s the one who cheated on you. It was not your fault.

Talk to someone – Look for a close friend or family member and share your experience. Be angry, be heartbroken. Talk about how painful it all is and how betrayed you feel. Talking to someone else will ease the bitterness and make the whole episode seem surmountable.

Look forward – You are wiser and more experienced now. You will get over this and the future looks bright. Do not sit and moan for too long. Make plans for the future, look forward to something new, even someone new. It is a new day.