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Macy Gray vs Jessie J – Two ‘Bang Bang’ Singles to Consider This Week

On the very same day that Jessie J, Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande released their musical menage-a-trois ‘Bang Bang’ – so did Macy Gray release her single of the same name. We love it!

Thankfully, the 2 songs have nothing in common and sound very different.

Yet Macy’s ‘Bang Bang’ leaves us with a sweet smile. The music video for ‘Bang Bang’ starts out innocent enough: drinking, dancing, and poker. Then things quickly escalate until two people are dead. Oops?

‘I wanted to create a record that reflects who I’ve become as a woman, mother and artist. This album is very personal to me. I want my fans to understand the place where I’m at in life and feel inspired by my music because it’s relatable.’

Macy Gray

And before long she is flirting with and kissing another female partygoer.

“That was the director’s idea. But you know she’s fun, she’s a friend of mine. She’s a model, so I’d have kissed her either way, you know? Boy, girl — whatever!”

Macy Gray

Macy has been an LGBT ally throughout her career and has played several gay venues and events.

“I just found that mostly in particular, gay audiences really know how to go a show. They really know how to party and you know, I don’t know if your sexual preference decides what kind of music you like, but I just know it’s always supercharged like when we just did a couple of Pridefests this last summer. So I’m excited about that, you know, and I think you know there’s this desire to party and hear great music and great art and that’s the gay and lesbian community, you know?”

Macy Gray

What we have to always remember is Macy is a multi-award winning, multi-platinum selling singer, songwriter, actress and mother of three – who has been overturning fan expectation and industry formula since the beginning of her musical career in 2000. She has had a colourful career that includes multiple Grammy, Billboard, MTV and BRIT Awards, and record sales of over 25 million worldwide. Her style is now classic – transcends genres, from experimental soul and alternative rock, to retro-disco and hip-hop.

The new single has the same jazzy, sultry sound Macy is known for, complete with her signature raspy voice. And it is certainly nothing like the other ‘Bang Ban’.

Watch the video for Gray’s “Bang Bang” below, featuring record-breaking swimmer Diana Nyad.

Also the audio for Jessie J, Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande’s single ‘Bang Bang’