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Maria Bello is an internationally renowned actor, activist, and author. She has won numerous awards for her acting and in 2009 she was voted one of Variety Magazine’s most powerful women in Hollywood for her activism. She has recently written in book titled “Whatever Love is Love” which was inspired by her essay, “Coming Out as a Modern Family”. The article was about how to tell her son that she had fallen in love with a woman. The column started a worldwide conversation about how many of the labels we all know and use are simply out dated today. Partnership, career, love, sexuality, all of these aspects of life are fluid now. We no longer fit into the tidy little boxes, and neither do our lives. Questioning those labels is at the heart of Whatever…Love is Love.

Showbiz’s Late Lesbians

It takes some lesbians a little bit of time to figure out that they are lesbians. Their suspicions might start with a few “signs” at school – they don’t fancy boys and/or they might feel attracted to a best female mate. Intolerant friends and family might dissuade them from expressing…