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In ‘Raven’s Touch’ Two Women Find Love as They Cope With Grief

Grief is an odd little thing in that everyone deals with it differently. Some people just want to retreat, close themselves off and deal with it by themselves, getting by the best that they can. While others smother it with human contact, ignoring it and spend time with friends and family, hoping that the worst of it passes.

ravens touch 02 ravens touch 01

In new lesbian film Raven’s Touch, both of these things are reflected.

Dreya Weber (who wrote the film and co-produced/co-directed it with Marina Rice Bader) stars as Raven, a woman who has unfortunately just lost her niece and so she is now living alone in the wilderness.

It’s her own personal retreat and so understandably, the dynamic shifts when Kate (played by Traci Dinwiddie) rolls into town with her two children.

After getting out of a relationship with Angela (played by Nadège August) who is described as a ‘toxic’ woman with a violent streak, Kate and her children have come to this campsite (that was owned by Kate’s grandfather) in order to get away and just spend some time together as a family.

ravens touch 03 ravens touch 04


Raven doesn’t exactly give them the warmest of welcomes and from the trailer, it looks as though the two are anything but abrasive to one another.

But instead of butting heads for 90 minutes, viewers eventually see how Kate and Raven fall for each other, dealing with the things that trouble them and letting them go in order to be happy.

Speaking to AfterEllen, Dreya explains that

… if we can intervene on our own behalf when we are suffering grief and let others in, then we can be healed”

and that part of the inspiration behind Raven was her brother who was diagnosed with HIV and has the “instinct to want to crawl into a corner and isolate”. But ultimately, “we need people” to help us cope, she says.

Raven’s Touch had its premiere in August, visit the film’s Facebook page for more information on how you can see it.

Exclusive Interview with Marina Rice Bader, Lesbian Filmmaker

Tom Sykes: Your new film Anatomy of a Love Seen is about a stormy lesbian relationship. Were you consciously trying to deal with the kinds of challenges that come up in a lesbian relationship or were you just trying to tell a story that happened to have two lesbians at its centre?

Marina Rice Bader: When it comes to relationships women are so very different from men because women have a tendency to engage on every level, if you will. The story is about how nobody can walk away from a lesbian relationship without this rollercoaster of emotions: pain and resentment and bitterness and compassion and love.

TS: Is it a story that’s therefore specifically aimed at lesbians or is there something for everyone?

MRB: I’m not sure if there’s something for every man but there’s something for every woman because even in a straight relationship women want openness and passion and communication and depth of feeling. I think all women have the potential to go where the characters in my movie go.

TS: Anatomy of a Love Seen has an intriguing film-within-a-film conceit. The two characters meet and fall in love while they are acting on a fictional movie set. What inspired that?

MRB: My favourite movies take me to a different time or place, to a world I’m not familiar with. So when I was writing this movie I wondered where I could take an audience? Most people don’t get to experience a movie set. I also liked the notion of two people falling in love at exactly the same time in front of a camera and twenty or thirty people.

Many of us go through a heart-wrenching break-up and we never get the chance to see or touch our ex again. So I was interested in what might happen if these two lovely women went through a break-up and then were not only in the same room together but were back in bed kissing each other. Would that connection transcend all the problems of the break-up in the first place? Would it be a healing measure?

TS: Most independent filmmakers find it hard to fund their projects. Was it difficult to finance Anatomy of a Love Seen?

MRB: It was a very short process. I decided I was going to make the movie in December 2013 and I had it completely filmed by the end of January 2014. We had a two-week pre-prep and we shot over the course of 5 days which is pretty nuts! But I really wanted to make this film and I called an investor I knew who put up the whole budget: $70,000. The financial restrictions forced me to be more creative because I had to work hard to give people a wonderful film with high production values and the best acting possible, but for not much money. Luckily I found an amazing cast and crew who were willing to come on this crazy ride with me!

TS: What’s your estimation of the current state of lesbian cinema?

MRB: It’s hard enough to fund an indie film but funding a lesbian indie film is very very challenging. Most people still view it as a niche market. When people invest in a film they want to know how many people will see it and whether or not they’ll get their money back. Personally I don’t want to compromise what I’m doing to make bigger budget films, but luckily there are a lot of people who have the same interests as me and who want to get these movies made come hell or high water.

I think we will start to see more films with lesbian content and mainstream budgets, although maybe not in the near future. I’m quite hopeful about this upcoming movie Carol, starring Cate Blanchett, which is based on the classic lesbian novel The Price of Salt.

But it’s a double-edged sword. If big studios start making lots of lesbian films that may jeopardise my company, Soul Kiss Films, which exclusively makes lesbian movies. That said, as long as I keep on trucking and stay passionate, it won’t matter who the competition is.

TS: Although our societies seem to be getting more and more tolerant, have you ever experienced any prejudice or bigotry against you or other LGBTs in the film industry?

MRB: I think the industry here is very tolerant. I feel so blessed to live in Los Angeles and to belong to the LGBT community. I had the luxury of entering this community at the age of 52 when I was already confident and didn’t care what people thought of me.

Now people know that we LGBTs are here and we’re staying here so just frigging deal with it! Get out your history books and look at the freedoms our Constitution guarantee us!

TS: Where can we see the film when it comes out?

MRB: Our world premiere is on July 18th in LA and the film will be available worldwide the next day on our website www.anatomyofaloveseen.com.

Marina Rice Bader to Make Directorial Debut at LA’s Outfest 

Writer/director Marina Rice Bader (Exec. Producer of Elena Undone, A Perfect Ending) will make her directorial debut at the 32nd Annual Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival with the world premiere of her feature film ‘Anatomy of a Love Seen’.

Outfest is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organisation that promotes equality by creating, sharing, and protecting LGBT stories on the screen. They officially announced the complete programming lineup for thier 32nd LGBT Film Festival.

Bader’s lesbian-themed feature film will be screening Friday July 18th at The Directors Guild of America in West Hollywood, CA. The premiere will be followed by an exclusive cocktail reception after-party with the entire cast and crew.

As the driving force behind Soul Kiss Films, her own independent film company, Bader’s mind and artistic direction is only focused on one goal: to create evocative, entertaining, and compelling movies by women, for women and about women. And she’s already successfully planting the seeds to do just that with ‘Anatomy of a Love Seen’ and the upcoming ‘Raven’s Touch’.

‘Anatomy of a Love Seen’ staring Sharon Hinnendael, Jill Evyn and Constance Brenneman, is a film within a film that explores love in all its painful and messy glory. The story takes us back six months, when actresses Zoe (Sharon Hinnendael) and Mal (Jill Evyn) fell for each other at exactly the same moment in time while filming a love scene.

After five blissful months together Zoe was decimated when Mal walked away. Three miserable weeks later a very lucrative network broadcast deal was in the works. They only had one request…re-shoot the love scene. Welcome to the set. Shot in five days, this improvised film based on Bader’s story, characters and outline fulfilled her desire to create a very organic and visceral experience.

Watch The Trailer for Upcoming Lesbian Film, Anatomy of a Love Seen

Watch the trailer for the upcoming lesbian film, “Anatomy of a Love Seen”. The film has been written and directed by Marina Rice Bader.

Marina Bader is the driving force behind independent film company – Soul Kiss Films, whose aim is to make movies by and for women.  Projects include Elena Undone, which is already one of the best selling movies in its genre. The second project was the stunning A Perfect Ending, which was submitted to the Sundance Film Festival.

Watch The Trailer for Anatomy of a Love Seen (courtesy of OML)

Premiering this summer – details coming soon.


Love remarkable…

Naked, in bed, and surrounded by a room full of people, Zoe and Mal fell deeply in love with each other at exactly the same moment in time.  The circumstances were unusual, but love can sneak up on you anywhere.  This just happened to be on a movie set, while filming a love scene, with an audience of crew members…and the moment was captured on film.  The movie’s director Kara thought it miraculous, given the fact that the name of her film was “A Love Seen”.

Love brutal…

Five months later, with an Alexander Payne film in the can, rising star Zoe was living the life she’d worked for since age 13.  She always had big dreams, and never wavered in her faith that they would be realized.  At the top of the list was marriage and kids, which now seemed closer than ever.  The night of the Alexander Payne wrap party Zoe was giddy, joyous, walking on air – until Mal disappeared from the party, and then from her life.  The email simply said “I can’t do this, I’m sorry.”

Love ironic…

During filming, Kara had taken Zoe under her maternal wing both professionally and personally, so when Zoe’s world came crashing down it was Kara’s couch she landed on.  After the shock wore off, the calls and messages to Mal went unanswered, and the unnerving anger passed, Zoe did little but cry and sleep for three weeks.  It was somewhere in week four that Kara delivered the news she had been sitting on for days, waiting for the right time, waiting for Zoe to get stronger.  There was a broadcast deal in the works, one that would greatly benefit everyone involved with the project.  There was just one thing that had to be done…re-shoot the love scene.