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Is Family Guy’s Meg Griffin About To Come Out As Lesbian?

Speaking about some of the show’s criticisms, Alec Sulkin has revealed how he plans to explore some of the more thinly-written characters in the animated sitcom, which includes potentially revealing Meg’s true sexuality.


In an interview with Splitsider, Alec said:

There’s one story we have, it’s by no means final, but it would involve Meg coming out as a lesbian.’

Alec pointed out that aspects of her identity have been hinted at in the past, such as her pretending to be lesbian for social acceptance in Brian Swings and Sings.

And in futuristic saga Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story, during the episode ‘Stu and Stewie’s Excellent Adventure’, it’s revealed Meg will transition after attending college and become known as Ron.

Sulkin added.

It would be interesting how we might handle both of those story lines. Sometimes, we do things that go against continuity. We try to explain it, but sometimes, if it doesn’t fit in, we tend to make a joke about it.”