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12 Times Amy Poehler Chilling At The Emmys Created The Perfect Meme For All Of Life’s Problems

For those who missed it, on Sunday night Poehler lost to Julia Louis-Dreyfus for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

As the nominees were listed, the camera focused on Poehler and found her chilling in the audience, rocking a pair of sunglasses and a grey hoodie sweatshirt.

Amy Poehler Chilling 01

From the body language to the facial expression, Amy has created the perfect meme platform to encapsulate every women’s struggles.


1. For those Mondays after a crazy weekend:


2. For when you were a minor:

Amy Poehler Chilling 15

3. For when it’s time to talk to Grandma:

Amy Poehler Chilling 02

4. For those early morning commutes:

Amy Poehler Chilling 03

5. For when you’re trying to be sneaky but fail:

Amy Poehler Chilling 05

6. For when you’re asked that dreaded question:

Amy Poehler Chilling 06

7. For when your mum is trying to be serious:

Amy Poehler Chilling 08

8. For those times you spent a little too much money:

Amy Poehler Chilling 09

9. For when you realise you’re the only single person left:

Amy Poehler Chilling 10

10. For when that moment of relisiation:

Amy Poehler Chilling 11

11. For when you’re not ready to have a certain conversation:

Amy Poehler Chilling 12

12. And finally, for when those times you have a major realisation:

Amy Poehler Chilling 14

A Line From ‘Orphan Black’ Just Became the Internets Best Ever Lesbian Meme

As we all know, season 3 of Orphan Black is underway, and has us all crazy with anticipation.

In the last episode, Cosima — as Alison Hendrix — almost outs herself to a room of suburban moms while making a school trustee campaign speech.

Orphan Black Meme 01 Orphan Black Meme 02 Orphan Black Meme 03

Orphan Black fans on Tumblr quickly took the scene and ran with it.

But they were not the alone.

Soon, the floodgates were opened and no show was safe: