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New Rainbow Underwear Lets You Save the World One Thong at a Time

In June, which is Pride month, corporations start becoming vocal about their commitment to LGBT rights. Often, for June only, they make Pride-themed items and donate a portion of the proceeds to charity.

We won’t pretend that they do it out of the goodness of their heart. Corporations realized, a long time ago, that the “pink economy” is a thriving resource of money that they can tap into with a rainbow sticker. If they really cared about LGBT rights, they would donate proceeds to human rights organizations year-round, instead of just in June.

But hey, at least they’re doing it. So for one month, you can feel good about buying things that you might not necessarily need, like rainbow Smirnoff vodka or #betrue Nike sneakers.

And…high-end underwear?

MeUndies prides itself on being a high-end yet affordable underwear brand whose products contour themselves to your specific shape, for maximum comfort. EliteDaily calls them the “ultimate feel good underwear.”

MeUndies Creative Director Andrew Teague says that last year, he was struck with an intense desire to be part of LA Pride. In the past, his company often handed out free underwear during Pride. That was fun but they wanted to do more. Right after Pride 2016, in the wake of the Pulse shooting, he and his team began working on their largest campaign to date. After a year, their big project is finally ready for launch.

The pro-LGBT “Celebrate Yourself” underwear is here. Each pair is white with rainbow-colored polka dots. For every pair sold, MeUndies will donate $1 to the LA LGBT Center, which is the world’s largest organization for LGBT health and advocacy.

The LA LGBT Center gets 70% of its funding from federal grants. However, with the Trump administration threatening to slash funding, organizations like them are in trouble, which means that this MeUndies campaign will be a great boost. And if MeUndies keeps selling the underwear after Pride month is over, then that will be even better for their bottom line.

Try on your own snug pair at the official website.