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Saffron Burrows Enters Secret Sapphic Love Affair On ‘Mozart in the Jungle’

Out actress Saffron Burrows is currently playing New York Symphony cellist Cynthia in Amazon Prime’s Mozart in the Jungle.

And in season 2, she’ll be entering into a new spicy relationship with a new character Nina (played by Gretchen Mol).

The story is, Cynthia and her fellow musicians are being represented by a union lawyer Nina; who makes her interest in Cynthia clear from the beginning, praising how beautiful she is.

Thankfully, the attraction is mutual, and Cynthia and Nina engage in a secret affair.

Saffron Burrows and Gretchen Mol

Saffron Burrows and Gretchen Mol  03

Last season, there were glimpses of Cynthia’s bisexuality in a flashback scene, but she was otherwise involved with men.

Saffron Burrows and Gretchen Mol 02

This season, her relationship with Nina is full of passion, and both Burrows and Mol have great chemistry.

If you haven’t watched Season 1, it is also available on Amazon, and will give you more insight into the central characters and their relationships to one another.