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Sting’s Daughter Says She Never Had To Come Out To Her Parents Because “No One Ever Asked”

Sting’s daughter Eliot Sumner has opened up about her sexuality for the first time in a recent interview, after revealing she is dating a girl.

Sumner – whose mother is actress and producer Trudie Styler – also revealed she does not identify with a particular gender.

The 25 year old, who has been in a relationship with Lucie Von Alten for two years, says she had never felt the need to come out to her parents because “no one had ever asked”.

Talking to ES Magazine, she said

They knew already. So I didn’t need to. I’ve never come out to anyone. My friends always knew and I always knew,”

Eliot Sumner 01

The musician and model went on to explain that she does not identify with a particular gender, adding:

I don’t believe in any specifications. I think forever I was trying to figure out maybe – what I am. But I don’t think anyone should feel pressured to have any kind of label or tag on them.

We should treat everybody the same. Me, I don’t like to be put down to a specific thing. We’re all human beings.”

Sumner also discussed her insecurities, saying she had struggled with everything from “sexuality, to the way I looked, to who I was, where I come from.”

She also admitted to feeling added pressure due to her famous heritage.

Eliot Sumner 02

I think I’ll always be in the shadow of my parents. But that’s OK. Everyone has a challenge. If I’m proud of the music I am making, that’s all I can ask for. If I put it out into the world, it’s not up to me any more.”

Eliot released her début album The Constant under the band name I Blame Coco in 2010, and is set to make a return to the charts next year with a new record titled Information.

X-Factor’s Lucy Spraggan Announces Engagement to Her Girlfriend

Former X Factor contestant Lucy Spraggan, has announced her engagement to her girlfriend Georgina Gordon.

Out singer proposed to girlfriend Georgina Gordon during a romantic boat trip down the Thames yesterday, and broke the news with a gorgeous snap on Instagram accompanied by the caption: “I guess I’ll confirm the rumours… Love you all.”


It was also the day her new single, titled Unsinkable, was released.

In 2012 Spraggan took part in the British version of the X Factor. She was one of the favourites to win the competition but had to leave the show after taking out a few weeks of the live shows because she fell ill.

Spraggan said she hoped X Factor would help her find someone

Ani DiFranco New Album ‘Allergic to Water’ Due Oct. 14

The activist, feminist and songwriter, Ani Difranco, is poised to release her 20th full-length album, “Allergic to Water,” on Oct 14th on Righteous Babe Records – an independent label she started in 1990.

‘Allergic to Water’ started when Difranco was six months pregnant with her son, Dante (her second child). She then concluded the album six months after his birth.

The Album is blend genre – jazz, soul, folk and electronic elements, among other influences. It is moody and low key, intriguingly producing a Vinyl-sound via digital recording.

DiFranco has never been afraid to take chances nor speak (sing) her mind.

Speaking wit USA Today she said…

“We recorded it in two four-day sessions, one while I was six and a half months pregnant (I swear i can hear how my voice sounds different in those tracks), and one a year later while I was nursing a six month old. The songs come very much up out of that inward cocoon that a new baby creates and reflect the gifts and the strains of the journey. Because the new babe is so high-maintenance (Welcome to parenting a boy! say my knowing friends) I pretty much mixed and produced this one myself, after years of working very closely with my ace record-producing husband, Mike Napolitano.

Mostly I worked alone in headphones, in the wee hours, while my family slept. It was empowering but terrifying to have the buck stop with me again in terms of the mixes. The recordings are documents of my current touring band (recorded by Mike in our old Victorian house and also by Andy Taub at a nearby church in the Treme) just laying down the songs. Many also feature a couple of very choice special guests.

My killer band these days consists of bassist and composer Todd Sickafoose, who not only brings an always wonderful and unexpected counterpoint to my guitar with his bass playing, but is also my secret weapon in terms of production – overdubbing atmospherics and embellishments that add depth and color to the stories I tell.

My drummer is Terence Higgins, a New Orleans native, who brings that deeply funky pocket that makes me smile so wide, yet all-the-while listening through to the whole picture and really making music with his instrument, not just rhythms. Though most of Terence’s musical incarnations have him playing drum kit, this record really features his hand-percussion prowess – like the congas on See See See See, the Mardi Gras Indian style tambourine on Genie – he nailed it every time.

And speaking of New Orleans, the incredible Ivan Neville joins the band on a good number of these tunes and, like Todd, has a way of elevating and deepening (does that make sense?) the proceedings every time. Ivan sunk his funky footprint into the mud ofDithering and brought a steamy shimmer to Tr’w. he provides the perfect soulful response in Happy All the Time and rides shotgun to my guitar in the drag race ofCareless Words. I’m also quite psyched and fortunate that Ivan is going to join my band on tour this fall and help bring these songs to life on stage.

The other prominent and very special guest is violinist Jenny Scheinman, a long-time cohort of Todd’s and a more recent friend of mine. Jenny opened a bunch of shows for me last spring and we had such a blast hanging out and jamming together that I just had to get her on this new record. She joins the Greek chorus of my bullet-mic choir and also steps out and takes the lead in a few songs with her vivid and magical playing.

Beyond them, there is really just my friend and sometimes band member Mike Dillon playing triangle on one track, and Matt Perrine, a New Orleans sousaphonist at-large, plays a dang tuba solo on Harder Than It Needs To Be, cuz every country song needs a tuba (technically sousaphone) solo! Am I right?”

Ani Difranco