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Hayley Kiyoko Stars in Her Own Queer Love Story In New Music Video

In the video for her new single, Feelings, Hayley Kiyoko dances her way into the heart (or at least grabs the attention) of a woman she meets while out on the town one night with her friends.

Kiyoko, who identifies as part of the LGBTQ community, has regularly infused queer themes and subject matter in her music and videos since she burst onto the scene two years ago with the hit Girls Like Girls.

Last year she released a clip for the song One Bad Night featuring trans YouTube star Erin Armstrong.

Talking about the video, Kiyoko explained

Feelings is super special to me because I think a lot of people can relate to the emotions that are brought on by being completely hooked on someone. I wanted to write an anthem celebrating these feelings, as opposed to suppressing them like society often makes people do in today’s dating scene.”

We have feelings, we get involved, and sometimes we can’t control it. After all, we’re human. I am thrilled about this release and excited for everyone to get the first taste of what’s to come from my album next year, not to mention I had a blast shooting and directing this video, which was all done in one take – something I’ve never done before.”

Feelings is the first single from Kiyoko’s upcoming debut album.

For more information on Kiyoko, visit her official website.

Selena Gomez Plays A Teen Struggling With Her Sexuality In New ‘Bad Liar’ Music Video

Selena Gomez has released the music video for her new track Bad Liar, which she had been teasing for a couple of days.

In the video, Gomez takes on four different roles: that of a young closeted schoolgirl in the ’70s, a guy who seems to be the school principal, the mother, and a cheerful blonde gym teacher.

Throughout the video, shy Gomez keeps looking over hopefully at gym teacher Gomez. She’s in love with her, but so is does principal Gomez.

By the end of the 3 minutes and 52 seconds video, she’s shown caressing a picture of gym teacher that she keeps hidden underneath her pillow.

The whole thing is super twisted but once fans get the message, it’s pretty incredible.

After executive producing 13 Reasons Why and now seeing this video, it seems like Selena is really pushing for her fans to have important conversations with their parents whether it be about their sexuality, about depression or really anything else that they might be scared to bring up.

#LesbianAnthem Gives A Voice to Queer Indians

Being queer anywhere is far from easy. For example, in India, despite the increasingly liberal young population, many people still hold relatively conservative views. Arranged marriages are common, the caste system has not completely disappeared, and heterosexuality is the presumed norm.

Queer rights activist Malini Jeevarathnam takes a stand against this homophobia with her film, Ladies and Gentlewomen, which documents the lives, deaths and suicide attempts among lesbians in India. The controversial film is bringing India’s queer community to light.

But Jeevarathnam knows that not everyone will want to watch an entire film. And even if they want to, censorship, Internet access and monetary funds can prevent them. Since she wants to spread her message as far as possible, she commissioned a songwriter to write something that captures the essence of Ladies and Gentlewomen, but which can be shared worldwide: a music video titled #LesbianAnthem.

The song follows two lesbian couples in love. The first couple lives in the city – they’re what you could call liberal or modern. The second couple is much more traditional. They’re confined to the rural region of Tamil Nadu, but their traditional surroundings do not prevent them from getting a happy ending.

Jeevaratham was heartbroken when she found out that many Indian lesbians couldn’t relate to traditional pop or Bollywood songs. #LesbianAnthem finally gives them a song that documents their experiences. She enlisted composer Justin Prabhakaran and Kutti Revati, a love poet. Jeevarthnam had only one direction for Revati: “Keep the lyrics simple, uncomplicated and cheerful.”

You never know what will happen to a song like this after you release it to the general public. Macklemore’s Same Love inspired queer people across the United States to come out, comforted by the fact that a mainstream white rapper was affirming their existence, or something. But a 2016 cover of Same Love in Kenya left the creators terrified, facing death threats and eventually forced to flee the country.

So what will the reaction be in India? Only time will tell. In the meantime, check out the song for yourself.

See Why Kristen Stewart’s Wild Rolling Stones Music Video Is A Must Watch

For her latest role, Kristen Stewart is taking a walk – or rather, a ride – on the wild side, as the freewheeling star of The Rolling Stones‘ latest music video.

The track, a cover of Eddie Taylor’s 1955 song “Ride ‘Em On Down,” is the first single off their new blues cover album, Blue and Lonesome, their first studio album in a decade.


In the video, Stewart spends most of her time zipping around an eerily empty Los Angeles in a bright blue vintage Mustang GT, stopping only to dance like crazy at a gas station.


Amid canted angles, Stewart evokes the Stones tongue symbology; she licks a blue lollipop and cruises past skyscrapers, one of which boasts the tongue on its roof.
The piece was directed by François Rousselet, who has recently helmed videos for Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea.

Ride ‘Em On Down,” which the Stones originally recorded in 1955, is the band’s first single in more than a decade. It also marks their 25th studio album.

‘Rooms’ New Music Video ‘Stars Beyond’ Is A Story About Falling Out Of Love (Video)

This visually stunning and clever video, directed by Rory Pearson, is the latest release from Australian pop duo, Rooms. The emotional story clearly hits the turmoil felt when a relationship has come to an end and communication, attraction and understanding is lost.

When asked about the video Rooms said:

Pearson wanted the music video to tap into the thoughts and feelings you experience when you feel a relationship is slipping away; with that inherent fear of loss that creeps in slowly and consumes your thoughts. The end of a relationship, whether you simply grow apart or lose attraction for one another is one of the hardest emotional roads to navigate.”

The song itself entwines perfectly within the film and the lyrics are as haunting and as emotional as the video itself. The pain the two protagonists are feeling in the film is obvious and Rooms stated:

All the normal signals and signs from your partner become muddled and communication begins to deteriorate”

This psychedelic pop duo are extremely talented and have produced an amazing combination of film and music which together creates a stunning and clever piece of art. Definitely worth watching.

Swedish Pop Star Releases Lesbian Themed Single: ‘Smoke Weed Eat P***y’

A new track by pink haired trap-hop singer Ängie has left many music listeners in a state of shook.

Titled, Smoke Weed Eat P***y, the three and a half minute track is all about getting naked and having a good time with women.


I smoke weed and eat pussy every day, and every day is kind of the same. I have fun and I feel no shame, I smoke weed and eat pussy every day.

I smoke weed eat pussy all the time, straight or gay they all stand in line. It doesn’t really matter, I don’t know what to say, they got a thing for my ass and I’m here to play.”

Explaining the meaning of the song, Ängie ventured:

The song itself is about slutting around after my first girlfriend… I thought I was gay and got really grossed out by dicks.”

And it’s great to hear that the track is currently storming the Spotify Viral Chart in Sweden, because of course it is.

Keke Palmer’s New Song Highlights A Sexist Double Standard About Cheating

‘To change the thoughts of men, it takes a real woman to reverse his psychology’ reads the opening message in Keke Palmer‘s new video for Reverse Psychology.


The track features a role reversal similar to Beyoncé’s If I Were a Boy, in which Palmer asks her cheating boyfriend how he would feel if she used the same excuses.

What if I told you I was out loving another man? What if I told you it didn’t mean a thing? / What if I told you that I loved you so, but these hoes, I can’t let go? / Could you handle all the things that you told me? / How about some reverse psychology?”


Talking to Billboard, Palmer explained about the underlying meaning of the song.

I think for me, especially with the continuation of my shadow kids, it’s all about awareness.” She adds, “I think, while staying true to myself and whatever my current disposition is, it’s important for me to display consciousness or the process of being aware of your thoughts as a young person. Whether it be abstract or actual or both.” Her “shadow kids” were first introduced in her “Enemiez” video, which she says represents her conscience.

Watch Keke Palmer’s latest offering below.


Tegan and Sara Premiere Their “Faint of Heart” Music Video, With An Epic LGBTQ Lip Sync Battle

Tegan and Sara have released the video for ‘Faint Of Heart’, the fourth single taken from recent album ‘Love You To Death’.

The video stars LGBTQ youth in-character as musicians traditionally cherished as community icons: Elvis, Madonna, Prince, David Bowie, Grace Jones, and Tegan and Sara themselves. The real Tegan and Sara sit in the audience, cheering on the young performers.

According to Teen Vogue, where the video premiered, happened to be filmed the day after a gunman killed 49 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. In that atmosphere, its creation felt particularly emotional.


Tegan Quin told the magazine.

There was something very personal about this tragedy and that was undoubtably on our minds as we arrived on set. I felt honored to be included… which sounds silly since it was a music video for our band.”


From the second we walked in, I felt incredibly emotional. The cast was so young, so excited, so talented, so friendly and so diverse. It was clear this video was going to be very special. I felt honored to be included… which sounds silly since it was a music video for our band. But from the second we arrived, my brain recognized the music video as something we were doing together with our community to present the bravery, the talent, the love, the art, and the connection we all have, rather than just a vehicle for our music — which was a relief. It might be hyperbolic to say this, but I think it altered how we looked at how we were going to proceed in our career. The video had meaning, and that felt very important in that moment of time.”


The video’s director Devon Kirkpatrick told Autostraddle, said he hoped to highlight the LGBTQ community with this video.

As a non-binary director myself, it’s important to me to be a part of creating opportunities that highlight the talents of the LGBT and specifically trans and GNC community. To cast trans and GNC young people as icons that helped to push the gender binary was especially gratifying. We cast two queer identified trans girls as Tegan and Sara themselves. It felt especially important to create a space that reflects inclusiveness.”


Watch The New Tegan and Sara Video For ‘BWU’ Directed By Clea DuVall

Tegan and Sara have released the next video from their recent album Love You to Death.

BWU video, directed by badass Clea DuVall, finds Sara bummed after asking her girlfriend to marry her (proposing with an empty ring box, no less), only to be turned down.
980x (2) 980x (1) 980x

In a statement released to Entertainment Weekly, Quin discussed the message behind the song.

The activist in me fought passionately for marriage equality because of what it signified socially, and for the countless legal benefits and protections that had been withheld from so many devoted same sex couples in history. I was happy when the Supreme Court ruling legalized same sex marriage in the USA, but I was also relieved that I could finally ”come out“ as a person who actively dislikes the institution. Specifically the assumption that by not participating in the ritual you are a deviant or unlikely to share the same common values as someone who does.”

DuVall—whose feature directorial debut, The Intervention, comes out in August – told EW;

I liked the idea of having no one really understand how lonely it can be when you have different ideas about what you want your life to be.”

DuVall also directed the band’s “Boyfriend.” According to EW, the sisters have a video-per-song strategy for their most recent release, Love You To Death.

11 Songs Every Lesbian Should Listen to When They’re Missing Their Girlfriend

Sometimes, when we want to be with our girlfriend the most, we just can’t find ourselves in the same place. Whether it’s physical distance or unfortunate circumstances keeping you apart (don’t you hate when the girl you love is in love with someone else?), this playlist is sure to help soothe the pain of being alone. Let us know in the comments if there’s another song you think we should add!

Perfect – Doria Roberts

Doria Roberts has one of those soothing, soulful voices that helps to remind you of everything you love. The aptly-named “Perfect” tells a beautiful tale of the love that she has for her partner, which is likely to be the same love that you feel for yours.


Love And Affection – Joan Armatrading

While Joan has never come out as a lesbian, this song has been a favorite among lesbians since the ‘70s for its ambiguous and sexy feel. This is sure to bring some happy memories of when you and your girlfriend first started awkwardly flirting with one another (and it’s just as sure to be stuck in your head for the rest of the week).

Bring Me Some Water – Melissa Etheridge

If you’re missing your girlfriend because she’s in the arms of another, Melissa Etheridge’s powerful tune can help your misery find a little company. While I don’t advise you listen to this if your relationship is actually in a rocky place, but it can soothe your heart from the pain of her wandering eye.

Come Over Here – Sarah Bettens

Missing the lady who hasn’t come out yet? “Come Over Here” is one woman’s urging for her lover to take the plunge. If you and your lady are having a hard time being with each other due to disapproving family members, this song can help remind you that everything’s going to be all right someday.


Constant Craving – k.d. Lang

If you believe in soul mates, it can be reassuring to know that you’ll find each other again in the end. “Constant Craving” embodies your feelings for the woman who holds a part of your soul – whether intentionally or not. This song offers reassurance that your love will last, despite the odds. (And besides – who doesn’t love k.d.’s mind-blowing voice?)

Sweet Woman – Cris Williamson

If you’re more of a fan of the oldies, Cris Williamson’s supercharged tune about being in love with a woman will take you back to the good old days. Back in a time when it was risky to confess your feelings for a woman, Cris bravely announced her love for another and captivated our hearts. (Seriously, if you haven’t heard this song, listen to it – it’s beautiful.)

Our Purpose Here – Ferron

Another older tune, Ferron tells of missing her lover when she travels – something many of us have felt from time to time. Whether you’ve let your lover go or still let her hold your heart, this song might intensify the longing – be warned!

Sweet Darlin’ Woman – Meg Christian

Another song full of passion for women, Meg Christian sings of the “sweet darlin’ woman” she loves – and she’s sure to remind you of the woman you love. Although Christian has officially retired from the music scene, her voice still captivates listeners worldwide.

She’s So Lovely – The Butchies

What if you’re looking for something that’s just a little grungy? The Butchies deliver a strikingly rocking love song with “She’s So Lovely”. Although the screamed lyrics are a little tough to make out, lines such as “grab my hand baby I just want to talk/she’s so lovely, yeah” help bring the innocence to rock. Sweet melodies cranked out by powerful voices, The Butchies might just be your new favorites!


Will You Be There – God-des and She

For those who want more urban-sounding love songs, God-des and She helps put into words the desire for your lover to stay by your side, always. The vocals are beautiful, and the lyrics are just right when your relationship is in that awkward “will we make it through this?” confusion. (Pro tip: You will, if you both put forth the effort.)

Closer – Tegan and Sara

We couldn’t have a list of lesbian songs without including Tegan and Sara, of course – and this song helps to fill the void that exists between you and your partner, whether it’s emotional or physical distance. It’s peppy enough to dance to, yet sensual enough to get intimate to. What more could you want?

What songs did we miss?

If you have any other song suggestions for us, leave them in the comments – we’d love to take a listen!

14 Music Videos That Confirmed I’m Definitely a Lesbian

I’m not sure about you, but… I knew I was into girls way before I was ready to admit it to anyone else. There were so many signs that I saw in myself and I wrote off as one thing or another. Whether you knew and didn’t come out, or you didn’t know until everyone knew, this list is sure to bring back some vivid memories – or maybe even inspire some type of feelings within you.

How many of these songs just screamed, “Yep, definitely gay!”?

Britney Spears – I’m a Slave 4 U

For the most part, I’ve never been too much of a Britney fan, but this song is a stark exception. It’s got a similar sort of video-vibe that Dirrty had, but it’s a little less overt about it. Plus, who can honestly say that they’ve never had a thing for bellydancers?

Ciara – Like A Boy

The subtle connections to lesbian aesthetics are suddenly much less subtle. We’ve all dated someone who dressed like one of the Ciaras in this video – whether it’s the ballgown Ciara or the snapback-and-wifebeater Ciara. Admit it – and then admit you want to watch it again! (And please try to get past the part where she assigns unnecessary gender to things. It’s 2016, and we’ve moved past it, but this video came out in 2007, so we’ll forgive her.)

The Veronicas – Take Me On the Floor

I think one of the first signs that I couldn’t hide the gay anymore was when “4ever” came out, and I immediately assumed that the two were lovers, instead of twins. (I know, I know, it’s creepy, but they didn’t have their hair the same back then, and I was apparently blind.) But this song even implicitly gives the idea that the beautiful Jess would be into kissing a girl… And I’m okay with that.

Aaliyah – Try Again

Aaliyah was a singer in a league of her own, and that sexy way she moved in every little crop top and tight leather pants… Maybe that’s why it’s become such a big aesthetic among millennial lesbians these days. Okay, maybe we don’t do tight leather pants, but sports bras and sweatpants? I can get on board with that one every single day, and if you inject some glam into it, too, you’re channeling some Aaliyah – and I don’t think anyone is going to complain about that.

Shakira – Whenever, Wherever

I have to admit… Shakira is one of my biggest straight-girl crushes. She’s always showing off her midriff, which I really enjoy. Plus, she’s also super petite (I think she’s under 5 feet tall!) which I also seriously like in a woman. And, she’s got the confidence for a line like “Lucky that my breasts are small and humble” – so I’m pretty sure she’d never shame me for my flat chest. Score.

t.A.T.u – Show Me Love

Okay, so it’s not the t.A.T.u song that most people associate with being gay – but bear with me if you haven’t seen this one yet. There are literally hundreds of girls in short plaid skirts, button-up shirts, and ties. Thousands, even, maybe. (I never actually counted the girls.) And they’re marching like they’re actually proud of demanding love… Hey, how does that sound familiar?

Mya – My Love is Like Wo

Long before Janelle Monae pulled off the suit thing, Mya made it happen with My Love is Like Wo… And whoa is right. This song pretty much embodied every chance that we had of Mya being gay, and although I’m pretty sure she’s actually not, she’s definitely a master of multiple disguises. Just try and see if you can watch the video and not find a single outfit you don’t find is sexy. Go ahead –I’ll wait.

Hayley Kiyoko – Girls Like Girls

Okay, this one is significantly newer than many of the other songs on this list, but if you watch this video and don’t think a) these two should kiss already; b) her boyfriend is a complete dick, and c) she deserves to be treated so much better, then I really don’t know what to tell you. This song embodies pretty much every inner emotion that most of us felt when we were working to come out. (And PS, there is a happy ending – so yay!)

Christina Aguilera – Dirrty

Personally, Dirrty was one of my least favorite Christina Aguilera albums… But this video doesn’t even try to deny what it’s about, and it definitely gets the intended response. Christina Aguilera has always been a huge crush of mine, and this was definitely one of the songs that opened my eyes to that.

Aaliyah – Are You That Somebody

Oh, here’s the sports bra and sweat pants. Yep, that explains it. She’s often been regarded as one the most beautiful women who ever lived, and it’s not hard to see why. She managed to ooze sensuality everywhere she went, without being vulgar or explicit about it – how can you go wrong?

Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, Pink – Lady Marmalade

Does this one even need any words? Probably not, but just in case… This is the song that single-handedly taught an entire generation that voulez-vous coucher avec moi was the only French you’d ever need to learn to get some action.

Beyonce, Shakira – Beautiful Liar

Between these two undeniably-gorgeous women, their perfectly-synchronized gyrating, and the story that we’ve all found ourselves in at least once (whether with a man or with a woman), this is a power anthem that will also help bring sexy back. Too bad it doesn’t work out like that for us normal people.

Latch – Disclosure

This video involves literally getting up the courage to go kiss a girl at a party – how many of us have been there before? Sure, there are straight couples at this party, but let’s be honest: You weren’t paying attention to them, and neither was I.

Shakira – Can’t Remember to Forget You

Again Shakira is in a video that we know is super queer-bait-y, but we just can’t resist… This is the stuff dreams are made of. If you have ever wanted to know what your Shakira-and-Rihanna fantasies would look like if they actually played out, this is it.

Nipple Piercings, Dice, & Lots Of Rolling Around; We Give You Rihanna’s Latest Single ‘Kiss It Better’

The full video for Rihanna’s latest single Kiss It Better is here and it’s hot, hot, HOT. Like hotter and sexier than you could have imagined.


From exposed nipple piercings to some strategically placed dice and lots of skin showing, she once again reminds us all how she got that ‘Bad Gal’ nickname.

Keke Palmer Says Her Sexuality Is Not Defined By Just One Label

Back in October, former Nickelodeon star Keke Palmer released her video for I Don’t Belong to You, which contained a very bisexual storyline. The video also trigger questions about the stars sexuality.

In it, she leaves her boyfriend and ends up with a woman, who just so happens to be played by Cassie.

Keke Palmer 02

At the time, Palmer told Cosmopolitan;

I think the point of the whole video was to let people know that that my sexuality is up to me. That’s really the point — it’s female autonomy and her being who she wants to be in the world; there’s no labels attached, she’s just doing her!

She doesn’t have to explain it to anybody because at the end of the day, it’s her that decides what she wants to do, and who!”

In a recent interview with People Magazine, Palmer explained that she doesn’t feel as if she needs to be tied down to one label when it comes to her sexuality.

The video was to represent the young woman today – it’s not the traditional woman anymore – and not the specifics of ‘Am I gay? Am I straight? Am I bi?’. I’m making the rules for myself, and I don’t have to be stuck down to one label.


I don’t feel the need to define nothing to nobody, because I’m always changing. Why say that I’m this or that when I might not be tomorrow?”

Having just wrapped production on Ryan Murphy’s campy co-ed slasher series Scream Queens, Keke says she is now focusing more time on her music career and prepping for an upcoming album.

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M.I.A Drops New Hard-Hitting Video For “Borders” And Tackles The Refugee Crisis Directly

M.I.A‘s latest video, for the track released last week, “Borders”, pays tribute to the men, women and children fleeing war-torn lands in a bid for survival.


The 40-year-old unleashes a flood of criticism – punctuated by lyrics like “What’s up with that?” – the worlds reaction to the refugees taking their lives into their hands to reach safety.

Watch it below, via Apple Music. Update (11/27 8:53 a.m.): “Borders” will appear on M.I.A.’s forthcoming studio album, Matahdatah, a press release confirms.

WATCH: Adele’s ‘Hello’ Re-Imagined As A Lesbian Romance Will Leave Wanting More

WOW, and WOW again. Get your tissues because you’re going to need them for this powerful video re-imagining Adele’s Hello.

In this version, an older woman appears to leave her sleeping husband, packing her bags and preparing to go away forever. She removes her wedding ring as she walks out of the door.



Traveling through the winter, she remembers her past relationship with a woman – the one that got away.



Cleber Fleith edited the footage from Paper Ring’s music video Great Escape for the re-imagining.


She’s Back: Missy Elliott Marks New Era With Must-Watch New Video

It’s a dawn of new Missy Elliot era, and we’re so excited.

Missy Elliott 02

The iconic rapper has released a video for her new single WTF (Where They From) today – three years after releasing her last single and seven years after her last video.

As always, its classic Missy — easy to dance to, hard to hate, and intoxicating.

The video was co-directed by Missy and frequent collaborator Dave Meyers, who also gave us videos for other Missy classics like Get Ur Freak On, Work It, Pass That Dutch, and Lose Control.

Pharrell Williams is also featured on the song, and makes an appearance as a puppet spouting rapid-fire verse. Check it out below:

Watch Hayley Kiyoko’s Steamy New Video for ‘Cliffs Edge’

Hayley Kiyoko‘s EP This Side Of Paradise was well received upon its release back in February and now she’s just dropped the video for Cliffs Edge.

Kiyoko's Video

The new video stars Hayley as one half of a queer couple dealing with some serious drama.

The self-directed clip – which is super steamy – follows the couple as they go through the motions of a relationship, all of which described in the song and acting out through a pink and blue hue.

Speaking to The FADER, Kiyoko said

I wanted to show a tumultuous love that constantly twists and turns, when each person feels pushed to an emotional cliff’s edge. But ultimately you have to save yourself from ‘drowning’ in those emotions; take a step back, take a breath and know that everything is going to be ok.”

Scream Queens’ Keke Palmer On Bisexual New Music Video: ‘My Sexuality Is Defined By Me’

Scream Queens’ Keke Palmer, has a new video out for her single I Don’t Belong to You, and it features a bisexual twist, which sees Palmer’s on-screen persona leaving her relationship with a guy for another women (played by a Calvin-Klein underwear-clad Cassie).

Keke Palmer 03

Keke Palmer 04Keke Palmer 02

Palmer explained in a recent interview with Necole Bitchie that the song is about coming to terms with change, partially in response to having come out of a long relationship.

I don’t belong to anyone else but myself. I have to make my own decisions. Happiness is defined by me. My sexuality is defined by me. And that can change and this can change and I can make it what I want to make it because I’m the one who makes that choice”.

The former Disney star, who’s starring as Zayday in Fox’s super-campy horror series Scream Queens, further explains how the song is an extension of her.

…that’s what I Don’t Belong to You, is saying. This song feels right. It feels right and it’s telling who I am. And it captures my identity.”
Watch the video below – And we won’t blame you if you need to watch it several times to truly appreciate the artist value.

Powerful Music Video From Will Young Explores Transition Of Gender And The Fight To Be Your Self

Will Young has premiered a powerful new video for his latest single – Brave Man – which is the latest track from his album 85% Proof, which was released back in May.

The accompanying music video seeds a male youth strip down in a British pub, before walking around town naked and facing ridicule and concern from members of the public.

Will_Young_Trans_Man_Brave 04

However, there is a moving moment at the end when it is revealed that Will has used the video as a platform to tell the story of a real-life young female-to-male transgender.
Will_Young_Trans_Man_Brave 02 Will_Young_Trans_Man_Brave Will_Young_Trans_Man_Brave 03

Young said of the new single;

It seems extremely brave to be a man in a woman’s body and then decide to do something about this. As I thought more about it I realised that there is often coverage of what it is to be a woman in a man’s body but never to my knowledge the documenting of the opposite. Almost a perverted kind of patriarchy.

Will_Young_Trans_Man_Brave 05

He added:

In this video we see a man determined to be himself in the face of all adversity from inside and outside. It isn’t brave but my God it shows true grit and strength. What a wonderful thing.

This video isn’t about selling records or my personal benefit. This video is about taking a moment in time to explore a section of society who stand up for themselves. To tell a story and offer a window through music into someone’s life. I’ve never felt so humbled and proud.”

Check out the Brave Man video for yourself below:

Watch Demi Lovato, Michelle Rodriguez Clash In New High-Octane Video

Demi Lovato is continuing her sexy streak in the new music video for her single “Confident.”

Directed by Sin City’s Robert Rodriguez, the new video puts Lovato at the centre of her own Kill Bill thriller, on a mission to assassinate the queen of ass-kicking, Michelle Rodriguez.

Demi Lovato Video 01

Yet again, Rodriguez finds herself embroiled in a woman-on-woman brawl (a recurring theme for her Fast and the Furious character).

Demi Lovato Video 06

Demi Lovato Video 07
Demi Lovato Video 04

But like any good action flick, there’s an unforeseen hitch in the plan. Fight sequences and skin-tight outfits abound!

Lovato’s new album, also called Confident, drops Friday, Oct. 16. In addition to “Confident” and her summer anthem “Cool for the Summer,” she also released her emotional ballad “Stone Cold” earlier this week. Tell Us: What do you think of her new music video?

Madonna Announces That She Will Never Perform in Russia, Due to The Country’s Treatment of the LGBT community.

Madonna has announced that it is unlikely she will ever perform in Russia, due to the country’s treatment of the LGBT community.

She made the comments in an interview to promote her upcoming tour, which begins in September.

Bitch I’m Madonna

The tour will involve concerts in 35 cities across North America, Europe and Australia.

However, the singer has stated that Russia will not be on that list.

I won’t appear in Moscow or St Petersburg anymore, because I don’t want to perform in places where being homosexual is tantamount to a crime.”


The singer has previously accused Vladimir Putin’s regime of showing

… blatant intolerance of gay rights, artistic freedom, freedom of speech, and human rights in general.”

And back in 2012 the singer spoke out against the arrest of pro-gay band Pussy Riot:

I was shocked and outraged when I heard about this, and I spoke about it openly on stage [in Moscow] during my show. For this I received several death threats.

What I realised when I went to Russia, and saw what was going on with Pussy Riot, and what was going on with the gay community, was how lucky I was and am to live in a country where I can speak my mind.

It’s time for the rest of the world to be as brave as Pussy Riot, to stand up against people like President Putin that do not respect human rights, and perpetuate oppression, discrimination, and injustice of any kind.

We all have a moral obligation to stand up for anyone who’s being persecuted, whether it’s down the street from us, or on the other side of the world.”

Conservative St. Petersburg lawmaker Vitaly Milonov – infamous for his anti-LGBT views – was quick to responded to the singer’s statement.

In an interview to Russian News Agency, Milonov called the singer a “hypocritical old lady” and accused her of prioritising gay rights over the lives of children suffering because of the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Stefanie Scott Comes To Kelsey Chow’s Rescue in Hayley Kiyoko’s LGBT-Positive Music Video

Musical rock-chick, Hayley Kiyoko is currently having a stint on The Fosters, but many of you will recognise her from her time on Disney Channel in Wizards of Waverly Place and Lemonade Mouth where she played a badass guitarist.

Her new 5 minute video (directed by Kiyoko and Austin S. Winchell) for her new song Girls Like Girls is a testament to marginalised connections. Shot on a shoestring budget and starring up-and-comers Stefanie Scott (Jem and the Holograms) and Kelsey Chow the video tells the story of a romantic girl/girl relationship.

Beyond the love story the video also has a theme of self-acceptance and standing firm for what we want and believe in. Whether you’re fighting yourself, your feelings, or the judgements of others; the despair, joy and relief felt when you’re true to yourself makes it all worthwhile,”

Hayley Kiyoko 02

There’s not a lot of representation for young girls who are best friends who might fall in love. A big point for me was to respect that and keep it real, so people can realise it’s not just a joke or, you know, ‘Oh, that’s hot.'”

Fans have come out in droves to thank the singer for shining a light on LGBT issues. “[This video] helped my mom better understand what it’s like to be me!! I needed this video for so long,” tweeted one follower; “I feel heard. I feel understood,” said another.

People are using the word ‘representation”. They’re like, ‘Thank you for making me feel like there’s some sort of representation for how I feel.’ So that’s been a really cool thing to see.”

Watch the game changer, below.

5 New Mega Remixes From Madonna to Make Your Weekend Complete

So our weekend warm-up is complete. Madonna has kindly shared five brand new remixes of ‘Bitch I’m Madonna’ on her personal YouTube channel.

Bitch I'm Madonna 02

All tracks feature the song’s guest artist, included Nicki Minaj.

This comes just a day after Madonna took to Twitter to tease an upcoming video.

The L Word’s Leisha Hailey Cameos in Jennifer Hudson’s New Music Video For Marriage Equality (Video)

Jennifer Hudson shines the spotlight on marriage equality in her ‘I Still Love You!’ video, which tells the story of a dad deciding whether to attend his son’s wedding.



Jennifer Hudson is an out and proud LGBT ally, who is also the campaign ambassador for the ‘Turn It Up For Change’ campaign, which advocates for LGBT rights.

The video for ‘I Still Love You!’ is supported by the Human Rights Campaign, and W Hotels, and will help to support Logo’s #All50 campaign, which seeks to give out information to LGBT people and allies leading up to the US Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage in the coming month.

Leisha Hailey makes a cameo as the officiant of a gorgeous wedding, and then JHud joins the reception for a huge queer dance party. Just try and get the song out of your head.

Taylor Swift debuts star-studded ‘Bad Blood’ Video: Cindy Crwaford, Lena Dunham, Cara Delevingne and Ellie Goulding Cameo

Taylor Swift has released a remix as the fourth single from her 2014 album 1989 – Bad Blood

The highly-anticipated video for Bad Blood (Remix) had its world premiere at the start of 2015 Billboard music awards, and shows Swift as her action hero alter ego Catastrophe.

Directed by Joseph Kahn, the video features a long list of celebrity cameos – featuring many of Swift’s real-life “girl gang”, including model Cara Delevingne, fellow singer Selena Gomez, and Girls creator Lena Dunham. The ladies all appear as various alter egos out to do a little damage.

Meet Lucky Fiori. @lenadunham #BadBloodMusicVideo

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Meet Mother Chucker. @caradelevingne #BadBloodMusicVideo

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Meet Headmistress. @cindycrawford #BadBloodMusicVideo

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Other faces include Hailee Steinfeld, British pop star Ellie Goulding, Paramore singer Hayley Williams, Zendaya, Jessica Alba, Karlie Kloss, Lily Aldridge, Mariska Hargitay, Ellen Pompeo, Selena Gomez, Martha Hunt, Serayah and Gigi Hadid

Watch the video for Bad Blood here and let us know what you make of it in the comments below.

Must Watch | New Video From the ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Team

Get excited ladies, as it’s only a matter of months until Orange Is The New Black is back on your screens: season three will be released on Netflix on June 12th 2015.

But to wet our appetites the cast have release a new video, where they sing their version of Don’t Talk To Me by Tre Coast ft. Lycia Faith, which is inspired by Leanne’s version of the song featured in Season 1.

“Orange Is the New Black” is still a couple months away from being aired, but spoilers about the show’s new plot keep on surfacing left and right.

Recently, series writer Lauren Morelli spoke with the Pittsburgh City Paper, and according to Morelli, the new season of OINTB will feature a lighter theme compared to season 2.

“Season two was really dark and I think we really were excited about playing with this antagonist of Vee and seeing what that force would do to the characters we started to love over a season. I think season three is sort of a natural rebound from that darkness. Some of the joy comes back to Litchfield that was lost.”

Lauren Morelli

Also, the third season is expected to provide the answers to some questions that were left hanging in season 2. Fans would like to know what is next for Daya (Dascha Polanco) after she gives birth, Caputo’s (Nick Sandow) quest to become a warden, as well as Piper’s (Taylor Schilling) search for true love.

This is especially true for Piper and Alex’s (Laura Prepon) relationship. In an interview with The Daily Mail, Prepon talked about how the couple will deal with their feelings for each other next season.

“The thing that’s so interesting about Alex and Piper is that they totally love each other, but they also look out for themselves. 

It’s this constant power struggle between the two of them. And then at the end of Season Two, Piper does a major power play. And you wonder, is it because she totally loves this girl, or is it because she’s just getting her back?” 

Laura Prepon

So excited….

Shia LaBeouf Stars in Sia’s New Music Video ‘Elastic Heart’ Alongside ‘Chandelier’ Dancer Maddie Ziegler

Cage fighting interpretive dancing between Shia LaBeouf and Maddie Ziegler – need we say more. Well, apart from the fact the lyrics and vocals are amazing as always from camera-shy singer Sia.

In her latest video, Sia enlisted Shia LaBeouf and ‘Dance Moms’ star Maddie Ziegler to perform in ‘Elastic Heart’. The singer directed this five-minute film with Daniel Askill, who also helmed her ‘Chandelier’ and ‘Breathe Me’ videos.

In the video, Shia is smeared with dirt and wears nude-coloured boxers, while standing opposite the 12-year-old reality star Maddie Ziegler in what would seem to be a giant birdcage. The duo then working through some interpretive dance routines until Maddie breaks free.

Maddie also starred in Sia’s clip for ‘Chandelier’, so ‘Elastic Heart’ is a sequel, of sorts.

Watch it below.

2015 Grammy Awards Noms Include Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj

Each year, the Grammy Awards (or the Gramophone Awards to give them their less headline friendly title) are doled out to those who deliver the best content to our earholes. From live performances, full albums, remixes and even audiobooks, those who do the best with audio receive the industry’s highest accolade.

With so many famous faces (and plenty of over-sized egos) getting together under one roof, the Grammys is a hotbed of controversy. The biggest moments from the show’s history include a 2001 live performance of Elton John and Eminem (the rapper was only beginning to spout his infamous homophobia), Bruce Springsteen’s call for troops to come home in 2006 (when the Iraq War was still taking place) and the Grammys of 2009 where Barack Obama not only won a Grammy but received a tribute too.

Also just as controversial are the nominations. Before the Grammys even take place people start to squabble over each other about who deserves to win and who doesn’t deserve it but will probably win anyway. So ahead of the 2015 Grammy Awards which are set to take place in February, we’ve got a fresh batch of noms to both cheer and shake our heads at.

The first set of nominations that we can all collectively agree upon are Beyoncé’s. Immensely talented and an outspoken feminist, Beyoncé is rounding off a great year with nominations in six categories including: Album of the Year, Best R&B Song, Best R&B Performance, Best Urban Contemporary Album, Best Music Film and Best Surround Sound Album. As impressive as those noms are, they also make her the most nominated female artist of all time with 48 noms during her career, one ahead of Dolly Parton’s 47.

Also doing it for the girls are Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift. Nicki has yet to win a Grammy (which is surprising to everybody, really) but she has two more chances now, picking up nominations for Best Rap Song and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for Anaconda and Bang Bang, respectively. Meanwhile, Taylor’s latest album 1989 wasn’t eligible for album categories (it was released too late and will be eligible next year instead) but her feel-good single Shake It Off was nominated for Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance.

As for our queer favourites, there was plenty to celebrate there too. Sam Smith is tied for most nominations with Beyoncé and Pharrell, having picked up his first noms for Album of the Year, Best New Artist, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Album, and Best Pop Solo Performance. Sia’s track Chandelier got Record and Song of the Year, Pop Solo Performance and Best Music Video noms, Brandy Clark (who co-wrote queer friendly country hit Follow Your Arrow with Kacey Musgraves) got nominations for Best Country Album and Best New Artist while Tegan and Sara also have a nomination in Best Song Written for Visual Media for their work on The LEGO Movie’s soundtrack.

Also possibly relevant to your interests are: all girl group HAIM are nominated for Best New Artist, John Legend’s tearjerker All of Me is up for Best Solo Pop Performance and Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren (who supports same-sex marriage, ENDA and the repeal of DOMA) received a nom for her spoken word book.

It’s a bit soon to say who will win (or who’ll be snubbed) but you can tune into the Grammys on February 8, 2015 for the results.

KitschMix’s Tracks of The Week – Kimberly Anne, Fifth Harmony, BEA, & Raphael Saadiq

Kimberly Anne – Heartbroken Medley

UK-based folk singer Kimberly Anne’s ‘Heartbroken Medley’  is an acoustic Mash-Up, which has been playing over and over on my iPod. Love her vocals.

Fifth Harmony – BO$$ (BOSS)

After releasing two gold singles in the US, Miss Movin’ On and BO$$more, Fifth Harmony – comprised of Ally, Normani, Dinah, Camila, and Lauren – have set their sights on global domination.

BEA – We’re Like the Hard Born

Raphael Saadiq – Just Don’t

Saadiq has been making great music for years and continues to create melodies that will live forever.

Fatima Al Qadiri – Shanghai Freeway

KitschMix’s Tracks of The Week – Beyoncé, Raye, Girlpool and Meghan Trainor

Beyoncé – 7/11

This fun and playful video features Beyoncé dancing in her underwear, making a human pyramid and straight up playing around with friends in what looks like a hotel. It’s an impromptu party and we’re glad we got the invite.


Raye – Need Me

17 year old London teenager, RAYE, is the UK’s latest offering to the music industry and we love her. Releasing her first EP entitled ‘Welcome to the Winter’, this year – she credits Ella Fitzgerald, Lauryn Hill and Drake as some of her biggest inspirations. Having being compared to Lorde, RAYE ensures she injects enough depth into every one of her tracks.

Girlpool – Blah Blah Blah

Girlpool have just released a new track and video, which they shot with Sini Anderson, director of The Punk Singer.


Meghan Trainor – Lips Are Movin

‘Lips Are Movin’ is the follow up to Meghan Trainor mega hit ‘All About That Bass’. This video has had over 9 million hits in less than 10 days – POW!