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Hayley Kiyoko And Her New Video ‘Gravel To Tempo’ Is An Inspiration To Queer Girls

She’s done it again. Hayley Kiyoko, the singer/actress that also gave us Girls like Girls has just released her new video, ‘Gravel To Tempo’ and the lyrics talk about how it feels for a teen girl to have crushes on girls.


In an interview with Fuse TV Hayley admits that the video and song is very personal to her and she says:

So many people, we are dependent on approval, from your parents or your crushes or your friends, and as you grow older—I’m not like this wise man—you become wiser and realize, ‘Oh, I just need to love myself.’ And that nobody else’s opinion really matters.”

In the video Hayley dances in front of her teen crushes from high school and she mentions to Fuse that when she was at high school she had crushes on girls that didn’t like her back.


She went on to say that girls should have the confidence to dance in front of their crushes and it’s not important if they give you their approval or not.


Hayley is a really positive role model for queer girls everywhere and she is a great advocate for the LGBTQ community. Hayley has never openly discussed her own sexuality but whatever she identifies as she is certainly helping others to accept themselves.

She’s a very cool dancer and her music vibes are quite unique. This girl is gonna go places, both as an actress and as a musician. Keep up the good work Hayley, we need more talent like you supporting the LGBTQ community, especially teens who often encounter a lot of issues both within themselves and from others when they start to come to terms with their own sexuality.