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LGBT Musical ‘RENT’ Heads to Television

TV and movie musicals have really taken off the last few years. Grease: Live made headlines for its star-studded cast and multimillion-dollar budget. La La Land was nominated for an Oscar. In 2016, Hamilton was filmed live on Broadway, to be released at some unknown point in the future.

And now, Rent.

Even if you’ve never watched Rent, you’ve probably heard the line “525,600 minutes,” AKA the number of minutes in a year, AKA Rent‘s most famous line from “Seasons of Love.”

Fox has just picked up the hit 90s rock musical for TV in order to introduce it a new generation of theatre-goers. Marc Platt, who won an Emmy for producing Grease: Live, is heading up the project.

Rent made headlines in the 90s for its edgy rock score, the likes of which had never been seen on Broadway before. Lin-Manuel Miranda, writer of Hamilton, credits Rent for showing him that musicals can push the boundaries of music.

But it wasn’t just the score that packed audiences when it opened. Rent tackles subjects that no musical had before – or since:

The show follows several starving artists in New York City, many of whom are queer. It features a prominent lesbian couple, as well as a gay couple where one of the men often wears drag. Most of the cast is also people of color as well. Several of them have AIDS, which is raging through the city without a solid cure; the one available drug, AZT, isn’t exactly a miracle drug. These queer artists of color can barely afford to feed themselves, let alone pay exorbitant rent prices.

But they’re not exactly saints – on top of queer issues, the show address gentrification. While the starving artists move into these apartments, they marginalize those who are even poorer than they are. The show is interspersed with homeless people begging for change. And our main characters often walk right past them.

Casting hasn’t been announced yet, but newly out Alia Shawcat would make an excellent Maureen. And can you picture Gina Rodriguez as Mimi?

What would your dream Rent casting be?

‘The View Upstairs’ Is the Queer Musical America Needs Right Now

Musical theatre is pretty gay. There’s a reason that gay men are stereotyped to all love musicals and that the lesbian-centric Fun Home won Best Musical.

But with the exception of RENT, which touched on the spread of AIDS among gay and gender-nonconforming men, musical theatre tends to gloss over the darker parts of gay history. Want to watch a queer cross between Beyoncé’s Lemonade and Wizard of Oz?

Welcome to Straight Outta Oz. Want to date the gay book characters you fell in love with as a teenager? Catch a run of Normativity.

But if you want to look at the darker parts of gay history, like the dozens of devastating mass killings of LGBT people, then you won’t find that on stage.

Until now.

The View Upstairs is a groundbreaking musical about the devastating fire that burned down a prominent gay lounge in New Orleans in 1973. Thirty-two people died, making it the deadliest LGBT hate crime in the US until the Pulse shootings.

The musical centers on a young gay man named Wes who, through the power of magic, is transported back in time to the Upstairs Lounge, where he meets lesbians, drag queens, and gay rights pioneers.

Nearly ever show has been sold-out so far. RuPaul has enthusiastically endorsed the show, and famous people like Michael Kors have purchased tickets. Although it’s currently Off-Broadway, it will be a short leap to Broadway.

One of the best parts about the show is its racial and age diversity. The show includes aging drag queens, young gay men of color, a Latina mother figure and, of course, Henri, the black lesbian who runs the bar.

It has been hailed for doing many things: for fighting back against the whitewashing of LGBT history, for humanizing and honoring those who died at the Upstairs Lounge, for talking about a chronically underreported hate crime, and for providing a safe space for queer people to see themselves and their history.

Get tickets and learn more at the official website.

Watch ‘Firebringer’, a Hilarious Feminist Musical with Hot Lesbians

Hello, reader:

If you are here, you probably fall into one of two camps.

1) You hate musicals, but you love beautiful, funny lesbians who dance around in skimpy Flinstones outfits


2) You’ve seen every gay musical in existence, including the cringe-worthy underground ones, and you’re hungry for more.

From the makers of A Very Potter Musical comes Firebringer, a side-splitting musical that you can watch for free on YouTube right now.

The musical follows a feminist clan of cavemen who discover fire and destroy their friendship in the process.

Musicals can focus on literally anything. Whether you want to watch a European Afro-jazz musical (Passing Strange), a German musical about the rise of Obama (Hope! Das Obama Musical), a Greenday concert gone awry (American Idiot) or even Shrek (Shrek), you can find it.

Still, Firebringer’s prehistoric setting still feels unorthodox.

So what makes this zany show so darn queer? (No spoilers.)

Top 5 Queer Moments in One of the Queerest Musicals Ever

5. Troublemaker Zazzalil and her queer partner-in-crime Keeri share a quick peck on the lips in the middle of a scene for no reason at all, and never address it.

4. Tiblyn, a girl who’s been holding up the sky for 27 years, has a longtime crush on genderqueer character Chorn.

3. Jemilla, the female leader of the clan, gestures to the entire audience and says, “These are my husbands and wives!” This is right after she made one of her onstage husbands cook dinner and tend to the kids.

2. In an attempt to woo Jemilla back, Zazzalil offers herself as a wife. Dancing seductively, Zazzalil whispers, “All this could be yours.”

1. In addition to marrying the entire audience as well as stand-up caveman comedian named Schwoopsie, she also marries a beautiful homemaker named Claire. They make out on stage. A lot.

If that’s not enough for you, then keep in mind that every single member of the cast, from the chief nut-gatherer to the grandmother, is very, very attractive. You won’t be able to decide which character to have a crush on. (Tibyln, when you’re done with Chorn, call me.)

Even if you’re not a musical fan, watch Firebringer, if only for its queer feminist themes, hilarious dialogue and catchy R&B numbers. Or the skimpy Flinstones costumes. Whatever works.

Gay On Broadway: The Best Queer and Genderqueer Characters

Broadway is gay. Correction: many Broadway actors are gay, but the stories they tell are decidedly heterosexual.

This is changing, slowly. To celebrate the 2016-2017 Broadway season, let’s look at some of the best – and most unconventional – queer characters to grace the Great White Way.

By “queer,” I’m referring to lesbian, gay, and bisexual characters; genderqueer and genderfluid characters; and pansexual polyamorous couples. I would love to include asexuals on this list, but I have yet to find AroAce: The Musical. #AsexualRepresentationMatters

Maureen and Joanne from RENT


Maureen and Joanne are everyone’s favorite lesbian couple. By favorite, I mean that they’re awful for each other, but that’s what makes them so perfect.

If you haven’t witnessed their rollercoaster love story, start with The Tango Maureen, and try not to cry about that one girl you fell in love with even though she was bad for you and cheated on you but you loved her anyway because she was just so addictive. Then watch Take Me or Leave Me, remember that you’re still in love with that girl, and call her six times.

Dr. Charlotte and Cordelia from Falsettos


The AIDS epidemic provides a bleak backdrop for Falsettos. Fortunately, the audience gets to spend time with the adorable lesbian couple Dr. Charlotte and Cordelia, who offer the gay protagonist friendship, hope and sweeping high notes in Unlikely Lovers.

Alison Bechdel from Fun Home


Alison Bechdel is annoying. At least, she is in Fun Home. Her character is overly introspective, a bit neurotic, and not particularly likable.

Then again, most of us are, and that’s why Alison Bechdel is high up this list: Songs like “I’m Changing My Major (to Sex with Joan),” which explores sex, heartbreak and lesbian puberty in college, are painfully relatable. I triple-majored.

Hedwig from Hedwig and the Angry Inch


Hedwig is the queer character to end all queer characters. Or, the queer character to begin all queer characters, since Hedwig inspired many of Broadways’s more genderbent personalities.

Hedwig will have you laughing so hard that you forget you’re watching the tragic tale of a person who was mutilated, exploited, abandoned and essentially left for dead. The music’s good, though. Plus, you will get to see mouth-watering Rebecca Naomi Jones play a genderqueer Eastern European man named Yitzhak, which is yum-mee.


The Entire Cast of Passing Strange


We just had sex, sing the main characters of this avante-garde Black punk European acid trip of a musical. And by main characters, I mean five people. Yes, Amsterdam is apparently all about cigarettes, philosophy and five-somes in grimy apartments.

This musical is full of amazing lines, but one of the best is: “I’m a philosophy professor and part-time sex worker. You could say I hook, therefore I am.”

Plus, you get to watch Rebecca Naomi Jones have five-way sex in leather pants. Have I mentioned: Delish?

Honorable Mention:

John Laurens and Alexander Hamilton from Hamilton


I’m not saying John Laurens and Alexander Hamilton were definitely gay. But I’m saying that history says that they definitely might have been gay.

And you can read fanfiction of it.

Holly Cr*p, Frozen Will Turn Your Daughter’s Gay (Well According To One Right Wing Radio Host)

According to Pastor Kevin Swanson – a conservative radio talk show host – Disney destroying America. Really?

If I was the Devil what would I do to really foul up an entire social system and do something really, really, really evil to 5- and 6- and 7-year-olds in Christian families around America?… I would buy Disney.”

Ok, so how is Disney causing so much damage? Well, according to Swanson, Disney is “one of the most pro-homosexual organizations in the country.”

At the top of his list of overwhelming evidence is the movie Frozen.

Apparently, the animated film contains hidden messaging that indoctrinates little girls into becoming lesbians.

While he didn’t give specifics, he did talk at length about how terrible it is that parents took their kids to see a movie without knowing they would turn into Evil Gays afterward.

I wonder if people are thinking: ‘You know I think this cute little movie is going to indoctrinate my 5-year-old to be a lesbian or treat homosexuality or bestiality in a light sort of way.’ I wonder if the average parent going to see Frozen is thinking that way.

I wonder if they are just walking in and saying, “Yeah, let’s get my five-year-old and seven-year-old indoctrinated early.” You know they’re not, I think for the most part they’re oblivious. Maybe they do pick up on pieces of it but they just don’t get up and walk out.”

Next week Swanson will be hosting a National Religious Liberties Conference in Iowa, where three (yes three) presidential candidates will be speaking: Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, and Mike Huckabee. Hurrah!

Must Watch – Woman Writes An Entire Musical For Her Girlfriend

This probably one of the best stories I have ever heard about. This is the story of Kriss Marr and Lauren-Joy Goss.

On Monday September 15th, 2014, Kriss Marr invited Lauren-Joy Goss to see a brand new musical. Little did she know it would change their lives forever…

The show chronicled Lauren-Joy and Kriss’s relationship from beginning to end, including fun anecdotes written with the help of friends and family.

At the end, Lauren-Joy, got down on one knee and proposed to Kriss… awwwwwww

“A few days after the proposal, we both ‘came out’ on Facebook and, as two 29-year-old women who have been gay for a while, it was scary coming out a second time! The amount of love and support we received was overwhelming. People who I thought would never approve or accept my sexuality have sent me texts and messages saying how proud they are of the courage we have shown and how happy they were for us.”