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8 Romantic Lesbian Movies To Get You In The Mood For Love This Valentine’s Day

Its Valentine’s weekend, and you’re seeking the right video for a date with that special lady. Something with a good plot, good acting, good directing and some heated romance. Don’t sweat it. Kitschmix.TV has your back.

Here are 8 romantic lesbian films that we think are worth watching (and renting) for Valentine’s Day — or anytime you want a good dose of Sapphic love.

Happy Ending

This high-energy romantic road movie stars the beautiful Sinha Gierke (It’s Not Over) as aspiring law student Lucca, and the stunning Verena Wustkamp as her new friend Valerie.

Irresistible chemistry blossoms between them as the two women embark on a wild adventure to deliver the ashes of recently deceased friend to her final resting place – rent it now


Claire of The Moon

Cult lesbian film Claire of The Moon is about author Claire Jabrowski who finds herself sharing a cabin with Dr.Noel Benedict at an annual retreat for female writers.

Claire and Noels contrasting personalities cause inevitable friction, but, despite their differences, the two cannot deny their obvious lusting attraction towards each other and begin a passionate affair – rent it now

Claire of the Moon

My Friend From Faro

Nana Neul directorial debut draws comparisons with ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ and ‘Unveiled’. It’s the story of eternal daydreamer Mel chance meeting with the beautiful Jenny. It is love at first sight, however there is just one problem: Jenny mistakenly assumes Mel to be a boy. Despite this, they become boyfriend and girlfriend. With Mel attempting to disguise her true gender at every turn, her journey from tomboy to out lesbian is fraught with life-defining dilemmas and sweet surprises – rent it now

My Friend From Faro

Wedding Song

The Wedding Song takes place in Tunis in the year of 1942. Two teen girlfriends defy the odds as they face the war together against Nazi’s and Allied bomb threats. One girl is Muslim, the other is Jewish, and they cling to the bond they’ve shared since childhood – rent it now

The Wedding Song 01

Butch Jamie

Looking for a bit of humour then Butch Jamie is for you, as this is a hilarious lesbian comedy. Jamie Klein’s life seems to be going nowhere but south – out she is an out of work actress and unlucky in love. But then Jamie is finally cast in a lead role – as a man! Keeping quiet, she reluctantly accepts the role, only to fall head over heels for her on-screen love interest, Jill. What ensues is a hilariously complicated and sexy affair where Jamie must do whatever it takes to get the girl – rent it now


Stud Life

Stud Life is a sexy, young and cool lesbian romance taking a unique look at a slice of British urban life.  The film is about Londoner JJ and her search for love. When she falls in love with the beautiful and mysterious Elle, friendships are put to the test. For the first time in her life JJ has to choose between her hot new lover and her best friend – rent it now

Stud Life 01

Hannah Free

Hannah Free tells the moving story of the lifelong love affair. Hannah and Rachel grow up in the same Midwest town, where traditional gender expectations eventually challenge their deep love for one another. Hannah becomes an adventurous, unapologetic lesbian and Rachel a strong but reserved homemaker. Weaving between past and present, Hannah Free reveals how these two passionate women maintain their love affair despite a marriage, a world war, infidelity, and family denial – rent it now

Hannah Free

A Map For Love

Roberta is a young lesbian living in Santiago. Her girlfriend, Javiera is a woman of the world; actress, a dancer and philosopher. Despite all of Roberta’s best efforts to avoid it, she finds herself in an awkward situation when she has to introduce her new girlfriend to her conservative mother, Ana.

When Roberta can think of no other way to put off the meeting, she comes up with a bright idea – to go on a small sailboat and leave for a trip with Javiera and Ana, leaving them nowhere to run! For all those who understand what it is really like to introduce your parents to your partner, A Map For Love  is a fresh and exciting addition to the new wave of lesbian cinema – rent it now