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25 Things I’ve Learnt By Reaching 25 (Video)

Sadly, life changes a lot in your 20s, and by the age 25, you already have a few of life’s biggest milestones behind you: the day you took your first steps; your first “words” (more like adorable baby gurgles, but you catch my drift); your first day at school; graduation; your first drink with your pals on the night you officially become an adult (yeah, right!)…

And then comes 25. 25 is the unsung heroes of milestones: while the “Quarter Century” moniker carries a hefty sense of foreboding, it’s also the age at which most people have a little more life experience behind them and start feeling like “adults”.

You’ve learnt a lot over the your first 25 years of life, some of it wonderful, some of it not so much; all of it, I hope, of value to you.

Here is Effi Mai‘s 25 life lessons learned by age 25.

I made it. 25. Good God. How did my liver survive? We will never know.


Pillow Talk | Drunk Calling Your Ex-Girlfriend

I like to call everyone when I’m drunk. No one is safe. Ex girlfriends, friends, colleagues, immediate family, potential lovers…

The moment one too many drinks get into my system, I obtain this super power I’ve always dreamed of.

If I’m dealing with a broken heart, I suddenly unearth the strength to call my ex. If I’m been crushing on someone, booze lights the fire under in my belly and I’m in the casanova zone.

Everyone knows the feeling of power that flows through your veins when you’re holding your phone and you’ve had one too many drinks. Even if you’re in tears, complaining about your ex, the power is still there.

But what we also know, is too much alcohol causes us to lose all forms of rational thinking and behaviour. When sober, you have a better chance of utilising your brain to help control your impulses – not the case when drunk

Don’t Think You’re Ever Doing It Wrong

So did you make any New Years resolutions? I made one. A general one. To keep being me.

I mean how often do we hear these…

“This year I’m going to lose weight”

Oh, but the Ben & Jerry’s was on offer, right?!

“This year I’m going to quit smoking”

Yes we all try. All year, every year.

“I’m going to go dry for January”

I give you until the 9th. Then it’s Friday.

“I’m going to do more for others”

And when the fuck did you turn into mother Teresa?!

“I’m going to save £3000”

The woman’s gone mad. Get her a drink.

You probably, most likely, aren’t going to do any of these things because this year is going to be exactly the same as the last; only with a different girlfriend and a new wardrobe. And possibly a new hair cut.

I haven’t had a different hair cut for about 8 years. I don’t intend to start now.

If you wanna do something special with 2015; treat people better. Be kinder to others. Don’t be a headfuck. Don’t mess other people around. You may think you’re the worlds best player; you’re not, you’re a twat. I know. I tried it out for a while. And what happens now? The first question out of a friends mouth when I mention a girl…

“Is she married?”.

Reputation. Label. Stuck.

Hence the bio. It’s a bit of a piss-take.

But seriously; It may be a cliche, but treat people how you would want to be treated. Resurrect chivalry. Honesty. Loyalty. Do it for yourself not for anyone else. In the long run it gains you more respect, more people like you for it.

Don’t judge others because they may have flaws, disabilities, learning difficulties or non “trendy” clothing…. Heck you’re only following the crowd anyhow.

Be true to you. Be true to your heart- follow your heart, not your head. Yeah it may get you hurt now and again, or others. It may change your life’s direction, it may throw you off the path you’re ‘meant to take’. But it learns you life’s best lessons.

Everything you do, makes you that little more savvy, a little more wise, a little stronger and a little more knowledgable.

Buy a house. Lose a house. Go from the best paid job that you absolutely HATE getting out of bed for, to the worst paid that you LOVE. I did. I mean I may be slightly unhinged, but I’m happy with that 🙂

Don’t worry about where you ‘should be’. Don’t worry about what you ‘should have’.

Your life is an adventure. Do with it and live it as you choose. There isn’t a right of wrong.

Don’t listen too much to other people who ‘think’ they are giving you good advice. Don’t be scared to end a relationship if it isn’t right in your heart. Equally don’t be scared to love completely if it is right in your heart, but you think it isn’t in your head. We all get hurt. Always listen to your heart. In love. In work. In everything.

Be individual. Make your own path. Do it your way. That’s the only resolution I’m making.