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National Unfriend Day: 14 Types Of People You Need To Ditch Today

We all know that our Facebook friends list are about 25% real actual friends.

The rest are people we went to school with and people we met and friended while drunk, then never saw again. Also, there are even a surprising number of Facebook friends that you actively dislike.

But, really, do you need or want hundreds of Facebook friends?

Likely today marks the 5th year of National Unfriend Day, a day that makes it socially acceptable (ish) to delete the most annoying of your Facebook friends.

It’s time to clear out the friend clutter. So how do you decide stays and who goes.

Just ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do they post unwanted spoilers for your favourite films/TV shows?


2. Are they almost a complete stranger to you, and yet you know every minute detail of their life? Has it ever crossed your mind that that’s a bit weird?


3. Do they post endless smug pictures of their charmed, approval-seeking lives?


4a. Do they post tonnes of baby pictures? (This one depends on one other factor)

4b. Is this a baby with which you have an actual emotional attachment?

In which case, they can’t post enough photos of their adorable offspring. You can keep them.


5. She’s your ex and you know you shouldn’t be stalking her like this…


6. Are they forever copy-and-pasting chain statuses?


7. Do they send you constant Candy Crush requests?


8. Do they demonstrate a remarkable ignorance of how to actually use Facebook?


9. Do they go on regular offensive rants about the gay/feminist/black/Muslim ‘agenda’? – DELETE


10. Do they post loads of cute animal photos and videos? – LOL, that’s what a Facebook feed is for. They can stay.


11. Are they an emoticon lover – to the point you have to google in order to understand what is being expressed in their status?


12. Do they over share? Like every minute updates of their living day…


13. Do they vague-post? Like ‘well that was unexpected… ;)’ or ‘SOME PEOPLE are just so annoying’. Ditch, you don’t have time for their psychological mind games.


14. Would you ever have an actual real-world conversation with them?

If the answer is no then, well, they’re not a friend, are they?