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‘Chin Up, Dreamboat!’ Is a Sassy Coloring Book to Help You Through Your Break-Up

How do you get over a breakup?

You’ve eaten a gallon of ice cream, you’ve thrown knives at your ex’s picture, and you’ve sworn off romance (again). But nothing is making you feel better. What do you do?

Have you tried…coloring?

Hear me out. Sure, you could go to a club to find a rebound girl, or you could beg for your ex back (again), but why don’t you do something healthy that will actually make you feel better?

Lesbian, comedian, illustrator and all-around wonderful gal Nawwal Moustafa has created the ultimate coloring book for your lesbian breakup.

Chin Up, Dreamboat! is an inspiring but grittily honest coloring book for anyone suffering through a lesbian breakup. She says,

This book will be your companion through the lows and the recovery highs of a breakup. I created Chin Up, Dreamboat! for you to color, relate, laugh and maybe even heal.”

The illustrations feature all-too-familiar scenarios. For example, in one, a girl is wrapped up in two hundred blankets, vowing to never come out of bed. In another, a girl says, “NOPE!” to the idea of participating in real life, while she sips a Starbucks latte and stares somberly out into the void.

The book features feminine characters, masculine characters, stemme characters, andro characters – it runs the spectrum. It’s refreshing to find such a diverse depictions of queer women.

Her goal was to create something that queer people can relate to, and she succeeded. However, this coloring book is so hilarious and relatable that allies can enjoy it too. So when your straight best friend finally dumps the boy who is no good for her, present her with a copy.

Nawwal spent six months working on this project. Her Kickstarter was funded 625% within thirty days – that’s incredible!

Order your copy, purchase Chin Up totebags and t-shirts, and say hello to Nawwal at the official website.