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It’s out – ‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 3 Trailer is HERE

Oh how we have waited for this, but now it is here…

For fans of Orange Is the New Black it’s been a painful wait since the end of season two–and now we have a tantalising taste of the upcoming third season, to be released June 12.


There’s so much to love in the trailer, and there is no doubt that this season will be filled to the brim with amazing stories, new and beloved characters, laughter and tears.

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Alex is back, but she doesn’t look to happy with Piper.

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Did you see that wink… Hell Yeah!!! Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 15.57.58

Boo’s new do?Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 15.56.42

‘Arrested Development’ Producer Announces Another 17 Episodes

The Bluth family is set to return for another hilarious season, so get your chicken dances at the ready.

In a fairly off-the-cuff remark amid a discussion at SXSW about his current hit show Empire, he said:

“I love Arrested Development, but it was never a huge thing. But people are loyal to it, and we’re going to do another 17 episodes. So stay tuned for Arrested Development.”

Fortunately, news that the show would return isn’t completely out of the blue, and follows comments last year from Netflix head Ted Sarandos, who said “It’s just a matter of when”, after being asked if new episodes were incoming, and from series actor Will Arnett, who said “It’s going to happen, we don’t know when but it is going to happen.”


Starring Arnett alongside Michael Cera, Jason Bateman, Portia de Rossi, Jeffrey Tambor and Tony Hale, Arrested Development ran for three series on Fox between 2003 and 2006, attracting a cult following as well as a string of awards.

Cancelled by the network in 2006, the show was picked up by Netflix for a fourth series in August 2012 with fifteen new episodes launched on the online streaming service in May the following year.

While a Netflix spokesperson declined Redeye’s request for comment, you can watch video of Grazer’s announcement below. His remarks begin at the 24:30 mark.


Is Marvel’s ‘A.K.A. Jessica Jones’ About to Bring us a New Lesbian Character?

A.K.A. Jessica Jones is a new Netflix miniseries collaboration with Marvel.

The show is based on Brian Michael Bendis’ critically-acclaimed comic series Alias, which introduced the character (including her previously-unseen super heroic backstory) in 2001.

Jessica Jones was a superhero called Jewel, with great strength and the ability to fly – but after a horrifying incident she hung up her cape for good. Now she works as a private investigator in New York, but struggles to leave the past behind as she becomes involved with super heroic cases.

Much like Agents of SHIELD or Agent Carter, A.K.A. Jessica Jones will take place in the same world as the Marvel movies – so if yet another super villain levels half of New York City in Avengers 3, expect Jessica to be dealing with the aftermath.

Continuing their trend for getting reasonably big sci-fi names, A.K.A Jessica Jones has cast Carrie-Anne Moss (best known as Trinity from The Matrix) in the mysterious role of “Harper”, an authoritative figure and potential ally to Jessica.

However, there could be a little more to Harper we need to know. Pictures are out of Carrie-Anne’s character sharing a passionate kiss with an attractive blonde co-star while shooting for the new show.

We don’t know too much more about the character other than she is a ‘no-nonsense woman who could prove a powerful ally to Jessica… if Jessica doesn’t completely alienate her first.’


Jessica-Jones-01 Jessica-Jones-02

Carrie-Anne joins Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, Mike Colter as Luke Cage, and David Tennant as Purple Man in the upcoming Marvel series.

Jessica-Jones-04 Jessica-Jones-05 Jessica-Jones-06

The hotly anticipated series comes as part of a list of scheduled releases by Netflix, based on Marvel heroes The Defenders: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.

Daredevil will premiere on Netflix on April 1, with A.K.A. Jessica Jones expected to follow later on in 2015.

Cast of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Give new member Ruby Rose the nod of approval

The cast of Orange Is The New Black have given new member Ruby Rose the nod of approval.

Yael Stone who plays Morello and Uzo Aduba who plays Suzanne ‘Crazy Eyes’ are currently in Australia for the launch of Netflix and were full of praise for the Aussie model and DJ turned actor, who will play Stella Carlin in the hit US drama series.


Fellow Australian actor Stone, said the Aussie actor, who plays Stella Carlin in the hit US drama series, was “beautiful inside and out.”

“Ruby Rose is in the big house. Even in prison, she is gorgeous. The face of Maybelline is in jail!”

Yael Stone

Rose has caused quite the sensation since news spread of her joining the popular Netflix series. Rose plays Stella, a new inmate who will just happen to be the love interest for the shows lead characters, Piper and Alex.

Breaking free- Ruby Rose 03

“She does provide a bit of spice with those pillowy lips, it’s a really exciting addition because she’s Australian. Our voices don’t really appear internationally on television unless we’re pretending to be somebody else, so it is going to be really refreshing and really nice to see that story with that different flavour from an Australian perspective.”

Yael Stone


Rose, a model, television presenter and DJ, has joined the third season of the popular US prison drama, which airs on Netflix from June 12, playing Stella, an inmate who will be introduced as a romantic interest for the show’s two leads.

Aduba said of Rose:

“Ruby has done a wonderful job in joining the family. She’s beautiful, a wonderful, lovely person. Our show is family, regardless of previous credentials.”

Must Watch | New Video From the ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Team

Get excited ladies, as it’s only a matter of months until Orange Is The New Black is back on your screens: season three will be released on Netflix on June 12th 2015.

But to wet our appetites the cast have release a new video, where they sing their version of Don’t Talk To Me by Tre Coast ft. Lycia Faith, which is inspired by Leanne’s version of the song featured in Season 1.

“Orange Is the New Black” is still a couple months away from being aired, but spoilers about the show’s new plot keep on surfacing left and right.

Recently, series writer Lauren Morelli spoke with the Pittsburgh City Paper, and according to Morelli, the new season of OINTB will feature a lighter theme compared to season 2.

“Season two was really dark and I think we really were excited about playing with this antagonist of Vee and seeing what that force would do to the characters we started to love over a season. I think season three is sort of a natural rebound from that darkness. Some of the joy comes back to Litchfield that was lost.”

Lauren Morelli

Also, the third season is expected to provide the answers to some questions that were left hanging in season 2. Fans would like to know what is next for Daya (Dascha Polanco) after she gives birth, Caputo’s (Nick Sandow) quest to become a warden, as well as Piper’s (Taylor Schilling) search for true love.

This is especially true for Piper and Alex’s (Laura Prepon) relationship. In an interview with The Daily Mail, Prepon talked about how the couple will deal with their feelings for each other next season.

“The thing that’s so interesting about Alex and Piper is that they totally love each other, but they also look out for themselves. 

It’s this constant power struggle between the two of them. And then at the end of Season Two, Piper does a major power play. And you wonder, is it because she totally loves this girl, or is it because she’s just getting her back?” 

Laura Prepon

So excited….

Critics Choice Television Awards Shows Support to the LGBTQ TV Community

Last Thursday, America’s Critics Choice Television Awards showed plenty of support to the LGBTQ TV community, as several of the top awards went to queer-centric shows and out actors.

Orange Is the New Black, the Netflix series won Best Comedy Series, Best Supporting Actress In a Comedy Series for Kate Mulgrew, who plays “Red,” and Best Guest Performer In a Comedy Series for Uzo Abuda. Abuda, who plays “Crazy Eyes,” was up-graded to series regular on season 2 of the series, which debuted on June 6.

Other LGBTQ winners included Matt Bomer and Jim Parsons. Bomer took home the prize for Best Supporting Actor In a Movie or Mini-series for The Normal Heart. The HBO film also won Best Movie. Parsons won Best Actor In a Comedy Series, a prize he lost to Louis CK last year.

Archer, Orphan Black, Scandal, and American Horror Story: Coven also took home prizes during the ceremony.

Jodie Foster, Taylor Schilling, Kate Mulgrew, and Robin Wright talk “Women Ruling TV” at Netflix panel

“Women Ruling TV” was hosted by Netflix, and for the event they pulled together an impressive panel of stars and directors, to talk about their experiences in television. Jodie Foster, Taylor Schilling and Kate Mulgrew (from Orange is the New Black), Robin Wright (representing “House of Cards”) and Jehane Noujaim (director of “The Square”) answered questions.

For a full breakdown of the event read IndieWire’s recap.

“When I blend a comedy and drama, as a director, I have to have something quirky. I read the book and I called my agent and was like I need to be a part of that.”

Jodie Foster.




5 Things You Didn’t Know About Orange is the New Black Season Two

June 6th is just a few months away but it seems like eons until the premiere of Orange is the New Black season two. After marathoning the show over the Summer, just about everything with a Netflix account is chomping at the bit to find out more about our ragtag bunch of loveable murderers, thieves and drug dealers.

Season one focused on our favourite bisexual-identified drug mule, Piper Chapman, as she learnt that prison was not all spice-based lotions, homemade soaps and hook ups with your equally as incarcerated ex-girlfriend, but season two is set to loosen the reigns. By enlisting new cast members and focusing on some of our quieter favourites, there’s plenty to learn about the upcoming batch of episodes and thankfully, interviews with the cast at PaleyFest have revealed plenty more.

1. Backstories for All

Well, not all, as the ensemble cast would take more than just 13 episodes to delve heavily into the lives of privilege and poverty that landed them in the slammer. However, the show’s creator, Jenji Kohan, has revealed that we’ll at least learn more about some key characters like Morello, whose quips and witty remarks and off and on relationship with fellow inmate Nicky, remained one of the best parts of Orange is the New Black season one, even though her crime and her life with her unseen, male fiance were much unrevealed.

2. Brand New Characters

One of the great things about season one of the show was the fact that there just so many characters to love (Taystee and Poussey) and hate (Pornstache). Season two of Orange is the New Black doesn’t seem to be letting up on introducing new faces either. A mysterious character, Vee, will be finding herself in a fetching orange jumpsuit this season. Played by Lorraine Toussaint, Vee is described as “a veteran street touch who ran her own drug business, recruiting children to serve as runners” and she’’ is also reportedly set to shake things in the prison up.

3. Season Two Might Not Be So Lenient

Lenient on the inmates, that is. While characters like Pornstache and Figueroa certainly had their bad times (Pornstache and just about every scene, Figueroa and her budget siphoning antics), they also had redeeming scenes too, or at the very least, funny lines that showed that they aren’t all cold and heartless on the inside. Piper Kerman, the real life inspiration of Piper Chapman, and the writer of the book that Orange is the New Black is based on, reportedly had quite an issue with the way in which the guards were portrayed in the show, saying that Kohan and the writing team were ‘way too kind to the guards’. It’s unclear if Kerman’s opinion will have a direct influence on the show, but given that she is the reason behind it, it’s entirely possible.

4. The Return of Pennsatucky

After seeing the almighty holiness pummelled out of her by Piper at the end of season one, Orange is the New Black season two will see Pennsatucky return in some capacity (via a flashback or otherwise). It’s unclear as to whether she made it out alive and I shan’t speculate any theories here, but love her or hate her, expect to see more of her Bible preaching ways once June 6th rolls around.

5. Orange is the New Black Matters

It most certainly does, with the show’s storylines offering important insight into things that don’t typically get discussed every day. Laverne Cox, who plays trans* inmate Sophia Burset, spoke of her experience after the show aired, saying that many more people are taking an interest in trans* issues, which is something that wasn’t done so open mindedly before. Too, important questions are being asked about the condition of the United States’ real world prison system, with people being more intrigued as to the horrors of the real world justice system (and how to change them) as a direct result of Orange is the New Black’s storylines.

Will you be watching when season two of Orange is the New Black premieres on June 6th? Let us know in the comments.

A Sneaky Look at Netflix’s “Orange Is The New Black”

The second season of Orange Is The New Black won’t be on Netflix until Friday, June 6, but these just-released production stills give nice taster of things to come.

So what can we look forward to; tense moments between Larry (Jason Biggs) and Piper (Taylor Schilling); dance parties, featuring Crazy Eyes (Uzo Aduba) and Taystee (Danielle Brooks). And shift glancing with Nicky (Natasha Lyonne) and Red (Kate Mulgrew) look disturbed about something

For more insight into Orange is the New Black second season, here is 15-second teaser, released last month, might help a little too.

Orange Is The New Black returns with all new episodes exclusively on Netflix, June 6, 2014.