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Season One of Diverse Web Series ‘Dyke Central’ Premieres April 10

You’ve probably noticed that queer women don’t have it so great when it comes to TV-land.

LGBTQ women are consistently bumped off for the sake of another character’s ‘development’, the stories are never as fleshed out as those of their cis, heterosexual peers, and on the rare occasions that LGBTQ women’s’ stories are treated with the same respect, the women that they feature tend to be white and femme.

In walks Dyke Central, which was made as creator Florencia Manovil felt that the queer community has “just constantly struggled with seeing representation of queers that were highly feminine, mostly white…that are pretty. It’s a pretty homogenous representation.” You may have heard of the web series if you’ve been following queer online media for a couple of years as back in April, 2013, the very first episode of Dyke Central was uploaded to YouTube and it was a surefire hit.

The show is a drama/comedy that focuses on the lives of Alex (a black butch lesbian) and Gin (a genderqueer Filipina) who are two best friends trying to live their lives in the emerging queer city of Oakland, California. Their struggles are the same struggles that many queer viewers will face; how do you deal with a relationship you feel trapped in? How do you find a half-decent roommate? How the heck do you stay organised when everything seems to be happening all at once? It’s honest and human with sometimes funny and sometimes awkward situations that plenty of us can relate to.


In addition to Alex and Gin – who are fantastic examples of queer representation in their own right – the cast also features a Latina femme, several trans* characters and characters “from all over the gender expression spectrum”.

Dyke Central is trying to fill a diversity gap but none of these characters ever feel shoehorned in. At the end of the day, many queer people do have queer friendship groups as diverse as this and so in this show no one feels out of place. Everyone just is who they are and that feels completely normal and organic.


The first two episodes of Dyke Central are available for free at KitschMix.TV, but all 10 episodes of Dyke Central‘s first season will be available pay-per-view on DykeCentral.com from April 10, 2015.