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‘Vaginas Against Trump’: OITNB Cast & Crew Send Donald Trump A Clear Message

Taking to Instagram, the cast and crew of Netlix’s Orange Is the New Black took a stand against Donald Trump, who is under fire for lewd comments he made about women with then-Access Hollywood co-host Billy Bush in a leaked video from 2005.

In the photo, which was originally posted by Lea DeLaria, the group don orange and black T-shirts emblazoned with the phrase, Vaginas Against Trump.

The shirts speak for themselves. Vaginas and the people who love them are really really done.”


The high profile posting drew ire from some with one user responding to the image with an equally strongly worded message:

Love diminishing women as just a body part. So classy.”

DeLaria, 58, wrote back.

You’re right! I’m objectifying women. I’m so glad this straight white guy was able to point out my evil ways.”

Vaginas Against Trump shirts are being sold through an organization by the same name which was set up a week before Trump’s video was unearthed.

‘Mr. Trump, We see your sexist, racist, and oppressive ways and today we say NO MORE! We stand united with those you consistently devalue and demean,’ the group wrote.


‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 4 Trailer Has Arrived, And It Looks AMAZING

After what feels like an eternity, Netflix have finally released the official trailer for season four, and it looks AMAZING.

Amidst growing racial tension and new love interests, the women of Orange Is The New Black will have to cope with new inmmates as the Litchfield prison becomes a for-profit institution.

Judging from the new trailer for OITNB Season 4, there’s a lot more drama cooking when the show returns to Netflix, on June 17th.


Orange is the New Black’s Teaser Takes Aim At The Diversity Crisis Overshadowing Hollywood (VIDEO)

Hurrah for the ladies of Litchfield, for providing us all with a hilarious politically incorrect response to the #OscarsSoWhite diversity row in a new teaser for season four of Orange is the New Black.

orange-is-the-new-black (1)

Cleverly titled For Your Incarceration – a play on the awards season For Your Consideration campaigns laid on by film studios – Netflix’s favourite inmates offer up their two cents on the Academy Awards.

In the 30-second clip the Litchfield inmates watching an awards show on television, marking the “Hollywood types”.

Taystee, played by Danielle Brooks, quips:

Even when white folks try to be excited, they’re still boring.”


OITNB is seen as one of the most culturally diverse shows on TV these days, winning praise from critics and fans alike.

LGBT media pressure group  recently praised the show, as it announced it will no longer publish an annual report monitoring the quantity, quality, and diversity of LGBT representation on TV.

GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis warned that the film industry was in danger of being left behind – by failing to mirror the progress made by ground-breaking TV shows such as OITNB and Transparent.

The show has won fans for its realistic portrayal of women, its exploration of trans issues and its abundance of same-sex relationships – especially that of lead characters Piper and Alex.


The show recently won a host of SAG awards – with Uzo Abuda picking up her second award for Female Actor in a Comedy Series for her role as Suzanne ‘Crazy Eyes’ Warren.

The show’s entire cast also picked up the Best Ensemble award – with an extensive 35 cast members name-checked, including Ruby Rose, and Lea DeLaria.

The show’s fourth season is set to air on June 17.

Happy Days! Netflix Renews ‘Orange is the New Black’ For Three More Seasons

Netflix’s award-winning comedy series Orange is the New Black is here to stay: the streaming platform announced on Friday that the show has been renewed for three more seasons.


The three additional seasons will follow the fourth season, which debuts on Netflix on 17 June.

Jenji Kohan said in a statement:

Three more years! Not quite a political term, but still plenty of time to do some interesting things. In some cultures, ‘May you lead an interesting life,’ is a curse, but I don’t live in those cultures. Here’s to keeping it interesting.

Thanks Netflix! Both thanks and you’re welcome Lionsgate! And kudos and gratitude to the stellar cast and crew and writers and producers and editors and musicians and mixers and shleppers… with whom I have the pride and honor of crafting this show.

Three more years! Three more years!”

Cindy Holland, Netflix’s vice-president of original content, added:

Jenji and her team have produced a phenomenal and impactful series that is both funny and dramatic, outrageous and heartfelt. Audiences around the world have come to love the ladies and men of Orange is the New Black, and we are eager to see where three more seasons will take them.”

The news comes in the wake of the show winning big at the Screen Actors Guild awards on Saturday, where it collected the comedy ensemble award and the comedy female actor trophy for star Uzo Aduba – both for the second year running. Aduba has also netted two Emmys for her performance as Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren.

UzoAduba22ndAnnualScreenActorsGuildbGORaBcVOSel 3000


OITNB News: 13 Things We Know About ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season 4

Hands up who binged watched season three in a 24 hour sitting?

We did, and if you did too, there’s surely an Orange Is the New Black-sized hole in your heart. And you’re probably thinking: what now?

Don’t despair. The show will be back for it fourth season on 17 June.

But if that is not enough here are a few snippets to help fill-in the blanks until then.

Warning: spoilers ahead

1. New prisoners


As you saw at the end of season three, busloads of new prisoners arrive at Litchfield, so clearly we’ll be getting some new cast members.

One who has been announced is Jolene Purdy (who has booked a recurring role). Though it hasn’t been revealed whether she’ll play a new inmate or another character.

There is also the arrival of Litchfield’s newest and most high-profile inmate, celebrity chef Judy King (played by Blair Brown), and this is going to lead to some big changes

2. Alex is almost definitely alive

Alex Vause 01

Season three ended with Alex facing off with one of Kubra’s assassins, implying that he’s about to shoot her

Actor Laura Prepon (who plays Alex), recently teased about her character’s role in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, announcing that Alex will survive the attack.

What’s cool is season 4 actually picks up right where season 3 left off. So it’s literally, it continues five seconds later, which is really great because at the end of last season…I was in the greenhouse, and there was all this craziness going on and it’s awesome.”

3. Alex & Piper’s relationship is still as bump as ever

As for Alex and Piper, Prepon also revealed that her character has an “F you Piper” moment.

That’s their relationship, and that’s what’s so interesting about them. They love each other and they hate each other, and it’s frustrating and passionate, but there’s definitely some vindication there, for sure. Piper thought she was crazy all season, but she wasn’t.”

4. Two queer stars have been promoted to series regular


Before season three even started, Jackie Cruz, who plays Flaca, and Lea DeLaria, who plays Big Boo, were promoted to series regulars. This means we’ll most likely be getting even more insight into Flaca’s and Boo’s lives – Yes!

Talking to Afterellen, Cruz said

Honestly, I get chills. I was a day player. I started with two lines. And my character just kept growing through the seasons. So Jenji just saw something in my character and was like, “We need more Flaca.” I think she told me that once, and they kept writing, and they liked it, so they kept writing more. So in Season 4 I became a series regular, so that was like kind of like a testament of my hard work and knowing that I did a good job. So I feel really good about that.

5. Stella may or may not be back


Season three breakouts star, Ruby Rose – who played Stella – was sent off to a worse place (max) by Piper. Though that could have been the end for Stella on the show, Rose gave us hope saying “It could go either way” – which doesn’t confirm it, but really doesn’t deny it, either.

6. There will be more Poussey and Soso – Go #Pousoso!


Poussey and Soso’s connection was just beginning at the end of Season 3, and they were all kinds of perfect together. In a recent interview with AfterEllen, Wiley hinted there is more to come for the potential couple.

I think we’ll see what happens with them. We get some screen time together. #Pousoso!”

7. Taystee Has A New Job


In the first Season 4 teaser, Taystee is enjoying what looks like a sweet new desk job. Her new career in answering phones may have something to do with the major changes coming Litchfield’s way… either that or someone at the prison finally recognized Taystee for the boss sh

8. There is a new cause

According to another report from TV Guide, the central issue that will plague Litchfield is prisoner overcrowding. Kate Mulgrew, who plays Red in the series, said,

[The overcrowding issues] are going to carry over to every nook and cranny in our prison, believe me when I tell you that.

What [creator Jenji Kohan]’s going to do that no other creator is capable of doing with such expertise is, she’s going to make you feel overcrowded,”

9. New alliances are going to be formed all over the place

Nearly every actor has mentioned in interviews that Season 4 will feature “new alliances.” What does this mean exactly? It’s hard to say, but the new inmates who were shown arriving at the end of last season will certainly upset the natural balance of the prison’s groups.

10. The odds of Nicky returning are strong


While it has not been confirmed, Screen Crush is one of several outlets reporting Natasha Lyonne, aka fan-favorite Nicky, is expected to return. Nicky was sent to max last season, and it was majorly upsetting. Everyone cross your fingers the rumors of her return turn out to be true.

11. Sophia’s story is going to take some unexpected twists


Sophia Burset’s story in season 4 is “challenging” according to Laverne Cox. Speaking about season 4, she told E! Online, “It was a joy to play and I felt like I was pushed in ways that I didn’t anticipate and it was really challenging and that is always wonderful as an actress. I had a really good time.”

12. More back stories are expected

Creator Jenji Kohan herself promised backstories for new people in an interview with E! Online. There will be backstories for characters who have already had backstory episodes as well, but anytime an unexpected character takes the spotlight, good things tend to happen. Maybe this will be the year Soso’s activist past is explored.

13. There’s a new trailer out – YES!



Lea DeLaria: “My Entire Life Has Been Trying To Put A Positive Spin On What It Is To Be Butch.”

Orange is the New Black star Lea DeLaria has joined YouTube’s StyleLikeU to tell her journey of self-acceptance – from Catholic school to stand-up comedy.

The video is part of The What’s Underneath Project series of videos.

Throughout the clip, the comic and actress slowly strips down to her boxers and sports bra as she talks about body image, self-assurance and being a proud gay butch woman in the LGBT community.

My entire life has been trying to put a positive spin on what it is to be butch.”

Her sexuality has always been a known fact, and she never covered this up:


I started doing stand-up comedy in 1982, performing as the ‘F**king Dyke’. I’ve always been moderately famous – I used to say, for me it’s a long climb to the middle.”


Continuing onto stereotypes within the LGBT community she commented on how:

Nelly fags and butch dykes are very much looked down on – and treated as second class citizens.”

OITNB Pondering: Where Next For Alex and Piper?

Orange is the New Black season 3 has sadly come and gone, leaving us with mixed emotions. While it wasn’t a huge part of the story this time around, the Piper (Taylor Schilling) /Alex (Laura Prepon) saga is still on-going, and we’re not sure if it’s destined to end happily.


And even though season four is several months away, we can’t help but wonder what’s next in the story for the Litchfield pair.

Of course, by the end of the third season, things were looking scary for Alex after she ran into a druglord who was now working as a prison officer sent by Kubra.

While it’s unlikely she was killed, we’re certain that scare tactics were used to warn her of what’s to come in the future.

Alex Vause 01

If you follow Prepon on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll know that she’s been sharing some on-set photos.

She’s also been discussing the transformation in Piper towards the end of season three, and how we’re all going to be Team Alex next year.

She sees through all of Piper’s BS. And that’s why they’re such a cool relationship. I think that Alex knows that she’s putting it on – it’s not really her….It’s one of the reasons why Alex dumped [Piper] in Season 3. She’s just like, ‘Listen, this is kind of gross, and where’s the real Piper?’”

Meanwhile, Taylor Schilling explained that for her character, Piper Chapman, “it’s really fun where Piper is right now,” though we’re not sure how long that will last.


I think she’s really going to keep scrambling to keep her sense of self intact.”

What do you think we can expect from season four of Orange is the New Black when it begins airing on Netflix next year? Let us know your thoughts below.

Cast of OITNB Choose Which Inmate They’d Want as Their RL Prison Wife

The cast of Orange Is the New Black where given the opportunity by VH1, to choose who would be their real-life Litchfield prison wife.

Taylor Schilling’s wife would be Red.

I feel like if I could get Red on my side, I’d be OK. I would want [her] as my backup, I’d want her as my prison wife.”


Laura Prepon’s wife would be Nicky Nichols.

Nichols is rad, she says what’s on her mind and she tells it like it is and she’s funny, you know? And I love to laugh.”


Selenis Leyva’s wife would be Poussey.

This is my booski.”


Uzo Aduba’s wife would be Piper.

I’m still gonna go with Piper. She’s amazing. I think she doesn’t know what she doesn’t know and until she knows it and does learn, she does try her very best to fix something. She doesn’t find the language always, but she tries her best to make things right.”


Laverne Cox’s wife would be Stella.

Ruby Rose. Everybody wants Ruby Rose. Stella is just a really cool chick. And she looks great naked. I have a feeling a lot of people would be coming to me to get to her.”


‘Orange Is the New Black’ Actresses Drop Spoilers on Season 4

Laura Prepon‘s character Alex Vause is returning to the Netflix series next season, and at a New York screening of the season finale, Prepon said

We can’t really say too much. She’s dealing with a lot this year.”

The drug-dealing Litchfield Penitentiary inmate and complicated lover of the show’s lead character Piper Chapman (played by Taylor Schilling), is last seen facing down a drug business associate in the third season’s finale.

It’s unknown whether Vause will make it out alive or if she is going to portray herself in the prison show’s many flashbacks.


Prepon, who dropped an earlier hint that Vause would be back in a June Instagram post, said Vause being paranoid and emotional during the third season allowed fans to see another side of her.

Alex will always be very, very cool. It’s just always nice when you can see that side to a person.”

Prepon said the Emmy Award-winning show helped her grow as an actress, and she praised writer Jenji Kohan.

The (writers) really push us out of our comfort zones. When there is this awesome scene that you have to be raw and you have to be vulnerable . I know that my amazing co-stars are going to be there to support me, and it really is this incredible sisterhood.”

Fans have also been anticipating a romance between inmates Poussey Washington and Brook Soso.

In an interview with Bustle, Samira Wiley, who plays Poussey, teased,

Well, I hope there’s a potential romance going on between Poussey and someone. I’m not sure exactly who that person is or if that will be a thing, but I’m definitely in the corner of wanting her to find some love.”


Asked if it is possible romance would develop between Poussey and Soso, the actress replied,

Oh, absolutely. I think coming off of where we ended Season 3, they are both so lonely and they’re both delving into some self-destructive behavior because of it.”

It was seen at the conclusion of season three of the Netflix hit show the sweet image of Poussey and Soso holding hands while floating in the water.

Orange is the New Black season 4 is expected to debut on June 2016.


Phoebe Dahl Reveals Wedding Plans With Her Fiancée Ruby Rose.

Ah celesbians. Oh how we love the fact we now have a number of out women to gossip about, especially when it comes to their nuptials.

In a recent interview with fashion designer Phoebe Dahl with Hello! she has revealed how she wants to have a huge wedding with her fiancée Ruby Rose.

Phoebe Dahl Ruby Rose 01

On the couple’s plans for the future, she said;

Ruby wants a low-key wedding but I want a big one. I’m from a family of 50 so it’s going to have to be big. I don’t know how anyone has time to plan a wedding; we’re both so focused on our careers right now.

I didn’t [believe in love at first sight] before Ruby, but now I do.”

The pair got engaged earlier this year. While Ruby was the first one to propose marriage, it was Phoebe who actually got down on one knee and it was not the most usual engagement.

Phoebe Dahl Ruby Rose 03

The next day I wake up at 5am and she’s broken into my house!’ the Orange Is The New Black star told Australian radio KIIS. I freak out because I think someone is going to rob me and she gets down on one knee and says, ‘Will you marry me?’”

She added

I’m like, “Is this a prank? Get the F out of here! I’m absolutely serious—I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you.””


‘Orange Is the New Black’ Lea DeLaria Talks About Butch Visibility

During the Netflix dramedy’s panel on Tuesday at the Television Critics Association press tour, the cast of Orange Is the New Black were on hand to field questions from reporters on the show.

In attendance was Taylor Schilling, Uzo Aduba, Taryn Manning, Selenis Leyva, Lea DeLaria and Natasha Lyonne.


Although the cast were tight-lipped about its fourth season, they did shed a lot of light on the show to-date.

One thing they did discuss was the impact the show had made on LGBT visibility.

The show is considered a force for the LGBT movement. With its diverse characters and raw storytelling, it has been a voice for those who have long been without one.

DeLaria, who plays Boo, said the Netflix series has helped to “win the hearts and minds of people.”


In season 3 we got to see Boo’s backstory. DeLaria expanded on the similarities between her own past and Boo’s, praising OITNB’s writers, and adding that.

I actually had to call [writer] Lauren Morelli and ask if she had read my f—king diary. Butches have a shared life experience and you saw all of it in Boo’s backstory.

She continued.

“My parents actually learned. They actually listened to me. They actually became people who understood that being comfortable in my own skin and having no apologies for who I am was an important thing in this world. And then, they grew to understand me and I grew to understand them, and we love each other very dearly and were very close until the day they both passed.

So that’s the only difference, I think, between Boo’s story and mine. Unfortunately, the story that they showed, Boo’s story, is all too common. Way too common.”

The Netflix star also spoke about impact on the LGBT community:

The politics of the LGBT community has been about gaining our rights, fighting for our rights, achieving our rights. And recently it’s been turned a little bit more towards winning the hearts and minds of people.”

DeLaria added.

A large part of what we’ve done [with regards to] the politics of the LGBT community has been about gaining our rights, fighting for our rights and achieving our rights. Recently, it’s turned more toward winning the hearts and minds of people. I feel very strongly that Orange Is the New Black has been very important in that part of what has happened to us and our community.”

DeLaria and cast-mates are currently shooting Season 4 of Orange.

Natasha Lyonne Discusses the Fate of OITNB’s Nicky Nichols

In my eyes Orange Is the New Black season 3 hit a bum-note, when in three episodes in Nicky Nichols (Natasha Lyonne) was dragged off to maximum security for helping bring heroin to Litchfield and never returned.

Nicky Nichols 01

Now, this certainly made sense for her character’s offense, but here’s the thing – Natasha Lyonne is one of the reasons we love the show. She plays one of the best characters and she was suddenly totally gone. Never to be seen again.

During Orange Is the New Black‘s 2015 Summer TCA press tour panel, Lyonne fielded questions about her fate in season four like a pro, refusing to give any spoilers away to the room of reporters who wouldn’t stop trying to get any hints about her future.

Natasha told E!

“I was excited [about Nicky’s season three story]. We have an incredible puppet master in [showrunner] Jenji [Kohan] and there’s a great deal of trust that I have in that. I’m pretty much a person who is up for adventure and I thought it was wise to have there be a big consequence for Nicky’s playing around with heroin. It can’t all be fingering and cookies all the time. There’s going to be hell to pay at a certain point for playing with her personal fire.

I think it makes sense and I think that the stakes of the show and the reason it resonates and continues to is ultimately because of this underlying intensity to the fact that these people have lost their freedom and are up against themselves behind these walls. I think it’s a good thing to have major characters suffer major consequences. Otherwise, I think it might be a little bit too friendly and it loses some of its bite.”

Lets hope Nicky makes it back to Litchfield in season 4. Litchfield just isn’t the same without her!

Orange Is The New Black News: Ruby Rose Talks Stella’s Fate

The whole world fell slightly in love with Ruby Rose following her Orange Is The New Black debut, but now that it’s all over and her character Stella’s fate is still uncertain, what does she think is going to happen?


Speaking in an interview with Variety, Rose credits her short film Break Free for helping her bag her role on the series.

She also revealed that she was originally meant to play an American inmate in the show, before producers told her they were sticking with her Ozzie roots.

As for Stella’s fate, Rose reckons Piper may have taken things a bit far:

I obviously don’t think she deserved quite that fate. Stella had done her time and was ready to get out. It wasn’t the wisest thing for her to steal from Piper but having said that, Stella comes from nothing.

She has no money, no help on the outside, and I think this is what happens when you’ve done time in prison and you’re about to go into the real world. It’s not easy.”

Unfortunately for fans keen to see her back for Season 4, she admitted she doesn’t know if Stella will return, as filming has already started for the first few episodes.

Rose is set to star in Dark Matter this week, and is in talks with Fast and Furious 8.

What did you make of Stella in Season 3?

Why Ruby Rose’s Story on Gender Identity is the Right Conversation to Have With the Press

Ruby Rose has been very outspoken about her gender fluidity, noting that she doesn’t fully identify with one gender (male or female).


The last couple of weeks, this story that has flooded mainstream media outlets, with many news outlets running with the headline of how she once wanted to be a boy.

Also read: 13 Women Who Dare To Challenge Gender Stereotypes in the Media

The model-DJ-actress went on to Access Hollywood to explain what it actually means to question your gender. Something many of us can identify with through those tough coming out years.

When I was younger, for sure I [thought about transitioning]. I had this jar that I would collect dollars, in fact, we were so poor, it would have been cents, so I probably had 19 cents to go towards this surgery that I really didn’t know a lot about. I think I’d seen like a daytime documentary, probably something on ‘Oprah,’ and I was like, ‘That’s what I’m going to do.’ So I started saving from probably the age of five. When I got to 15, [it was] when I kind of decided to get more into my body. I shaved my head and my mom was like, ‘I don’t know what’s going on right now, but if you are happy, then do it.'”

Rose said that shaving her head, altering her appearance, and changing the way she spoke made her see she didn’t actually want to transition.

I realised I didn’t want to transition, I just wanted to be more comfortable in my own skin.”

Which is actually something a lot of queer women struggle with – feeling comfortable in the way we look. We grow up seeing the ideals of a hetero-normative lifestyle, which we don’t truly fit into.

We haven’t grown up with many positive role models. Female gender and sexuality is perceived to be one way – the Disney princess, the Kim Kardashian.

What Rose is doing is saying actually there is something alternative out there and its ok. And she is doing it in a big way, and without fear.


It took her years to conquer Hollywood, and 24 hours to become a massive success once season 3 of Orange is The New Black hit our screens.

Rose, who is launching a gender-fluid brand, goes on to say that gender is sometimes complicated.


Gender fluidity is not really feeling like you’re at one end of the spectrum or the other. For the most part, I definitely don’t identify as any gender. I’m not a guy; I don’t really feel like a woman, but obviously I was born one. So, I’m somewhere in the middle, which — in my perfect imagination — is like having the best of both sexes. I have a lot of characteristics that would normally be

Watch Rose on Access Hollywood below:


From Jumpsuit to Jazz, Lea DeLaria’s Other Career

Lea DeLaria is best known too many as one of the stars of Orange is the New Black, playing the prison inmate Big Boo.

However, what you may not know is that not only is DeLaria a fabulous actress, veteran of Broadway musicals and stand-up comedy, but she is also a jazz singer – and she has a new album out – House of David.

Talking to The Frame, DeLaria says Jazz singing is something she says has been with her since childhood, and that she cultivated a career in jazz by marrying it with activism and stand-up comedy while performing.

I figured out I could sing. I knew I could sing. I’d been doing it as a child with my father for years. So I would bring a little trio on stage with me and I’d be raging at them and then I would kind of sing a standard. I’d just sing a standard and it would lull the audience into sort of a false sense of security. Then I would start screaming ‘dyke’ at them again.”

DeLaria’s interest in singing was something that she says was encouraged by her father, who himself was a jazz pianist. At the age of 5, DeLaria would sing for her father, who proceeded to teach her about jazz music.

Lea DeLaria 99

By 8, DeLaria had learned more of the intricacies of of jazz and began performing at nightclubs with her father.

Let’s face it, I was like the bearded lady. It was a circus act thing. It was a way for the cats to get a break and go off the bandstand. Then I would sing a duet with [my dad]. Eventually the trio would join sometimes. It worked so well — people loved it— that he kept doing it with me.”

Also read: Its official, Orange is the New Black’s Lea DeLaria Is Getting Married

After performing and training, DeLaria discovered that singing was her passion and that she wanted to pursue it as a career. After telling her father, DeLaria says he had guidelines for how DeLaria should pursue jazz.

He said, Look, that is OK with me, but you can’t be just be a pretty girl with a pleasant voice. You need to understand music and learn the language of jazz. He really taught me to sing from my balls. He encouraged me to really sing like a horn player. Like any good horn player, I know when to be soft and I know when to be loud. It’s like making love to a woman — sometimes you want a nice light touch and sometimes you got to bang.”

And the David Bowie link? DeLaria pins the origins of her love for Bowie on the moment she first heard the guitar riff on “Fame.”

One thing that I learned from him I think more than any other performer is his insistence to be exactly who he is. That is fascinating to me. As a little girl, I have to say as a little bull dyke, growing up in the Midwest thinking that I was the only one — didn’t know that there were other gay people even out there — having this man be who he was a terrific lesson for me.”

Lea DeLaria Emmys 01

After a long period of cultivating skills in various performance fields, DeLaria still feels as though all her talents make up a part of her true self.

It’s really hard for me to determine where my true self lies in all the things that I can do. I can do a lot of things. It’s that simple. I’m really happy when I’m filming ‘Orange is the New Black.’ I love being down stage center at a Broadway show and belting out a D sharp and hearing that audience applaud. When I’m in a little smokey jazz club at 1 o’clock in the morning, and I am blowing over changes with the cats, and we are digging it, and we are creating this art all together at the same time, I love that too.”

DeLaria’s new jazz David Bowie cover album, “House of David,” is set for release July 24 and is already available digitally. It’s her fifth album.

Ruby Rose Says She Had a Hard Time Making it in Hollywood (Video)

Lets face Ruby Rose is having a blast right now. Women around the world declaring their love for her, hanging out with Justin Bieber, and being heavily praised for her break-out performance in Orange Is the New Black.

But life wasn’t always so easy. Talking to The Today Show, Rose explained that she had a hard time finding an agent and making it in Hollywood.

Ruby Rose is Heading to ‘Dark Matters’

In recent article with InterviewRuby Rose has revealed she has new role in Dark Matter, alongside Zoie Palmer.

The greatest thing about having done Orange are the doors that have opened for me, and people have been able to see me, like the executives and the casting directors, also all of the fantastic directors and writers for independent films. There are definitely a lot of roles playing around that I think would be great for—female protagonists. I did a guest spot on a sci-fi movie [Dark Matter].

On her part she goes on to say…

I got to play with a toy gun and shoot people. That kind of thing has a lot of adrenaline and it’s very different from Orange. It’s really just action and I think that I would like to do that a little bit more—running around and driving fast cars and fighting people. It makes you want to be in an action film.

ruby-rose-Interview-01 ruby-rose-Interview-02

In the same interview, Ruby talks about the Stella and Piper relationship.

They’re very different, but it works. I think that Stella is more of a tomboy; she has a “don’t really care” attitude and is a lot more sure of herself. I think that attraction is based off the tension between Piper’s interior and Stella really wanting to find out that interior for herself, and maybe sees a little bit of a challenge there. Stella might feel that she wants to know Piper, but wasn’t really expecting an attraction or what was Piper’s end game.

The manipulation [Piper] was doing within that time was much more self-serving then something that was going to be a long-term relationship or genuinely caring about Stella. It’s kind of sad. I feel a little bit bad for Stella.



Read the full interview here

OITNB’s Laura Prepon Gives Possible Season 4 Spoilers About the Fate of Alex Vause

Orange Is The New Black fans – if you’ve not finished watching series three then LOOK AWAY NOW.

OITNB star Laura Prepon has given a bit of a clue about Alex Vause’s fate following the finale of the prison drama’s latest run – although she’s not revealing too much.

Alex Vause 01

Alex’s. Alex was fearful throughout Season 3 that Kubra (Eyas Younis) was going to have her killed after she ratted on him. And she had every reason to be scared! Alex previously witnessed first hand just how cutthroat Kubra could be when she watched one of his employees kill another.

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While Piper (Taylor Schilling) thought her beau was just being paranoid, it turned out that Alex was right to fear for her life. Kubra’s employee/hitman Aydin (Juri Henley-Cohn) had snuck his way into the prison, acting as a correctional officer. The two came face-to-face during the finale in the gardening shed.

However, Prepon has offered some kind of hint she’ll be back in for season four.



She wrote: “Glasses… Eyeliner… Badge… excited to get out there and make an awesome season for you guys! #season 4 #alexvause #Oitnb #bestfansever (sic)”

But does this mean Alex is alive? Either Piper’s ex could be returning to Season 4 for a flashback or this photo means she survived her encounter with Aydin. But perhaps Aydin wasn’t there to kill Alex at all. Maybe Kubra sent his right hand man there to break Alex out of Litchfield. After all, Kubra always seemed to have a soft spot in his heart for the brunette beauty!

Fingers crossed!

Do You Want to Look Like Ruby Rose? Well Now You Can (Video)

It’s official: the internet is obsessed with Ruby Rose. Can you blame us?

And it turns out, YouTube personality Kandee Johnson loves Litchfield’s newest inmate just as much as we do.

The makeup artist may already kind of look like Rose, but that clearly isn’t enough.

Armed with a makeup kit, Kandee transforms herself into Ruby Rose, and it’s shockingly accurate.

So if you’re not able to date Ruby Rose, you can at least paint your significant other to look exactly like her.

Here’s What Ruby Rose Says about all her ‘Newly Converted’ Lesbian Fans

Speaking to Huffington Post, Ruby Rose said she had not expected the attention, or the supposed ‘lesbian’ conversions.

I’m not straight anymore. I’m not confused. I’m ready 🙂

A photo posted by karrueche (@karrueche) on

I was not expecting it, to say the least. My manager was like, ‘You’re like a viral sensation.’ And I’m like, ‘That sounds like an STD,’

The actress continued:

I have a couple of friends who don’t feel very warm towards it. They’re like, ‘Are you offended?’ They personally are offended by it saying like, ‘You can’t just choose to be gay. You should say something about all these women that are saying [they’re] turning gay or realizing [they’re] gay.’”

I think people are just saying that to be complimentary. I don’t think anyone’s doing it to be derogatory or to take away from what it really means to come out and identify as a different sexuality than what people will think you are.”

She added that people’s jokes showed that the world had moved on, observing:

I think people are just saying that to be complimentary. I don’t think anyone’s doing it to be derogatory or to take away from what it really means to come out and identify as a different sexuality than what people will think you are.

Maybe 10 years ago, people would watch someone onscreen that they would be attracted to, but they wouldn’t be able to make a funny meme and say, ‘Oh my God, I’m gay!’ because that would be so frowned upon.”

One of the main criticisms against the Rose crushes are that straight-identified women are simply trying to be “edgy,” as Madeleine Davies wrote for Jezebel. Rose, however, thinks that the so-called “trendy” nature of girl crushes are making society more accepting of LGBT people who are actually coming out.

I think it’s kind of brilliant because a lot of people can say it now who actually mean it and it not kind of be a big deal on them [to come out]. I, personally, think that the moments we try to nitpick who can and can’t say that they are genderqueer or gender-neutral or trans, or who’s gay or who’s bi — who are we to tell other people how they can live their lives and what they can tweet and what they can say? It’s really none of our business. I think we should let people go and say what they want to.”

Apparently, Ruby Rose is Turning all the Straight Girls Gay

In addition to acting and modelling, it would appear Ruby Rose is apparently practices sexual magic and sorcery in her spare time, and turning all the straight girls gay.

Road trippin New Mexico Albuquerque to Santa Fe then home tomorrow to La!

A photo posted by Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) on

Rose appears to have become the “lust object” of not only Alex and Piper but the entire internet in the wake of Orange Is The New Black season 3’s arrival on Netflix.


Her androgynous good looks and playful performance as new inmate Stella has sent fans into paroxysms, with the actress trending within hours of the new season dropping.






This ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Teaser Will Make Your Day (Video)

Tomorrow is the day that Orange is the New Black hits our Netflix screens. And in the much hyped lead up, Netflix has dropped another teaser for Season 3 – excited?

In the new season, the depressing realities of prison are the subtext—but often only the subtext—of storylines played for laughs.

Piper’s lover Alex Vause (Laura Prepon) is despondent about finding herself back in prison, only to have her agony assuaged by love and hate sex.

Even-tempered Poussey (Samira Wiley) is so bored and lonely that she’s on the verge of alcoholism, which is staved off by some hijinks involving a raccoon and a shenis.

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Former evangelical meth head Pennsatucky (Taryn Manning) and the butch lesbian Big Boo (Lea DeLaria) are so ostracised from everyone else, they have turned to each other, birthing a charming odd couple friendship in which they riff about whether or not Pennsatucky needs to brush her new, porcelain teeth.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 16.49.02

The new season has its share of bittersweet and even painful moments, but as new prisoner Lolly (Lori Petty) says upon arrival, “This place is amazing!” before adding, “We got off the van five minutes ago and we haven’t heard anybody scream. The walls are so clean!”

Friday can’t come soon enough.


OITNB Featurette Hints at Ruby Rose’s Love Triangle With Alex and Piper (Must Watch!)

A must watch – we finally get a glimpse of how Ruby Rose’s new character Stella – complete with an Aussie accent – will make waves in the new season of Orange is the Black. And yes it involves Alex (Laura Prepon) and Piper (Taylor Schilling).

Watch, watch, watch…


No Way, Laura Prepon Reveals She Was Almost Piper, Not Alex

Orange is The New Black star Laura Prepon, who plays sexy Alex Vause in the series, has revealed to Rolling Stone she initial looked to play Piper Chapman.


They weren’t even casting Alex yet; they were only casting Piper, and I knew that I wasn’t exactly right for that role, but I didn’t care. I was a huge fan of Jenji Kohan, so I went in and auditioned. Then a little bit of time went by and Jenji’s like, ‘I can’t get you out of my head for Alex Vause.’”

So, did Prepon identify with Piper, even though she had already felt connected to Alex?

It’s funny; when you look at both characters, I definitely identify more with Alex. When I talked to Jenji later, she told me, ‘You know, with Piper you’re worried she’s gonna get her a** kicked in prison. When I look at you, I’m not scared about you getting your a** kicked.’ Not to say that Taylor [Schilling] would get her ass kicked, ’cause I think she’d do okay. But Alex is Maleficent-like, sexy, sassy — she can definitely looks like can take care of herself. She’s not getting her a** kicked.”

Prepon added that being a part of a show comprised mostly of women has been a completely different experience for her.

There’s a lot of us. I normally hang out with guys so when I actually got this show, all my guy friends were like, ‘Wait, it’s you and a bunch of women? What are you going to do?’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t know!’ ”


Prepon’s character was absent for a lot of Season 2, as she was released from prison. But, going into Season 3, Alex and Piper will both be back at Litchfield, and new cast addition Ruby Rose is rumoured to come between the ladies.

Orange Is the New Black premieres June 12 on Netflix.

Back Behind Bars – Orange Is The New Black and the Ultimate Season 3 Sneak Peek (Videos)

As the third season arrives, it’s worth reflecting upon how far Orange Is The New Black has come.

The show is based on a best-selling memoir by Piper Kerman of the same name, and many of the broad plot details remain the same. We first meet Piper (Taylor Schilling), when she is in her early thirties. She is a white, upper middle-class, liberal arts graduate who runs her own successful business selling luxury toiletries, and has just got engaged to her boyfriend.

But there is a cloud on the horizon. A drug-trafficking offence from ten years ago has finally caught up with her, and she has been served a custodial sentence.


Quickly, a wonderfully rich and original world of character at Lichfield Penitentiary comes to the fore. There is a host of forceful, dynamic and complex women; damaged, devious, morally ambiguous, neither clear victims or villains. A large proportion of them, black, Latina, gay, are characterisations heretofore largely under-represented on mainstream television.

The show has wider social resonances too. It’s depictions of the endemic corruption inside the institution, and the many dehumanising privations, which compromise the women’s safety and security.

And the characters complex back-stories speak volumes too. Each character study is fleshed out with details about the particular familial, economic, and emotional conditions which have ultimately led to incarceration – and so we see lives unfolding and buckling under a litany of bad starts, desperate measures and questionable choices.



OITNB Cast Come Out to Play for Rolling Stone Magazine (Pic & Video)

Orange is the New Black stars Taylor Schilling and Laura Prepon are on the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone.


However, inside are also interviews with the other cast members including Natasha Lyonne, Laverne Cox, Lea Delaria and newcomer Ruby Rose.

These black and white photos taken by Rolling Stone‘s Mark Seliger capture an up close and personal glimpse of these wonderfully complex characters.

oitnb-Rolling-stone-01 oitnb-Rolling-stone-07 oitnb-Rolling-stone-03 oitnb-Rolling-stone-04 oitnb-Rolling-stone-05 oitnb-Rolling-stone-06

Schilling and Prepon, also discuss what the success of the show has meant to them in this behind the scenes video.