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US Magazines Claims Kendall Jenner Is A Lesbian, (And Harry Styles Is Playing Her Beard)

Every so often, a celeb ‘sexuality’ rumour springs up that sends the world into melt down. And this one is a classic…

Despite a rather public display of affection with Harry Styles this holiday season, a US magazine is trying to claim that Kendall’s actually a lesbian who’s “captivated” by BFF Cara D instead.


Cara and Kendall – who affectionately refer to themselves as CaKe – are longtime friends, and Cara is loved-up with girlfriend St Vincent.

Reports in America’s OK! magazine include a quote from a ‘source’ claiming Kendall is openly gay among her close pals and her best pal Cara is helping her to accept herself.

Kendall is a lesbian. She’s only just started talking about it with her inner circle. She reassured Kendall that the stigma of being gay is gone and encouraged her to allow herself the freedom to be who she really is.”

They added her feelings have “only gotten deeper” and “Kendall is captivated by Cara.”


Appearing to completely quash any rumours about her sexuality, Kendall even admitted to setting New Year’s resolutions about finding a boyfriend.

She wrote on her website:

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. I don’t write a list down or anything, it’s definitely more of an in-my-head kind of thing. I set random goals like ‘find a boyfriend’ but it’s not legit at all, lol.”

So there’s a plot twist for ya. A potentially completely false and made up plot twist, but a plot twist none the less for any Harry girls who might be feeling like running off to join a nunnery.