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Age(ing) And Invisibility: What Can You Do?

We all change; our bodies change, our health, our looks, our view towards life, our friends and family. What happens when this becomes a problem in the eyes of society? How can we be more supportive of people from our community once they get older?

When we go through life, as LGBTQI people, we struggle to make a good living for our families, our friends and us. We face barriers in healthcare, in education, with our workplace community- we do our best to overcome them and thrive.

When we talk about senior LGBTQI people we must first realise that in a lot of their cases we talk about people with life situations that differ in many ways of what a young person goes through today in most societies.

Finding out you were LGBTQI when you were young during communism or war, poverty, growing up in traditional patriarchal families or having to work on the fields to support yourself and your family definitely created a totally different approach to one’s identity.

International organisations such as ILGA Europe have started recently to tackle this issue and raise awareness about these realities, with a focus on health.


The health system and the LGBTQI community are not very good friends since inequality still exists, but we are slowly improving this relationship. Activists are working hard to make sure we can all, no matter our age, sexual orientation or gender identity, enjoy these services without fear of being discriminated.

But on a more grassroots level, what can each of us do?

Talk to elderly LGBTQI people from your community.

They have an enormous history behind, including that of your local community. This histories need to be known, shared and appreciated.

Many LGBTQI people lived through harsh times when they were your age so we have tons of things to learn from them. And most probably they also want to be up to date with how has the community changed, what are the most important struggles. So why not share?

Offer your help!

Getting older is not easy. Your body does all these tricks on you, and sometimes fails to help you in all the ways you need. This is why a had of help for daily errands will definitely be appreciated. Or offering to cook a meal once a week for them- it also gives you the chance to have one hour of intergenerational gossip about recent events in the queer community.

However, please keep in mind that, the fact that a person is older, doesn’t necessary mean they need your help- so ask before assuming anything about their life.

Visit them regularly.

If LGBTQI elder people are alone or just with their partner, in their houses, they might enjoy a cup of tea with somebody so they can share what they have been up to, what is it that they struggle with, what great things happened etc. We all like to know we have not been forgotten!

If people are living in a care facility then visits are sometimes the thing that keeps them connected to the rest of the world.

Many elderly queers are not out to their families, to their new friends in the care facility or to the staff.

Imagine that after a life of struggling with your identity, the harsh reality of being discriminated and marginalised, self acceptance and being proud to be you, now you need to get into the closet again!

That’s definitely not cool! And until all care facilities and hospitals are inclusive, we can be the ones that, by visiting, can provide a much-needed space for self-expression as a queer person.

Include them in the events you make.

If you are an activist, community organiser or event planner that works for/with the queer community don’t forget to include elderly people in your events. Sometimes all they need is a space to come and meet other elderly people, support each other, enjoy themselves and have fun.

Other times, they would like to get to be more connected to the wider community, share some wisdom words and learn from the youngsters. Make sure all your events are accessible, as some people have disabilities. You can always learn more about what would make your events inclusive, directly from them.

We can only learn from each other’s experiences and wisdom, so let’s value our elders and don’t forget their huge contributions to the way LGBTQI rights have advanced through the years!

And remember, we all age, so why not start building this caring culture from now so we can all benefit from it?

Women Give Their Younger Selves Advice That Really Hits Home

According to Sanctuary Spa – a UK-based skincare brand and health spa – we live in stressful times.

And in a recent survey they conducted, nearly half of women reported feeling “moderately or extremely stressed”, while another 40 percent said they feel like they’re “about to burn out”.

Those are troubling figures have lead them to a new campaign urging women to #LetGo.

Sanctuary Spa 02 Sanctuary Spa 03

As part of the campaign, Sanctuary Spa created a short film in which older women detail the advice they’d give to their younger selves.

The women all share similar ideas, focusing on the pressures of our modern culture and the ways technology has exacerbated our anxieties.

They suggest we unplug and unwind to allow ourselves to escape the constant pressures, if only temporarily.

We need to, as the video says, “spend more time being — not doing.”

Sanctuary Spa 01

Sanctuary Spa 04

Check out the video up top and learn more at Sanctuary Spa.

More Sex, Means More Brain Power (So Science Says)

Do you want to keep your brain active as you get older? Then the answer is simple – have more sex.

As you get older, brain function starts to slow down. Your memory starts to fade, and you can’t remember things like you used to. It’s one of the biggest and scariest things about getting older because memory loss really erases a person’s identity.

Well, good news guys – a new study has found that a good way to fight memory loss is to have more sex. And to be fair, they do say the brain is a very important sexual organ, so that does make sense.

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A study conducted by The Manchester University surveyed 1,700 people between the ages of 58 and 98. Turns out, the test subjects who were still sexually active also had better brain power. The study also found a third of women over the age of 70 are still getting it on.

This isn’t the first study that has shown sex keeps the brain healthy. A 2010 study found sexual activity promotes cell growth in the hippocampus, the area in the brain that controls long-term memory.

Myths about Sex as you age debunked…

Hormone changes, less orgasms? Here are some facts about sex when you’re older.


Now and Then – Playboy Bunnies Reflect Many Year Later

Photographer Robyn Twomey recently took a series of portraits of former Playboy Bunnies at the Former Playboy Bunny Reunion in Las Vegas.

“It is the result of my interest in the women of Playboy and where they are now. The tight frame and non-retouched images allow space for one’s personal reflection on age and beauty. The body language suggests even more about who these women are: strong, beautiful, fragile, provocative, and everything in between. They are complex characters that are proud and empowered by their beauty and sexuality, at the same time stricken by the fleeting nature of it.”

Robyn Twomey

Playboy Bunnies 09Playboy Bunnies 08 Playboy Bunnies 02 Playboy Bunnies 03 Playboy Bunnies 04 Playboy Bunnies 05 Playboy Bunnies 06 Playboy Bunnies 07Playboy Bunnies 01

Image source : Robyn Twomey

Reasons You Should Date an Older Woman

Every lesbian should date an older woman, at least once in her life. Why you ask? Let me fill you in on the secret advantages of dating an older lesbian.

They are independent – Older women are often less clingy and needy. They don’t need a woman by their side all the time to be happy. This makes them easier to get along and much more fun.

Less drama – Maybe it is because younger women experience so many first’s in their relationships, their life is full of drama. It’s kind of hard not to get sucked in sometimes. Older women don’t amplify the small things. They can handle their problems real well and often all alone.

No pressure – An older woman is not at that age where all her friends are setting down. Getting married and raising cats is not at the forefront of her mind. She does not have the need to find Ms. Right now.

They know their way around the bedroom – She has more experience in the bedroom affairs than your average twenty year old. Can any lady say no to a woman who knows exactly how to please her?

Confidence – Older women ooze confidence. Whether it is approaching you or the way they present themselves. The confidence is there. This is a welcome trait considering the many shy girls who have a problem replying to a simple hello.

They teach you a lot – Every lady wants to be with a woman who is not only mysterious but one she can learn something from. Older women will keep you coming back for more as they have lots to share with you. An older woman will impress and surprise you for quite a long time.