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The World Is Officially Doomed: Researchers Conclude Cunnilingus Increases Your Chances Of Developing Cancer

Regularly performing oral sex reportedly increases the likelihood of contracting several types of cancer by way of a common virus.

According to new reports, oral sex has been linked with human papillomavirus (HPV), which typically causes no harm.

However, in rare instances, HPV can lead to cancer due to the changes it triggers in infected cells.

Found in the penis, vagina, mouth and anus, the extremely common virus spreads by skin-to-skin contact in addition to sexual intercourse.

Oral sex is believed to be the primary way HPV enters the mouth.

In a recent study conducted at New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine, researchers collected mouthwash samples from nearly 97,000 healthy people.

After four years, they found participants who were carrying HPV in their mouths were up to 22 times more likely to develop a tumour than those without HPV.

Researchers linked HPV to head and neck cancers, which were contracted by 132 participants.

Dr. Ilir Agalliu of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine reportedly said,

This study also showed using easily collected oral samples may help in predicting people’s risk for developing head and neck cancers.

Men and gay women are apparently have a higher chance of developing throat cancer because diseases are more easily contracted via cunnilingus as opposed to fellatio.

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Previous research also suggested smoking and drinking may increase the risk of HPV transmission.

Mouth and throat cancers reportedly affect approximately half a million people per year and kill about 150,000.

The Albert Einstein College of Medicine study was originally published in JAMA Oncology.

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According To New Research, Unprotected Oral Sex ‘To Overtake Smoking’ As The Main Cause Of Mouth Cancer

According to online health clinic Euroclinix, an infection transferred during oral sex could overtake smoking as the main cause of mouth cancer.

While smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and chewing tobacco were once the primary risk factors for mouth cancer, recent years have seen an increase in cases caused by HPV, or the human papillomavirus.

HPV can be contracted through unprotected genital, anal or oral sex and affects the skin around the mouth, rectum, cervix and throat.


Shockingly, the HPV virus now accounts for 25% of all mouth cancers globally and 35% of throat cancers.

This compares to only two thirds attributed to smoking – though it is difficult to quantify the effect precisely, due to the testing methods available and the other risk factors involved.

As outlined by the NHS, detecting HPV cells in a patient with oral cancer does not mean HPV caused the cancer.

The virus becomes part of the genetic material of the cancer cells, triggering their growth.

Though the claim that somehow HPV will overtake smoking as the main cause is questioned by some. There are hundreds of HPV strains, most of which do not lead to cancer, but there are around 15 strains which are associated with cancer.

Talking to Metro.co.uk, Fiona Osgun, Cancer Research UK’s health information officer said

Smoking is linked to about 65 per cent of mouth cancers in the UK, whereas only 8 to 14 per cent of cases are thought to be linked to HPV. Around 90 per cent of mouth cancer cases are preventable – things like staying smokefree, cutting down on alcohol and making sure you get your 5-a-day can all help reduce the risk.”

And, according to Euroclinix data, the number of men and women contracting HPV is increasing.

To help prevent contracting HPV during oral sex, the NHS advises women to place a latex square or dental dam over their genitals.

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15 Thoughts You Have When She is Taking to Long

We have all been there: that moment when your lady is taking way too long to get to that point. Your jaw is getting stiff, your tongue can’t keep to that set speed much longer, your wrist is cramping, and you just need your sleep, as you’re in work in 4 hours.

Your mind is wondering… its going to place it shouldn’t, especially considering your meant to be in the throes of passion.

1. Like, I thought you said you were close… like 15 minutes ago.


2. I wonder if there are any good movies out right now…


3. I must remember to email my [insert colleagues names] when I get into work.


4. Ouch, my jaw is starting to hurt. In fact I think it may have locked.


5. I really don’t understand…Am I doing it wrong?


6. Is she enjoying this?


7. I need the bathroom, but when she’s finished she’ll want to cuddle. Will it be rude for me to just get up and use the loo?


8. Yes! I think she’s there.


9. No. False alarm.


10. My last GF didn’t take this long.


11. Should I speed up or slow down? Communicate women!


12. Why is she so quiet?


13. God, I just want her to finish so I can go to sleep.


14. I’m starting to get sore.


15. Seriously women, WTF is taking you so long?