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New ‘& Other Stories’ Lingerie Campaign Rejects Idealized Beauty Norms

Hurrah for & Other Stories for once again representing real-world diversity.

Early this year the Swedish retailer gave us their same-sex couple V-day 2015 ad campaign.

They then produced an all-trans AW15 campaign featuring Hari Nef and Valentiin de Hingh.

And now they’ve just launched For Women, By Women, portraying natural beauty and models’ one-of-a-kind features. Which means the models aren’t all hairless and scar-free.

Shot by female photographer Hedvig Jenning in the brand’s historic Stockholm Atelier, the images showcase the new seasonal lingerie collection worn by three “real” women.

The brand has abandoned any retouching, focusing on the unique beauty of the ordinary body’s individual features such as birthmarks, scars, tattoos and body hair, aiming to “portray a more diverse view on the traditional notion of beauty.”

Spirit-Animal-Print-Thong-12 Other-Stories-Lingerie-Campaign-Fall-2015 (4)

But there’s nothing ordinary about these models. & Other Stories chose to cast cellist and model Kelsey Lu McJunkins, blogger and yoga enthusiast Helin Honung and copywriter Ida Jagerfelt for the new campaign, and all three radiate confidence in the beautifully empowering images.


The result? All the more beautiful showcasing of designs that empowers rather than objectifies, and veers the women’s lingerie market towards its actual customer: FYI not the male gaze.

The new lingerie collection is available on stories.com

Starlet-Print-Soft-Silk-Bra-25-Startlet-Print-Silk-Briefs Other-Stories-Lingerie-Campaign-Fall-2015 (2)


Other-Stories-Lingerie-Campaign-Fall-2015 (1) Other-Stories-Lingerie-Campaign-Fall-2015 (3) Other-Stories-Lingerie-Campaign-Fall-2015 (5)


The Gaze & Other Stories: Broadening The View On Gender In Fashion

H&M sister brand & Other Stories this week launched a transgender inclusive advertising campaign.

The video includes models Valentijn de Hugh and Hari Nef taking part in a photo shoot for their new capsule collection.

All those involved with the shoot are also transgender: photographer Amos Mac (editor of trans magazine Original Plumbing), stylist Love Bailey and make-up artists Nina Poon.

De Hugh says

I think it’s so weird that when we are born the first thing that we are, even before we have a name, or an identity, we are either male or female, before you even know anything about the person who was just born.

Being born male or being born female decides so much about who you are allowed to be in life. And I just don’t want to live under those constraints. I want to break free from those.”

Hari Nef added

Fashion has played a huge role in my process of constructing my identity. Fashion can apply to a wider audience of people and maybe it will lose its reputation as the scary, esoteric club where if you’re not skinny, white, thin, cis-gender, able-bodied and rich, you can’t participate.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 14.31.35

In a press statement about the campaign, & Other Stories’ creative director Sara Hildén Bengtson said:

The fashion world is embracing transgender models and we think that’s great. But we couldn’t help to ask ourselves how the traditional fashion gaze can change if we keep the same normative crew behind the camera. So we invited five amazing creatives, all transgender, to make our latest story.”

The advert has been praised by the Human Rights Campaign, who applauded the fact that H&M have become a transgender-inclusive workplace.

H&M earned a 70 [out of 100] on the 2015 Corporate Equality Index, HRC’s survey and report benchmarking corporate policies, practices and benefits related to LGBT inclusion. H&M’s transgender specific workplace initiatives include non-discrimination protection based on gender identity and the company offers transgender inclusive healthcare coverage.”


& Other Stories Debuts Valentine’s Day Campaign Starring Lesbian Couple

The fashion company & Other Stories has a new Valentine’s day campaign, which features models and real-life couple, Eden Clark and Lizzie Tovell.

The photo shoot highlights the tender moments in their relationship via a series of romantic and subtle self-portraits, and presents positive representation of queer love in mainstream outlets.

&-Other-Stories &-Other-Stories-02 &-Other-Stories-07 &-Other-Stories-08 &-Other-Stories-09

This is not the first time the company has used a same-sex couple in the advertising. The British retailer featured real life lesbian fashion couple Jenny Shimizu and Michelle Harper in a lookbook last spring.