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This Animated Film Celebrates a True Story of a Lesbian Couple Who Matched During the Pandemic

Tinder released an animated sweet short film featuring the true Swipe Story of a lesbian couple who matched earlier this year.

The film explores how they formed a connection over shared digital experiences on zoom, introducing their pets to each other, planning for a post pandemic world and discovering virtually, just how much they like each other.

The film has been created as a collaboration between queer singer-songwriter GrapeGuitarBox and Deepti, a queer illustrator and animator for The Museum of Queer Swipe Stories, in partnership with Gaysi Family. 

The short is a reminder of the resilience of human connection, regardless of the nature of it, to remain hopeful while navigating a time of uncertainties (apart, yet) together, and whatever the circumstance, forming connections is enduring and Tinder members will always find a way to sustain them.

COVID has accelerated a generational shift in the way we date and shows that a connection formed entirely digitally is as valid and meaningful as one formed in person. The pandemic continues to dissolve the fading line between our digital and physical lives and more so than ever, we know anything is possible and Tinder has been a gateway to all kinds of connections.

With its candy-like art style and soft, breezy melody, the track coupled with the visual evokes the universal experience of meeting someone new, who you know you’re going to really, really like. The release signals an increasing representation of South Asian trans and queer voices in the audio-visual medium.