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Out Model, Cara Delevingne Admits She ‘Wouldn’t Have Been A Supermodel’ Without Social Media

As we all know, Cara Delevingne is big. She is top model, and recently added actress and singer to her résumé, landing roles in Paper Towns and Suicide Squad, as well as holding her own alongside Pharrell on stage at Chanel’s Métiers d’Art show.

While we’re used to seeing Cara on the covers of magazines, seeing her on the cover of The Wall Street Journal Magazine was fairly unexpected. As always, though, Cara makes it clear that she belongs there (and on every other magazine, for that matter).


In the interview, Cara discusses her success in modeling, chalking it up to one thing—social media.

I wouldn’t have done as well if I hadn’t had that. Not at all. In the ’90s, I wouldn’t have been a supermodel.”

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While those brows probably would’ve found fame with or without Instagram, there’s no denying that her following expanded so rapidly because of Instagram.
Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s CEO and chief creative officer, and the first person to give Cara a major modelling contract, sums it up perfectly, saying,

The platform suits Cara perfectly because it’s so immediate. They get to see the real her—occasionally crazy, always fun and absolutely authentic.”

That authenticity—plus her willingness to pull ~unconventional~ faces while posing—is what has made her so appealing to the masses and, it seems, what makes her a good actress. Paper Towns’ director Jake Schreier reveals that Cara beat out nearly 200 other actresses for the role of Margo Roth Spiegelman because,

There was a realness—it didn’t feel like she was acting.”


When you excel at modelling, acting, singing, and single-handedly moving the needle in favor of thick eyebrows everywhere, what’s next, career-wise? According to Cara, whatever, really.

I want to prove that you can be anything you want to be. I love working, and I love what I do. If I f–k it up now, it’s all my fault.”

Well, we cannot wait to see what’s next and, TBH, there are so many options! In the meantime, though, we’ll be monitoring Cara’s Instagram for all important updates.
You can find her entire cover story on the WSJ’s website.

Austro-Hungarian Empire Sets the Scene for Karl Lagerfeld New Short Film ft Pharrell and Cara Delevingne

For his latest short film ‘Reincarnation’ for Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld has recruited ‘ageless’ music master, Pharrell Williams, and ‘it-girl’ Cara Delevingne to star in the fashion house’s pre-fall extravaganza, which will take place on December 2nd in Salzburg, Austria. Geraldine Chaplin also co-stars.

Lagerfeld seems confident in his choices, saying,

“None of this would have been possible without Pharrell Williams, Cara Delevingne and Geraldine Chaplin. It’s the perfect cast. Pharrell is a genius and Geraldine at her best in the role of Gabrielle Chanel in the year of her comeback.”

Karl Lagerfeld

The dreamy-Disney style fairytale, transports the viewer back to the 1950s Austro-Hungarian Empire, and to go with the fairy tale vibe, the film features a song written by Pharrell, with singing from both him and Delevingne. The two will also be the faces of the upcoming campaign.

The film will be played in Salzburg on the 1st December, the night before the Paris-Salzburg 2014/15 Métiers d’art collection will be shown.

The below clip is how Lagerfeld imagines a part of Gabrielle Chanel’s life to have been, he says,

“It was time to show the origins of the CHANEL jacket, inspired by the one worn by the lift attendant in a hotel near Salzburg in the 1950s (…) Reincarnation is the story of a lift attendant’s jacket being reincarnated as a timeless piece of women’s wear.”

Karl Lagerfeld




In the film we will see Gabrielle holidaying in Salzburg where she meets a young lift-boy – Pharrell – whose uniform inspires her to create a classic and iconic Chanel design.

#NYFW News | Pharrell’s RAW for the Oceans spring-summer collection

The weather never seems to cooperate with New York Fashion Week. In February it’s freezing and icy, and in September it seems to get even hotter than the summer that just ended.

Most designers usually wait to show their faces after the models hit the runway. Not Pharrell.

The pop star led a dozen models Friday during New York Fashion Week for his RAW for the Oceans collection.

He sported his signature hat and denim was a staple for the line, a collaboration with G-Star and Bionic Yarn, which produces fabrics made by fibers collected from recycled plastic bottles.

“It’s very easy to forget we live on this planet. We don’t want to just talk about it, but we actually wanted to put it in practice.”