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Antarctica Declared First LGBT-Friendly Continent By Activists

Antarctica has always been peaceful place.  Maybe this is due its in habitual snowy condition means there are no permanent residents on the land, and therefore it is only home to seals, polar bears, and little else.

The humans, means no governing bodies, and the continent is also one of the only places on the planet that’s never had a war.

This all makes it a very apt place for Planting Peace – a group of LGBT rights activists – to declare continent is the world’s first LGBT friendly continent.


Talking to a local news channel, president of Planting Peace, Aaron Jackson said:

I was just watching a documentary on Antarctica and thought, ‘Aw, man, ‘I’d like to visit Antarctica — that would be real interesting. Maybe I should bring a pride flag.

It’s not governed by any one country — just international treaties. No government is in charge of Antarctica.

That would be interesting if we declared it the first gay-friendly continent. The reality is, no one will be able to tell me it’s not.”

The group also discussed the significance of taking the flag to the region:

Let this declaration serve as a catalyst to create the momentum needed to bring LGBT rights to every continent in the world. And let this serve as a signal that the LGBT movement is moving forward to relentlessly battle for LGBT rights.

Currently, 76 countries are violating the rights of LGBT people, and in six countries you can even be killed for being a sexual minority. Visibility and advocacy for the rights of sexual minorities is desperately needed.”