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Why Straight Gals Love to Watch Gay Gal Porn.

It’s always been presumed that mainly men like to watch porn, specifically lez porn, but according to statistics, a quarter of Pornhub (an internet porn site) viewers are women and one in three women enjoy watching porn at least once a week.

Some Glamour magazine readers share what type of porn they like watching and the reasons why it turns them on.

Mostly lesbian porn and female masturbation. On occasion, gay or some soft hetero porn. Some decent amateur is preferable, because, well, at least it sets a feeling of some real process. Why mostly women? It’s impossible to avoid the male gaze here, but at least I can relate to female sex, if it doesn’t look too simulated. With hetero sex, it’s much harder because it’s still focused on women but purely in giving blow jobs and other things, which is not why I’d watch it.” —Jean, 23

So this reader likes the fact that she can relate to female sex because it’s not so simulated and she doesn’t get turned on watching a woman give a blow job. Yep, I can relate to that one.

I watch lesbian porn, primarily because I am very explorative to my sexuality. I love the concept of being able to fantasize over pleasuring someone with the same body type I do because I know it better. I feel it provides more realistic senses in the imagination, rather than being turned on by man-on-woman porn, due to the fact that there are positions I can’t relate to or that don’t work for me. It turns off my whole groove.” —Diana, 20

I have had straight women make comments like this to me. They say things such as ‘a woman knows what a woman wants’ or ‘I like watching two women just to see exactly what they do together.’

I usually like lesbian porn, though I’m a straight woman. I just find the prospect of a random penis very jarring, and the conduct between men and women in porn so often plays on power imbalances that make me uncomfortable. I like amateur porn the best, but it’s harder to find without going really weird places on the Internet. I get most of my porn from GIFs and short videos on Tumblr. I like lesbian porn because I don’t find women threatening, and the women in porn aren’t usually being threatened (I don’t watch that kind). I tell myself that while I know the orgasms are fake, at least the women aren’t being hurt in the process. Women being hurt, threatened, or taken advantage of is a huge turn-off.” —Anna, 25

So Anna likes the fact she doesn’t find women threatening in lez porn. It’s strange though that she thinks the orgasms are fake. I once interviewed a female porn star for an article I was writing and she told me that on occasion, and more so with a woman, she would orgasm during the sex.

A gay woman also gave her opinion on what porn she likes to watch:

I like straight porn even though I’m gay. I usually watch ones that look as if the woman is having a good time. For me, it’s really important to see that she is enjoying the process. What turns me on, I think, is sort of the empathy. When you see something happening, you physically respond to what’s happening. I have never seen real lesbian porn except for ones that are made for the male gaze.” —Tanya, 27

It seems that many of us prefer to watch the opposite of our usual sexual orientation when looking at porn. Perhaps it’s because it’s something different than we do in real life which makes it easier to get turned on by and get into the fantasy?

Americans Can Finally Agree On One Thing, Their Love For Lesbian Porn

Pornhub, which is one of the most popular porn websites in the world, released a breakdown this week of the most popular search terms used on the site, across the 50 US states.

And it would seem America is united (for once), with those hard-working PornHub users search “lesbian” more than any other term.

Ironically, the search term is popular in a number of states where same-sex couples don’t have basic anti-discrimination protections, including Texas – where a vicious campaign was waged to block an LGBT anti-discrimination ordinance in the city of Houston last year.

Searches for ‘Lesbian’ also top the list in Alabama – where the state’s elected Republican Chief Justice Roy Moore has led the charge against equal marriage, attempting to defy the Supreme Court to block gay weddings.

Given that people in both states have voted to oppress LGBT rights, it is interesting to note that (statistically speaking) a lot of them were probably getting off on lesbian porn before doing so.

Lesbians are also on top in Utah and Kansas, home to the anti-LGBT Mormon Church and Westboro Baptist Church respectively.

The study explains:

There’s nothing like an election year to illustrate how UN-united the United States of America can be.

Political affiliations and porn appreciations both differ from state-to-state and coast-to-coast. Thus brings us to today’s Pornhub Insights topic – along with our friends at Vocativ, we present the top ranking search terms and categories across the United States.”

The breakdown of search terms shows that ‘lesbian’ is the most popular search term across the vast majority of states, with nearly 30 states among those who search for lesbians more than anything else.

Lesbian adult videos blew the competition out of the water last year, as it was the most searched type of videos on PornHub in 2015.

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Pornhub Reveals The Top Searches Made By Women and it Would Appear Lesbians Top The List

Oh how we love it when PornHub releases these fact. Apparently, women love lesbian and gay porn as opposed to straight porn.


According to the site women and men clearly have a different taste in porn. Men are most interested in seeing ‘teens’ (*shudders*) do the dance with no pants whereas women are more intrigued in seeing women with other women or man on man.

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Pornhub officials stated:

We’ve since collected some new, specified data which breaks down the Pornhub viewership proportions by gender in our top 20 countries. Topping off this list is Brazil, which has an impressive 29% female viewership base, a solid 6% above the 23% world average.

Apparently, the phrase ‘eating p*ssy’ is 900% more likely to be searched by a woman than a man – wow!